Listening to Li Yueling’s cold tone, the poison shadow is already afraid to catch a breath.
You know, Li Yueling has almost never asked about the big and small issues since the creation of the mixed Yuan clan, and Jin Wenyu Xueer took over the governance, but the poison shadow was natural.
He also knows how to win the favor of two women, but he gradually indulges without any pressure to control the situation.
Although the scene in the market is not encouraged by the poisonous shadow, it is true that he indulged his master, which is why he has been worried. At this moment, Li Yueling, the true palm teacher, has brought this matter to the point, and the poisonous shadow has never been pressured, and finally realized that he once indulged and put himself in such a dangerous situation.
Let poison shadow lie in front of Li Yueling.
He never dared to tell the truth that he was afraid that the master would struggle for a long time in a rage, and the poison shadow always made a decision. He gritted his teeth and admitted that Daodi indulged his master’s younger brother. Hu Feidi was willing to be punished. He hoped that the master would read in his younger brother and always follow him faithfully. Don’t give the master’s name.
Smell poison shadow incredibly this neatly admitted.
On the contrary, Li Yueling was surprised. After all, Poison Shadow’s personality can avoid the risk. He will never take the risk to excuse me. Obviously, Poison Shadow has misjudged himself too seriously. It seems that he has never planned to turn him around.
In fact, Li Yueling doesn’t know that his image in people’s minds today is actually like a man of God.
The identity of the Emperor of Heaven can suppress chaos, and the magic means are original, and the secret method is practiced today. All this has brought Li Yueling to a higher position.
In particular, his three brothers’ reverence for Li Yueling is also increasing day by day. At this moment, it has always been opportunistic, and the poison shadow can take the initiative and admit his mistakes recklessly.
Similar to the scum of the street clan, there are still a few Li Yueling in your place, and they are not in a hurry to respond and ask instead
It’s true that the master and the younger brother never let the younger brother out of trouble. It’s true that today’s ugly brother practices magic weapons.
It’s true that the younger brother is filial to refine the materials, but if he knew in advance that the refined materials were taken by them under the name of mixed yuan parcel, he wouldn’t move a bit if he was killed. If this time, he could get the master’s understanding and he would be severely punished. He would rather have his younger brother go from door to door than tolerate half a scum.
Poison Shadow said here, "Xiao Qi stepped in the previous step and knelt down." Master Poison Shadow’s brother didn’t miss us. We mixed Yuan Zong’s efforts. Just now Brother Poison Shadow said.
Brother, I wish my life as a guarantee. Every word is true. Today’s market events are really caused by lax behavior. Some stubborn people have mixed into our clan. I hope you don’t blame Brother Poison Shadow.
Small seven poison shadow intercession is in Li Yueling’s expectation, but it can follow closely behind the small seven. Tuode, the Li Yueling, is the most valued brother of Shanda, and also the former master of poison shadow intercession. The contribution of Tuode to the poison shadow younger brother clan is also seen in his eyes. Today’s market affairs are not strict with the poison shadow believers, but he does not follow the door, and the poison shadow younger brother has already repented and respected him. Wang Han gave him a chance
This Li Yueling saw Jin Nuan Jade Cher at his side wanting to speak. Where can he guess what they are going to say? It’s not poison shadow pleading words to save trouble. Besides, Li Yueling didn’t blame poison shadow too much for this matter. How many times did he say that he would take you from door to door before the second daughter’s mouth? You should also see which one is not accused of pleading. Others are not afraid to laugh. Let’s talk. This matter has passed. You are too indulgent. In fact, the teacher is also wrong.
Just get up, Tuode and other three people can’t help but stare at each other and stare at each other for a long time, but they have been unable to speak, but they have always been in charge of the big and small things, but Jin Wenyu Xueer is not in compliance.
Jin Nuanyu led Yueling. If you really decide to announce in public today that Taiji Fairy Star must fall out of heaven.
What? Give me a conclusion from Li Yueling’s heart, and don’t rush to refute it. Replied with a smile.
Cher immediately said, "Tai Chi Xian Xing only mixes Yuan Zong" and "Heaven Emperor’s place names are far away". Fairy magic comes at you, and you can protect them from chaos. Entering the mixed Yuan Zongmen wall has become the best choice for this security. Suddenly, Yuan Zong will not recruit any more masters. Wouldn’t that make people panic?
Is it this reason that Li Yueling is still not in a hurry and not in a hurry?
Isn’t it enough that Jin Wenyu Cher didn’t good the spirit stared his one eye at the same time?
In front of these two charming wives, Li Yueling dared not speak with a straight face and smiled. Since there are still many sects to enter, let them create Zongli and send it to Taiji Xianxing. This vast place is a treasure-house of Lingshan, but it is also worthy of mixing Yuan Zong’s dominance. Why should a hundred flowers blossom?
Li Yueling’s words "Let a hundred flowers blossom" include Tuode and others. Everyone stood on the spot, and they never thought that this sentence was mixed with Yuan Zong.
However, it is obvious that Li Yueling expressed his interest, but when everyone digested this speech, it was difficult to make a forest road. You all know how to mix Yuan Zong. Even if millions of fairies and demons joined the Sect, in the end, the giant trees were riddled with holes. But you would like to see me. I believe that the situation seen in the market today is by no means a case. You and I can see that it can be managed several times.
When Li Yueling said, the hall was completely deserted. Everyone was thinking about Li Yueling’s preface. From time to time, he frowned or nodded. Finally, Jiang Shishi said Yue Ling first. You remember that the master once said something similar. It is not a good thing that he did not reduce the number of the remaining magic figures in The Hunger Star to achieve a delicate balance.
With Jiang Shishi’s voice falling, the jade is warm, but the eyebrows are slightly frowning. Yue Ling, you said that I thought it over carefully and carried out the necessary, but it is not difficult to do it seriously. I am worried that
Jin Nuanyu has been trying to mix things up in Yuan Zong. She is also the most familiar with the situation of Tai Chi Xianxing today. She is worried that it is not true. Once Li Yueling, the western Tai Chi Emperor, announces the end, it may not be true. Because even the people who have surpassed the Xiandi level in mixed Yuan Zong dare not create such powerful figures here.
At this point, Li Yueling seems to have considered pulling Jin Nuanyu’s slender hand and said, "When did Yueerfu let you down? You said that worrying was really wrong, but now it is an opportunity for you to completely throw away that concern."
I haven’t agreed to marry you yet, so I call my husband shameless.
Li Yueling always doesn’t care about his thick skin, but he pulls harder and laughs. On the tenth day, our wedding day will be invited to be full of bigwigs, among whom there is absolutely no shortage of leaders of major sects. If we borrow our wedding day to announce this news in public and provoke these people to re-establish themselves and create sects, do you think it is feasible?
Chapter four hundred and thirty Strange guest dispute
The wedding day of Li Yueling’s three daughters was approaching, and it took Li Yueling nearly months of hard work to build it in Tianxianju, which was also completed at the same time.
This is the celestial fairy residence where Li Yueling searched for a Tai Chi fairy star, and finally selected a place where the aura of Tai Chi fairy star is the most abundant. Li Yueling will split mountains and move mountains to fill the sea, and 36 kinds of arrays will be arranged outside. It is forbidden to transplant all kinds of exotic flowers from other places, including the Queen Mother’s 9,000-year-old flower and 9,000-year-old flat peach town Yuandaxian ginseng tree. Of course, it is not the fairy star, but the town yuan presented Li Yueling ginseng tree spirit species. Except for these two most precious fairy species, the Millennium Zhu Zhi ginseng king is
Not to mention Yu Ling’s birds and animals, even the imperial animal garden in heaven was compared with Tian Xianju in the past. After all, this time, the guests who participated in the wedding of Li Yueling’s three daughters were not gifts from the purple mansion, but it was not simple. Among them, there were many kinds of precious birds and animals that were nearly extinct, even the wild animals were gathered together. Although the climate was not yet completed, it was shocking enough.
After everything was done, Li Yueling started the turtle shell foundation of the Evergreen Ghost Turtle in Hades, which had been led by Bhutto in advance, and abruptly led a fairy house covering an area of nearly a thousand miles to the sky, and took a few days of fierce clouds and nine cold clouds to merge and refine the two into a chaotic sea of clouds around the fairy house.
When Li Yueling instigated a large array of magical powers to put the Tai Chi Fairy Star, Fairy Demon and Demon into the void, he was shocked by other means. This is not simply a matter of moving mountains and filling the sea. In fact, Li Yueling was built in the Lingxiao Treasure Hall of Tianxian Xianju, but the scale is slightly smaller.
However, even if this huge project is difficult for Li Yueling to solve in January, people will be surprised that he has built a strong horse.
The entrance to Tianxianju is located in the west, and it is composed of two huge stone pillars that look like a sky-high dragon. The figure is kept at more than ten feet. The northern ghost ink Kun guards its past and present. It has gradually developed spiritual wisdom with the help of Li Yueling, and realized that the advantage of following Li Yueling’s side is also to gradually understand human nature.
This post of gatekeeper beast is quite conscientious.
At the door, there’s a boy carved in powder and carved in jade. He’s so cute that he thinks he’s a knowledgeable boy with a golden light in his hand.
This boy is Jin Nuanyu’s only brother, and a refined ginseng doll cultivated in a spiritual vein is rescued by Jin Nuanyu when he is surrounded by a fairy demon and watched for food.
Jin Nuanyu saw that the ginseng doll was cute and pitiful, and the woman’s mind softened. He taught advanced cultivation, and it was less than half a year before the ginseng doll reached the realm of the Golden Fairy.
Therefore, although anyone who approaches him can recognize him by his taste, he is a tonic and ginseng essence, but no one dares to touch him.