Located in the blue sky, "Dragon City" is a water city. Although the city streets are not forbidden to use transportation, the road conditions are too complicated and some roads are too narrow to travel. Although it is a little slow compared with hiking, it is much easier than riding.
Every time people enter this city, they will automatically give up making horses and motorcycles ride on foot or take boats and airships.
"Is this your first visit to Liuzhou? Some children’s boatmen paddled and chatted with us. Our city is a famous water city! If you have something to say, I suggest you stay a few more days and have a good look around. "
The boatman looks like a teenager in appearance, but he is petite, but he can easily manipulate the whole ship, which is really admirable
Not all businessmen, soldiers, passers-by and so on in this city are children, and it feels like coming to a city where children live.
"Fruit, delicious fruit do you want to buy some fruit? 」
In addition to people who are going to a certain place like us, there are also some merchant ships selling things in the navigation channel.
Small boats are full of fruits, flowers and some delicious food. Sea trade like this is one of the characteristics that distinguish this city from other places.
"This apple is big, sweet and delicious. Would you like to buy some and try it? 」
"Beautiful flowers! Does anyone want to buy flowers? 」
"Baked noodles with cream, does anyone want to eat baked noodles with cream? 」
"Crispy chocolate sundaes, delicious sundaes! 」
"This way, this way! "The new killer excitedly leaned out and shouted," I want a chocolate sundae, a vanilla sundae and a grass sundae … "
"Eat three servings at a time? Isn’t it too much? "Purple month zha staggering?
"Eating too much ice in the game will hurt your stomach."
"Don’t worry, don’t worry." The killer took the ice cream from the store and said, "Don’t eat more than ten servings of ice cream at a time, and you will be fine."
"This means that the President’s adult has been personally tested? "Asked Labra speculation.
"Yes," the new killer ate half of the ice cream in one bite. "Hmm … my head hurts. I eat ice too fast."
"… Idiot" saw his hands with his head in pain, and I have this kind of words to say.
"Excuse me, boatman, what kind of person is your queen Leviathan? "Asked the black warrior mouth.
"Well ….." The boatman’s face froze slightly, and a trace of surprise crossed his face. "The woman and the queen are noble and beautiful people."
After saying this sentence, the boatman stopped talking.
"Then what? "I asked.
"Of course, then," the boatman adjusted a hat and pressed it a little. "The queen is a bright and lively person."
Lang is lively? It doesn’t seem to match the preceding words …
"What else? 」
"The Queen, the Queen is a very gentle and lovely person."
"There is it? 」
"Oh, it!" The boatman lowered his hat a little lower, almost covering his sight.
"The Queen has a great personality, action, determination, accurate judgment, enthusiasm, intelligence, calmness, rationality and sensibility, sinking fish and falling geese, closing the moon and feeling ashamed of flowers, being pure and lovely, beautiful and beautiful, with fine features, a face like a peach blossom, gentle and graceful, innocent and evil … Generally speaking, the Queen is the incarnation of the goddess, not more noble than God, but picky and flawed."
After saying such a string in one breath, the boatman was panting and panting.
"I always feel … like I had an idiom lesson." Three black lines appeared on Labra’s head.
"My head is dizzy." The new killer screamed, "Ah, ah, I was attacked by the big devil, a horrible idiom."
"Vibration! Please vibrate a little! The new president’s adult ~ ~ "shouted with the exaggerated tone of the new killer Labra.
"Comrade Labra, I, I, I may be killed." The new killer lay half-lying, full of sadness. "You must work hard to save us. You must persist …"
"Well, I will! I will live up to the expectations of the new president! "La blah excited way
"… it feels like visiting fortune-teller." The Black Warrior said what he felt at this time.
"Yes, I saw two idiots." Ba Ziyue looked Naidao with his hand on his hand.
"I always think this boatman’s words are very strange," Yao Ri said in a low voice.
"Well, it’s contradictory." Absolute killing is also perceived.
"Is there anything to hide? "I guess.
"If you want to visit Queen Leviathan, you’d better prepare some gifts so as not to be rude." The boatman changed the subject. "The Queen likes novelty and interesting things and is also interested in beautiful clothes …"
"We’re ready for the present," my brother replied.
"So you have already imagined it." The boatman smiled at us and pointed to the end of the waterway.
"The Queen’s Palace is just ahead."
Looking at the fingertips, a pink palace appears at the end of the waterway. The pale pink exterior wall is painted beautifully, and some details are decorated with gold paint, which gives people a strange, special and gorgeous feeling.
The place where the ship docked is a small square, and a few steps away, the stairs extend from the entrance of the palace. At first glance, the height of the stairs is at least one floor high.
"It’s so high …" Labra wondered. "There should be more than a thousand steps."
"It takes about two trips back and forth here, and your legs should run soft." The new killer shook his head and smiled bitterly.