"Fire escape, impatiens fire!"
Ape flying lucky to help drink a pair of hands, and continuously spit out fireballs from the mouth to attack the track like dozens of fireballs of Impatiens fruit, which have been attacking Terumi Mei and Qing.
Terumi Mei chuckled at this level of fire escape.
Suddenly dozens of fireballs turned to the green behind Terumi Mei.
"The original goal is green? !”
Terumi Mei facial expression, a change, said that the other party’s goal has always been to be green behind himself, but although the perceptual ninja is also very strong, it is not as strong as that konoha.
And the other party makes it a fire escape, impatiens fire, and spits out dozens of fireballs in one breath, even if body double or teleportation can’t stop so many fireballs.
Qingshui dun Terumi Mei is also very clear that Root Method blocks so many fireballs.
"Damn it!"
Terumi Mei jiao drank through the enemy’s tactics but had to fight according to the enemy’s rhythm.
If you attack each other directly regardless of the green, the kid will certainly be unable to resist each other, and at least one person will be defeated, injured and even killed.
But qing will also …
Green reaction is also very fast to make the teleport escape from a distance of more than ten meters, but the ape-flying new help fire escape is not a hollow reputation. The ape-flying clan fire escape is not inferior to Uchibo clan, and it is also very convenient to make it work.
Dozens of fireballs, such as tarsal maggots, are controlled by chakra line and closely followed by Qing.
"Water Dun Water Array Wall!"
Although Terumi Mei is beautiful and enchanting, she always has a gentle face with a smile. She certainly can’t make Hoshigaki Kisame sacrifice her teammates to complete the move. At the last moment, she came to Qing’s side, so that the water blocked all the fireballs.
"The shadow is in two places!"
Ape flying luckily helped make the fire escape moment Chiba, at the same time, it also made a shadow member condense chakra’s transformation spiral pill with one hand, and the shadow member spiral pill constantly added wind attribute chakra.
Shadow is getting faster and faster, and the spiral pill in Chiba’s hand is getting bigger and bigger, which makes a harsh sound.
One side controls dozens of fireballs, and the ape-flying Shinsuke is also very shocked, with an incredible face.
"Isn’t it a spiral pill …"
However, according to Chiba, he has been studying this ninja for two years, but it has not been successful so far.
Did he succeed? !
Chiba struggled to control the blood-red spiral pill in his hand. sharingan tried his best to control every trace of wind. chakra
I finally reached my limit.
Look at the hands like shuriken constantly screeching spiral pills, that is to say, Super League S-class Ninjutsu-wind dun spiral shuriken!
It didn’t work after all! The wind attribute chakra is too little, and the inside needle is generally the wind attribute chakra is at least nine times less than Naruto’s first time.
And extremely unstable, your control is still too poor!
This state can only last for a few seconds!
But it’s enough to deal with the immediate enemy
There is no need to die with Terumi Mei. Terumi Mei is not uchiha madara, but a beautiful and kind girl, Houwuyin Village. Her hands are much better than others. I am not Maito Gai myself; This is not the end of the world.
"Wind Dun Spiral shuriken!"
An instant Chiba cast speed to open the three doors and then burst into incredible power and rushed to Terumi Mei.
In a hurry, Terumi Mei didn’t make the blood follow the boundary and endure the technique quickly. He shouted, "Water dun, water array column!"
Spit out a lot of columnar water from the mouth to form a towering column to block Chiba.
Chapter 32 Peace talks
Endless spiral shuriken VS water dun water array column!
In the harsh roar, the endless spiral shuriken instantly swallowed up the entire water array column and then gradually spread to Terumi Mei
On the contrary, at this time, Terumi Mei quickly printed Sanskrit with his hands open, and spit out viscous, corrosive, soluble and solid magma from his mouth, which instantly surrounded the whole spiral shuriken.
"Dissolve the mystery!"
Terumi Mei’s face suddenly changed after performing the technique of dissolving and escaping, and he felt that his wrist was flowing. chakra was less than ten points at ordinary times.
What? !
Murphy …
Terumi Mei suddenly remembered that his hands had just been swept to the edge of the other side of Ninjutsu, which could paralyze people’s nerves
This is the wind attribute chakra!