The old captain turned his head and tried his best to score two points for Ji Guo’s third foul free throw, but the two brothers still have the same number of fouls. If you want to make a fuss about this, I’m afraid it’s nothing.
Ji Guoshi quickly gave the Cavaliers another punch at the three-point line. Today, the gorilla scored three points accurately, but the fox scored three points not badly. He turned around and hit a bottom corner three points again through the ball running. Today, he also had a high hit rate of 1-6 three-pointers.
In the third quarter, the last three minutes came in a blink of an eye. Old Deng Liwei usually exchanged one of the two brothers at this time, but today he said that the two brothers would not be exchanged for the Clippers rotation at halftime and neither of them would be involved.
On the Clippers, Ji Guoqiu scored 14 points, 12 rebounds, 12 assists and 4 blocked shots. Ji Guojiao scored 39 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 blocked shots.
In terms of Cavaliers, James contributed 42 points, 1 rebound and 5 assists. The best player is still James. Who told the Cavaliers to rely on him alone?
In the third quarter, after Ji Guoqiu’s misplaced defense, James once again revealed that he can’t recite the defect and he can’t play basketball. Basketball must be in his hand all the time, and once he is not in the state, the knight can turn his belly.
The Clippers are now trying to force him to carry the ball on his back, to force him to hand over the basketball, and to force him to shoot on the outside as much as possible.
James’s previous breakthroughs were blocked by Ji Guoqiu outside the restricted area for several times, and eventually he died. After that, he chose to attack on the outside line to help his teammates pick and roll and shoot by force. The animal brothers could not cover him.
"You didn’t go to rest even though you voted. I’ll see what you do in the fourth quarter." Ji Guo was ashamed to see James hit the outside line one after another and secretly cursed.
Although he and Ji Guoqiu didn’t have a break at half-time, one of them was in charge of coordination and defense, and the other was in charge of attack. His physical energy consumption was smaller than that of James. The gorilla opposite him attacked, defended, rebounded and organized a grab. If he was still tired, the gorilla would dominate the world.
James seems to know Ji Guo’s shame. After several consecutive shots on the outside, he suddenly dribbled through the unprepared Ji Guo Qiu and went straight to the basket.
Ji Guosheng came back from the low position quickly, and both of them jumped at the same time and heard James scream. As soon as Ji Guosheng pressed his hands, he fell to the ground and even his head was blown off.
Old Deng Liwei waved his hand at little Jordan on the sidelines and said, "See, this is the way to foul. At this time, a technical foul is much more cost-effective than an ordinary one."
The referee did show a technical foul to Ji Guo’s shame. The dead fox is still guilty of three technical fouls, which is not counted in the total number of fouls.
Ji Guoshi raised his right hand and looked at the floor. James said softly, "Get up. I know you have nothing to do. It’s impossible to get me out."
James said that I pretended to be a gorilla, which was swept over and fell dizzy. If it weren’t for my physical fitness, it would have been a tragedy.
Cavaliers rushed to the referee to protest against Ji Guo’s humiliation, which was at least a malicious foul. How could it be just a technical foul?
This problem depends on James himself, who told him that his physical fitness is so good that he won’t get hurt no matter how he is played. If Kobe Bryant or Pierce changed the ball just now, it might have been a malicious foul, and maybe Ji Guo was sent out for shame, but now if James changed it, the referee would give a technical foul.
It took James half a day to get up and pretend to have a physical examination, and then pretended that he couldn’t find the headgear that had been beaten off and took the opportunity to rest for a while.
The referee also saw that he was taking the opportunity to rest, but he didn’t urge the foul. It took James almost two minutes to linger until he hit the free throw line. After the score was 95:91, the Cavaliers had 25 seconds left in the third quarter.
This attack is very important. If the Cavaliers can score the ball in the last round, they can narrow the difference to two points. If they can enter the last quarter with this score, they will have a chance to win today’s game.
James returned to the midfield to receive the serve, and then stopped near the midfield to wait for the past. He didn’t intend to leave the Clippers one last attack opportunity, and he planned to run out of time and attack the Clippers again. It was easier for them to hold the last attack when there were four or five seconds at most.
The timer went by every second until the number became a single digit, and James didn’t start it. However, this time, he became a shameful fox in Ji Guo, which was not inferior to James.
Brand and milicic pulled out for double cover, and James saw the opportunity to get rid of Ji’s humiliation.
However, after he entered the line, he met the second line of defense, Ji Guoqiu, and the Clippers’ defense quickly encircled. James was about to be surrounded by heavy troops. At this time, the basketball was suddenly thrown out from behind by the little emperor, which was actually an imitation of Ji Guoqiu, not looking at the ball behind him.
Crawford’s defense was still a little short. When the defense was not in place, the Spanish Cavaliers Navarro contributed a key three-pointer. The Cavaliers chased the score to 9594, one point behind.
Ji Guo’s shame scratched his head, which made the Cavaliers hit the ball into Crawford.
Although the giant panda lamented Crawford’s defense of the scum in his heart, he was annoyed. Crawford encouraged this teammate, but he made up his mind that this attack was excellent, but he still didn’t want to defend the cheating player and his own Nets.
That’s right, the Nets don’t need this kind of convulsion. The sixth man’s attack power is inferior, but the defense must not be below the average level or it will not be brought up!
Ji Guo was ashamed to despise the hypocrisy of giant pandas, but soon he knew how important this hypocrisy was.
The Clippers’ last attack on Ji Guoqiu didn’t take the basketball to Ji Guoqiu’s shame, but surprised Crawford’s player, who didn’t hesitate to take off and shoot at the first time. A draft man made up for the score at the last second of the third quarter, 9:94, and the Clippers still led by 4 points.
The red light of the timer went on, and the Clippers rushed to Crawford to celebrate his three-point whistle.
Ji Guo’s shame secretly lamented that "this guy’s heart is really big enough to give him the ball and dare to vote."
Chapter six hundred and sixty-one Is it risks?
Crawford’s three-pointer whistle in the third quarter plunged the Cavaliers’ morale. Now Cleveland faces two problems.
The first is the foul problem. After playing the Cavaliers’ line in three quarters, the animal brothers paid a painful price. Vallejo fouled five times, milicic fouled five times, Brand fouled four times, and jj hickson fouled four times. It is hard to say how many will be left until the end of the game except to reimburse the Cavaliers’ line at the big Z court again.
The second is physical strength. James took a two-minute break in this game, and look at his shots. After three quarters, he shot 27 times, far exceeding the average number of shots of the little emperor. How much energy can James have left in the last quarter?
Ji Guoqiu has scored 16 points, 15 rebounds, 16 assists and 5 blocked shots in personal data at the end of the third quarter. Ji Guojiao scored 44 points, 1 rebound, 4 assists and 2 blocked shots. James scored 4 points, 12 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 steals and 1 blocked shot. The three most watched superstars, Little Emperor, are still the ones with the best data.
"We haven’t played defense today. It’s time for them to get rid of those unrealistic fantasies," Deng Liwei said maliciously. "In the fourth quarter, we double-teamed LeBron and couldn’t let him score casually. Today, he can get 5+ but he must not get 6+."
Old Deng Liwei finally ordered the team to play defense against James in the fourth quarter, which has been very effective, especially the physical critical point James.
In the fourth quarter of the Clippers, Drajic, Afraro, Barnes, Ji Guoshame, Ji Guoqiu
Grant Hill’s defensive awareness is better than Barnes’s, but his athletic ability can’t keep up with the clippers’ defense requirements. Now this array is the best for the clippers to play defense. Five people don’t look at Drazic’s strength as Billups, but his pace is faster than Mr. Key’s. Those outstanding European players are easy to play defense, and Drazic is no exception.
The Cavaliers made a lot of preparations for the joint defense of the Clippers early in the morning, but they have not been able to do so. Now the Clippers have finally started the joint defense, but the Cavaliers have no strength to deal with it again.
James still didn’t rest in the fourth quarter. In the last quarter, the emperor played the role of commander and wanted to accumulate some strength. The fans saw that James frequently commanded his teammates to move at the top of the arc, but he didn’t dribble like the first three quarters.
The animal brothers don’t need to accumulate any strength. They once again propped up 15 feet online to defend the clippers. The defense line expanded very far, but there was still nothing in the restricted area. The two brothers were enough to guard the whole paint area.
In this case, it is difficult for the Cavaliers to run out of the opportunity, and when they finally attack, they come to single digits. James also failed to direct his teammates to run out of the block, and finally he was able to dribble by himself.
As soon as James broke through the clippers’ defense line, he immediately closed the net. The little emperor instantly fell into layers of siege. Before making mistakes, he hurried to the outside line, but Ji Guo was ashamed to reach out and copy the basketball.