When I saw the murder in Lin’s eyes, I felt a slight wind in my heart, and soon he was white. I’m afraid it’s a good thing to do tonight.
Hum, since Lin Dong was lucky enough to pick up a life, you should cherish it more. Sometimes wishful thinking will make you walk into a dead end. Then Jin Mu obviously felt the murder in Lin Dong’s eyes when his eyes were cold and drink a way.
Lin was indifferent and didn’t reply. The crocodile bone gun is now in its hands, and the murder is finally a storm, which makes people know that he is going to take it.
The people around you are almost retreating in a big circle. They are all in vain. I am afraid there will be a big battle tonight.
Since you are stubborn and want to die, it’s no wonder that Jin Mu’s eyes are cold and sharp, and the other three sea sharks beside him are strong in half step nirvana, which is also the previous step. Suddenly, five powerful smells are exploding to make people move.
If you want to bully more, when we are afraid that you won’t be a millstone, a cold hum will take Tang Xuan with you, too, and they will never give in.
With the grinding iron and other horses, the scene immediately became tense.
Mo Ling, I taught you how to practice law. Seeing this scene, Lin Dong suddenly turned his head to Mo Ling’s three ways.
Although it’s difficult to beat the half-step nirvana, it’s not bad to stall it. Mo Ling and the three of them are eager to try. They haven’t actually experienced the powerful law yet.
Jin Mu, give me one of you three.
Brother Mo Tie, the other three people will trouble you to stop me. I will solve the problem as soon as possible. Lin Dong’s eyes are looking at Mo Tie’s three people again.
You have to deal with Jin Mu alone. When he heard this, Tang Xuan was slightly Zheng, but then it sounded all the way to Lin Dong’s performance. Then he nodded slowly.
In this case, let’s do it.
When the last sound came out of Lin’s mouth, the tense atmosphere suddenly burst, and then his body movements directly turned into a black shadow and sharp bones, and the flowers were turned into guns and flowers, which enveloped Jin Mu.
I was caught off guard this time. Can you still fight like that this time?
Seeing Lin Dong suddenly and violently plundering Jin Mu is also a new cold drink. The strong force fluctuations suddenly swept through his body and then directly collided with Lin Dong severely.
When the violent force strong breeze swept through, Moling grinded iron and others’ eyes were also cold and swept away, intercepting all four sea sharks and others.
Bang bang bang.
Just after a fierce war, violent fluctuations suddenly broke out in the mountains at the moment. People on both sides of the fighting team were far away, but when watching this war circle, although they despised the previous despicable actions of Jin Mu and others in their hearts, they also had to say that this kind of front was really bad for grinding iron and others. After all, Jin Mu’s side was a real five-step nirvana.
The sound of a metal, China, etc
In a war circle, the sharp gun awn was suffused with biting cold, and a sharp trajectory stabbed Jin Mu in the whole body. Then it was obvious that Lin Dong’s bone gun was fierce and he stepped on the metaphysical pace, and the red iron bar in his hand rose like a flame to resist the blossoming guns.
Hum, Lin, you three creatures are so small that you dare to fight against half a step of nirvana. You want to keep them entangled for a while, but I’m afraid you have to be wishful thinking. When my companions solve those three guys, it’s your turn.
Gun to stick to violent force constantly broke out in the middle, and Jin Mu was driven to the extreme by force. He knew that Lin was tricky and didn’t think of defeating him immediately. He had to be able to drag Lin to his side with half a step of nirvana. When he came, Lin would be caught in the middle of attack, and it would be easy to kill him.
You were dead before they lost.
Lin’s face suddenly appeared with a new smile, and then his skin suddenly burst into bright golden light, and here the golden light surged, and an extremely terrible force erupted like a volcano
Power ripple spread from Lin at an alarming speed and felt this fluctuation. The Jin Mu’s eye pupil suddenly shrank, and he could detect that Lin’s strength today was much stronger than that of the second hand.
The golden light surges, and everyone seems to be moving at this moment. The crocodile bone gun in the hands of a golden awn is also covered with a layer of gold film.
At the peak of this promotion, Lin Dong’s cultivation of the little nirvana golden body is obviously strengthened again, although it has not yet reached the stage of great achievement, but it has been able to really become a master.
make a din
Lin’s body seems to have melted into a mass of golden awns, and the guns are all fused in that mass of golden awns. Then the golden awns swept away at a terrible speed and tore the air. In the same night, a golden star attacked Jin Mu with a sharp and sharp air.
This movement immediately attracted the eyes of this area, looking at the terrible fluctuations in the golden awn, and even some strong faces of half step nirvana changed dramatically, from which they smelled a strong smell of death.
Icons crash into the sky.
Jin Mu’s whole body hair stood on end, and he could also feel Lin’s fierce attack and dare not neglect it directly.
The giant elephant of light is condensed and then wrapped in Jin Mu, and the momentum that shakes the world is bombarded to that golden mountain.
Gas shock who didn’t expect the battle quickly into the white-hot, even grinding iron sea sharks and others out of the corner of his eye is not the main projection in the past.