James should have expected this, but perhaps Anthony was a little carried away by his playing too smoothly because he was never there.
Finally, he can lament that he sat down on the bench and looked at the court. He had committed five fouls on his back. Even if he stayed on the scene, he could not play. He might as well go to rest.
"Melo is very clever. This foul is too crucial. The Cavaliers just broke the momentum under LeBron’s leadership. This is a great blow to the Cavaliers!" Buckley was a little depressed and said that James was recovering and he was looking forward to a wonderful confrontation between James and Anthony, but this, this …
"Milo is going to the free throw line. He only scored 11 points in the third quarter, but if he hits both free throws, his score will reach 45 points, which will tie him with the highest scoring record in the Spurs." Smith changed the subject and now he seems to be more concerned about Anthony’s scoring record than winning or losing the game. After all, it is rare for a rookie to get such a high score.
When Smith was talking to Buckley, Anthony had already hit two free throws from the free throw line, and he scored 45 points in one fell swoop. If he wants another point, he will break his scoring record.
"Wait! I just suddenly remembered that the league rookie’s highest scoring record is only 5 points. I’m afraid Melo will lose this record tonight! " Buckley fierce a clap head slightly excited and said
"Oh, no! 5 points, that’s the record kept by wilt chamberlain! " Smith also suddenly realized what Buckley said.
"I can’t help but see Anthony break the record of the guard. That was 43 years ago, Kenny. We weren’t even born then, right?" Buckley dragged the bar and said
"Yes, we are likely to be historical witnesses tonight," Smith said, looking at Anthony’s eyes.
Anthony is crazy, completely crazy. He also knows that the scoring record of nba rookie is Chamberlain’s 5 points. He now has the opportunity to put the name Anthony in nba history, so he tries his best to score.
Nuggets players and coaches are also aware of this and keep feeding Anthony the ball.
"Merlot! ……”
Anthony, a live fan, scored a score and performed a crazy cry and echoed throughout the Pepsi Center for a long time.
The Cavaliers are trying their best to defend Anthony Myers Wagner and even the line. Boozer and Ilgoskas want Anthony to hold the ball and they double-team to James Field, which seems to make them forget to win the game, but instead stop Anthony from completing the record.
Anthony was able to score points with strong scoring ability from one-man marking to two-man double-teaming to the last three-man four-man attacking, and finally he had to choose the ball when facing four teammates.
With two minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Cavaliers have fallen behind by 15 points, and James now has no need to play again.
By this time, Anthony had scored 11 points in the fourth quarter and reached 56 points, only two points away from Chamberlain’s record.
But the last two points are extremely difficult.
The Cavaliers players are completely crazy, and Anthony is not given a chance to catch the ball. The ball is caught by three or four people, regardless of other players’ wonderful scenes, which makes the fans on the scene stunned.
"shh! ……”
It was deafening to boo the Cavaliers one after another, but it also changed the way the Cavaliers played. They were determined not to let Anthony break the record
Nuggets attack. Now the fans are shouting that the ball is still in control. Miller’s palms and forehead are involuntarily oozing sweat. He is now defending in front of people who should defend him. Davis is crazy around Anthony and won’t give him a chance to catch the ball.
"Crazy!" Miller wiped his sweat, which was the first time in his career.
Anthony is also particularly uncomfortable at the moment. Since the Cavaliers released this abnormal defense, he hardly received the ball in the second half of the fourth quarter.
He wheezed and looked up at the game in the same place. There were still four seconds left, and he needed two more points to tie the record, but now it seems that these two points are really difficult.
"Do you really want to give up?"
Anthony suddenly had an idea in his mind, but the horse was dumped by him.
I’ve been working hard for a whole game. There’s no reason to give up at this time!
Anthony took a deep breath and looked around. He suddenly accelerated and ran to the side, but he soon met Wagner and stopped giving him a chance.
At this moment, he suddenly ran to the midfield, which surprised Davis and Wagner.
With such a time difference, Anthony finally broke through the double team.
Anthony ran out and immediately shouted "Miller gives the ball!"
Miller saw Anthony running out and quickly passed the ball, followed by calling Barry to pick and roll.
At that time, four people near the three-point line were entangled in a ball, and Anthony just proudly scored the three-point line from the crowd.
But at this moment, Myers and Boozer almost jumped out at the first time. Anthony wanted to break through and had no chance. He could choose to fight.
Miles and Boozer ran at each other with their teeth bared. In the middle, they formed a net and flew towards Anthony.
Anthony quickly shot the ball and missed it from the gap between them, but the angle was off.
But just then Anthony was rushed over and Boozer flew straight out.
Anthony felt his body was severely hit, and then he fell straight to the ground and landed heavily at his waist.
A sharp pain came from the waist, causing his whole body to curl up.