"Alas, it’s a war again. Why do men like fighting and killing so much? Isn’t it good to live in peace?" How about Linger’s flat mouth?
Feng Zhang is still thinking about fu finished. I don’t know why Wan Fu wants to do such a thing. I can’t help but read "much ado about nothing."
Linger replied that Lu Bu was unhappy when he stayed, and muttered, "Then you are also a mediocrity!"
Feng Zhang leng leng "yeah, I’m a mediocre person, too. I want to eat, sleep, count money and … have sex! Haha! "
Five women together light spat blushed and ran separately.
A green farmland is too wide to be seen, and the people are holding sickles everywhere to cut weeds. The weather is good this year, and the disaster will be ripe in a few days.
The sky is blue and the sea is green, which makes people feel relaxed and happy. From time to time, a bug jumps out of the field with a huge belly, and the ridge is noisy and criss-crossing. Sitting on the ridge, the toad notices that he is jumping and hunting.
What a quiet picture. Unfortunately, a horseshoe broke the picture. People straightened up from the ground and squinted at the north.
A thin black line on the horizon is a horseshoe digging up dust and getting closer and closer. A banner beside the first person reads the word "Song"
"Lu Bu has come to grab food again!" Panicked, the people fled and shouted to wake up the people around them.
Song Xian was dressed in brown leather armor and didn’t wear a helmet. Today, he was robbing grain, not attacking the city and plundering the land. There was not much danger, so he didn’t even wear armor. One thousand riders behind him were carrying a bundle of thick ropes.
There are 3 thousand infantry behind the cavalry, but every two people push a two-wheeled car
"Bah, a general wants to rob food like a bandit!" Song Xian a face of nai "is that Chen Gong idea it happened that the tetrarch is partial to him! I really don’t understand what this wretched little man relies on. "
"General Song has explored whether Xuzhou Army will start work now?" Lieutenant in horse chase to ask for instructions from behind
"move! What’s not moving? Hurry up and take it with the old truck before the Xuzhou army comes! There is a fire left! "
All the troops, Qi Liu, with a bold face, scattered lost face as seriously as robbing his daughter-in-law, and scared the frogs and voles in the field into a mess.
An hour later, 4,000 men returned home, leaving a burning inferno.
"Fu jun! Big things are not good! "
Sun Gan went to Tao Qian’s room in a flurry with his robe on, holding several letters for help from nearby counties and counties.
Tao Qian is taking a nap, getting older and older, but things are getting more and more energetic, and adding two children is not as good as before, which makes him worry more.
The autumn harvest is coming, which means that Lu Bu will make a comeback soon.
Can you hold on this time?
"Do you want to panic?" Tao Qianli struggled to sit up from the recliner. Two withered and old people were covered with age spots. He grabbed the thick blue veins of the chair arm with his hand and squirmed before he died.
"No, Fujun, at present, there are three counties and counties asking for help. Lu Bu’s army first robbed the grain and then set fire to the field. Today’s autumn grain is ten to nine!"
"what!" Tao Qian-Zhang Cang’s white face was instantly flushed. "Lu Bu is so vicious!"
Xuzhou is rich, but it’s not as rich as Yanzhou. Besides, no matter how much money you have, you can’t just put it in your mouth, right?
"So estimate as lyu3 bu4 army I county grain can insist on the twelfth month! And our army may last for two or three months! "
"This ….. God bless you to send people to Jiangdong and Jingzhou to exchange money for food, otherwise our army will be difficult to survive."
Sun Gan should turn around and run outside.
"Wait, my two undeserving children will be sent to me."
Sun Gan showed a difficult expression. "The two men were drunk yesterday and haven’t woken up yet …"
Tao Qian a listen to the body can not help but tremble "these two losers! It’s better to teach Lu Bu to call and simply do it once. "
"Fu jun calm down! The body is important, otherwise Xuzhou people can count on it? " Before Sun Gan helped Tao Qian, he stabilized himself.
"Alas, I think Xuzhou must have run out of luck. First, I fled Chen Jiahe and Mi’s family by killing people, and then I took refuge in Cao Cao … is this Cao Cao really a man of god? So many heroes and chivalrous men are congenial? His hand generals, counselors … "
At some point, Tao Qian felt sad that his hands were capable and reliable, so one sun did it, but there were still a bunch of people over there in Lyu3 bu4.
"Fu Jun, don’t blame yourself …" Sun Gan said, but he couldn’t pick it up, and he didn’t know how to comfort Tao Qian
"Let’s just let Gong You go to stay this time. If Lyu3 bu4 comes again, it may be that everything is calm." Tao Qianli bent down again, snorted and gasped for several breaths, and sat heavily in the recliner.
Sun Gan looked at Tao Qian dying and sighed, shook his head and turned away.
I solemnly swear that this festival was yesterday. Am I dreaming? Guys, I’m really sorry.
Section one hundred and fifty-nine The fate is wonderful
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After reading the comments, I was so ashamed that I had to dig a hole. Do I have forgetfulness? I always write inconsistently with Cao Jiemao and so on. Thank you for waiting for my brother to wake up! Sorry, sorry!
Seeing that Chen Gong’s plan really worked, five local counties’ grain was robbed back. Although Xuzhou Army has taken precautions, Tao Qiangen, a county in Pi County, has been left, and it can be said that the commissary is stretched.
Lyu3 bu4′ s face was red, although a trace of crow’s feet crept up his eyes to carve an indelible mark of time. Lyu3 bu4 always liked looking in the mirror better than Yan’s, and he didn’t care for the first time.
"It’s better for a man to be mature." Lyu3 bu4 looked at Chen Gong with a little admiration. Although he owned some small things that he was not satisfied with, he was the only one who could give advice. Forget about those small things.
Wang Kai and Xu Yuliu are also embarrassed to shake their fans again. Take Xu Li as an example, wherever he is famous, others will be polite to celebrities, except for Chen Deng, but there is a place where there is no poetry. However, these two skills can’t make food grow in the field or the enemy surrender.
"All the soldiers listened to the order that we must take Tao Qian this time!" Take Pi, the whole Xuzhou is your own, which is no less significant to Lu Bu, who has been wandering for half his life, than the first time a prisoner saw a woman after 20 years.
"Master, Dongguan and Guangling are still in Cao Cao’s hands …" Wang Jie said carefully for fear that his words would not suit Lu Bu’s mind, and his eyes would look as cold as frost.
Today, Lu Bu is in a good mood. He wants to see my son-in-law when Wei Xu goes to Xuchang again. Let him talk to Cao Dwarf about returning these two counties to me and asking the court to seal me as a Xuzhou shepherd.
Lu Bu also thinks too highly of Feng Zhang’s influence on women. Cao Cao can endure Feng Zhang’s giving Lu Bu the slightest bit of land. Besides, Feng Zhang is not stupid enough to do such a thing.
"Miss Xia Hou and Mrs. Cao, the great general, have arrived and are waiting in the living room." Two pretty maids gave a salute to Feng Zhang, and we, General Zhang, continued to pretend to be sick here on the principle of not killing early.
Xia Hou girl is Xia Houyuan’s daughter, who is ten years old. It is said that she has been married at this time, but she has been waiting for the word. It can be seen how harsh Xia Houyuan is in choosing a son-in-law.
And Mrs. Cao … Of course, it refers to Feng Zhang’s sworn sister Cai Yan
Rank Cai Jiebi Xia Houlan by seniority (not Zhao Yun who studied martial arts together, that is a male drop! ) The older generation, but at this time, the two people are happy and intimate, sitting together and twittering and saying something. Cai Yan is dressed in a blue silk skirt on the lake. Cao Cao treats her really well. Ding Furen does not discriminate against her. She has a good life, even her chest is big, and her hair is curled up in a bun. When she laughs, she trembles.
"Hey two beautiful women come to see me so early in the morning? Pleasure! " Feng Zhang casually wears a plainclothes and wears shoes to tie her hair in a ponytail, so don’t come to "receive guests"
Looking at Zhang Feng, a thief, laughing and laughing, Cai Yan is angry and funny. "Who is coming to see you when you are married?" What are you stinking about? We are here to see our younger siblings! "
Xia Houlan has long been used to Feng Zhang’s immorality, but he still "met his uncle" with a ceremony.
To say that Xia Houlan and Feng Zhang are also messy and complicated, Xia Houyuan is Lv Qiling’s adoptive father, but Feng Zhang is Cai Yiyi’s brother and Lv Qiling’s husband …
Fortunately, Feng Zhang doesn’t attach great importance to this stuff. If he doesn’t just row Lu, Cao and Zhang’s relatives, he will be bored to death.
"Feed you to be clear! I am your righteous brother! It’s not your righteous brother Hao Zhao. Do you want me to call him in? "
"Who told you to be younger than me?" CAI wenji a face of reluctant to find someone bad to find Feng Zhang! See Lao Cao do this! Go back and punish him for kneeling on the CPU!
"Small is righteous brother! If it weren’t for my father-in-law crying and begging me, I wouldn’t be rare. "Feng Zhang almost never lost his bickering with Wen-chi since childhood.
You!’ Cai Wen-chi was so angry that Liu Mei turned upside down and lotus feet stamped a few times to pull Xia Houlan’s hand. "Laner, let’s go! Save some people from dying. "