Mobilize so many troops to make so much noise.
If we don’t unify our propaganda, God knows how those media will describe what just happened.
Wu Tingyan doesn’t want more people to know that the investment company that has been supporting him has left Germany. Li Min also didn’t want more people to know that Gongtou was almost forced to launch a "coup"
He took the newspaper and looked at it. He said with a look on his face, "It’s no problem for General Gao to unify his caliber, but the mobilization order has been issued, which has caused millions of economic losses to nearly 1,000 enterprises in Pingdong and Toudun Industrial Village, the industrial investment company. Chairman, I must give an account to my colleagues and business owners."
The reserve force is not an active force, but the result of emergency recruitment is that workers join the army and factories stop working. Several large automobile transportation companies and shipping companies even stop their businesses and transfer their transportation capacity to troops and war materials.
He thought of the economic loss, while Huang Wengao thought of the explosive power of the "industrial investment" emergency.
That’s terrible!
From yesterday afternoon to one o’clock in the morning, in just a few hours, hundreds of thousands of workers in Pingdong, Toudun and Qincao industrial villages were mobilized and two orders were issued in succession.
The first group recruited more than 40,000 reservists, and the security teams of three industrial villages were quickly reorganized into seven infantry regiments, two artillery regiments, three armored battalions, three defense regiments, a transport regiment and three field hospitals. The second group recruited more than 20,000 reservists and were quickly organized into three defense regiments to take over the defense of three industrial villages.
According to reliable information, the villagers’ self-defense forces in Zhenshanong resettlement village and Catholic refugee resettlement village also mobilized more than 2,000 armed militia to be transported to Dayton for emergency defense.
This means that "work investment" can not only protect itself but also have the ability to attack.
If its industrial village is mobilized like Fuguo Island Special Zone, the total strength will exceed that of the navy and the army. They are not worried at all because the aircraft and ship fuel are repaired by companies such as Wuji Heavy Industry and Air China.
The comprehensive strength is there. Why should we fight with others?
Huang Wengao secretly scolded Dinh Nhu Ngo and said with a wry smile, "Mr. Min, without the support of the United States and industrial investment companies, the government can’t persist for three months, and I hope you can continue to support the economic losses caused by mobilization … I’m afraid I can’t afford it."
"I know that it’s hard to do this without the support of the industrial investment company."
"Didn’t you just say that Mr. Yao Yun was blinded by those people around him?"
"You mean there are bad people in Independence Palace?"
"There is no doubt that those people who compete for profits and cheat the country are so confused. Perhaps some of them are North Vietnamese spies who are purely thinking about dividing the president, and you are dividing the government, especially the unity of the Ministry."
There is indeed a North Vietnamese spy in the Independence Palace, but flies don’t bite and sew eggs. If Wu Tingyan and Dinh Nhu Ngo don’t move, this will not happen.
Li Min didn’t want to beat around the bush, and he was even less interested in joking about whether he ordered troops to enter Saigon’s "Qingjun side". He bluntly said, "Since the government intends to transfer your department to the north to strengthen the strength of the first, second and third tactical areas, then transfer the defense of the past six provinces to garrison headquarters as soon as possible, and all provinces of our industrial investment company will share the defense expenses."
Huang Wengao realized that this was a condition of "work investment". If they didn’t agree, they wouldn’t be so easy to cooperate with the government to clean up the mess.
Self-defeating * * it is difficult to withdraw and want to redeploy.
Huang Wengao sighed deeply and said, "Mr. Min, I don’t have such a deadline. I want to ask the General Staff for instructions from the President."
Usually, Dinh Nhu Ngo is very clever, but he always does something stupid. It’s really shooting himself in the foot.
When Li Min raised his arm and looked at it, he said airily, "There is still more than an hour before dawn, and someone in the general staff must be asking for instructions now."
Seeing that he looked back at himself, Ruan Zhiren said coldly, "This is the opinion of the directors of the company and colleagues in garrison headquarters."
"All right, I’ll ask for instructions immediately."
At the same time, a building in the southeast corner of Pingdong Industrial Village is full of trees and antennas, and the building is full of joy.
There are three cards hanging in front of the building, one is Pingdong Institute of Communication Technology, the other is the practice base of engineering college of Fuguo Island University of Technology, and the other is Saigon Tengda Communication Co., Ltd., which is remote and seems to have produced nothing since its establishment. The whole industrial village is not conspicuous at all.
In fact, it is not as simple as it seems, but a center for monitoring and deciphering information systems directly affiliated to the Vietnam Literature and Art Research Association.
More than 5 technicians and intelligence analysts in this work and several competent leaders respectively monitored the conversations and texts of North Vietnam, South China, the government, the People’s Labor Party, the US Embassy and the US Affairs Advisory Group.
French people’s telephone company has long been acquired by industrial investment enterprises. Xinxing Communication Company is almost the largest, most equipped and technologically advanced line and cable communication company invested by industrial investment in South Vietnam. Their monitoring has unique advantages.
Dinh Nhu Ngo is going to attack the industrial investment company, and the information is that they listened to it.
The special forces of the People’s Labor Party are not as perfect as the military line and line communication system. Many orders are directly reached through the people’s telephone line, unaware of every move.
Gui Qingshan, a monitor who has just made great contributions, accompanied Qian Xinlin, Zhang Yinggui and others to visit various departments while proudly introducing, "There are at least three monitoring companies in Saigon, such as Chen Jinxuan, the CIA of the Bureau of Investigation, but if they want to monitor, they must pass us."
"The mantis catches cicadas and yellowbirds?"
"Almost, they asked our companies to cooperate with us to give them lines and venues, and by the way, keep an eye on what they are listening to. We know what everyone is listening to."
"It says that so much money is not wasted."
Qian Xinlin’s heart suddenly smiled, and then the conversation changed. "If you end this problem, I agree with Mr. Li that you can maintain the status quo as far as possible without completely tearing your face. After all, once you take action, you will directly face North Vietnam, and our reality is to fight a protracted reverse osmosis anti-guerrilla war in North Vietnam."
Zhang Yinggui pondered for a moment and said solemnly, "Mr. Qian’s problem has now torn his face. It is not public Dinh Nhu Ngo’s character, and he will not stop there."
"That’s true, but Mr. Li said that Kennedy expressed serious concern that North Vietnam was taking a series of military actions, and planned to send more military personnel to guide the South Vietnam exhibition. Special forces personnel can participate in the war if necessary, which means that the US government will have more and more influence on Saigon, and the military advisory group will soon become a military aid command, which will have certain control over * *"
"Americans are shirtless and Dinh Nhu Ngo has no chance to start again?"
"Can you recognize it like this?"
Qian Xinlin nodded slightly and then said, "This time, let’s expose some strength. If there is no accident, Wu Tingyan, Dinh Nhu Ngo, Wen Yang, Chen Shanqian, Ruan Qing and other * * high-level officials will be surprisingly consistent in their attitude towards the’ work-oriented’ officers in * * and will find various excuses to crowd us out.
Garrison headquarters analyzed that there are advantages and disadvantages for us to do so. There are so many intermediate officers who can enrich the defense forces in six provinces, and the disadvantages will lose some influence and appeal to * *. "
Zhang Yinggui, the "old army leader", has been in charge of the infiltration plan to the Ministry of * *.
He couldn’t help laughing at this. "Mr. Qian can rest assured that there are too many of us, and no matter how we review it, we can crowd out the part of the security team who was born. If we dismiss them from the military, they won’t want to fight because they will lose more than half of the officers."
* * Among the officers, there are "family members" of industrial investment companies and enterprises in industrial villages, former members of the Youth League and the Youth League, and young people who graduated from schools in industrial villages.
There are always too many "work-investment" backgrounds to be screened by law.
Can Qian Xinlin not recognize his implication and say with a smile that "the focus of the work to be done should be on those who are not excluded"
Zhang Yinggui said with a smile, "Chen Shiguo and Ruan Zhiren are good at these jobs. They will rush to do them. I am just picking up the pieces."
Gui Qingshan suddenly remembered something and couldn’t help laughing. "Ladies and gentlemen, since they have been wary of us through this incident, the mandatory conscription law will definitely not continue to be implemented in industrial villages and resettlement sites, which seems to be no bad thing for us."
I don’t know when it will be a tug-of-war with the North Vietnamese People’s Army and the local troops of the South Liberation Army. It’s a penny for the new forest. However, "Lao Gui is right. If they don’t think we can wake up through some channels."
Chapter one hundred and ninety-seven showdown
A long-planned military operation ended in an anticlimactic way.
* * An agreement was reached on withdrawing from six provinces. "Gongtou" controlled the media to actively cooperate with the government to "dispel rumors" and explain Dinh Nhu Ngo’s crazy behavior. The Ministry of Political Affairs, the Ministry of Communications, the General Staff and several industrial village management committees held a joint exercise against the puppet South National Liberation Front of North Vietnam.
Dinh Nhu Ngo was so defeated that it was almost impossible to end it.