"Brothers, don’t be afraid to follow me!" The great third brother pulled out a broadsword and greeted more than 20 soldiers in front of the motorcade to kill him in a stone forest on the right. There are a large group of wizards who should fight first. This is not to teach.
Then came the dragon leaping and tiger leaping, sand flying and stones flying, blood shed screaming and wailing, and the third brother led a group of diaosi to carry out the Jedi counterattack and killed the other person’s trip and flight. Mm-hmm, everyone knows this-Hua Laosan yy.
The real situation is that as soon as more than 20 soldiers rushed to a tree as thick as a towering tree, they immediately formed a flash array. After these flashes landed, they formed a huge wall, and the dazzling white wall swept directly.
And then … There is no then!
China’s third child was directly dizzy on the ground, and there seemed to be thousands of mosquitoes calling in his ears.
It took him a long time to get back to normal, but his brothers’ bodies were lying all over the floor, and he was horrified to find that our team was alone.
In front of him, a large group of people were looking at him coldly. Situ Ying came and looked at him. "Is the car a raw material?"
He wanted to ask this question not because he didn’t know it, but because he wanted to know if there were any valuables in one or two cars in such a huge fleet, but Hua Laosan refused to answer it.
Situying smiled, "I didn’t see that you have a lot of backbone."
China’s third child slowly got up without saying that he rushed to the knife and cut it.
"Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.
China’s third child still refused to speak, got up and wiped his mouth with a trace of blood. After a roar, the knife rushed in.
Situying sighed and turned, "Let’s go and act according to the plan."
He didn’t look at Hua Lao again. Such a nobody is not worth doing it himself.
Soon the Eastern Dynasty motorcade was abandoned at the foot of Qiyanfeng Mountain. The original cars fell to the ground with torches. Many bodies were lying in a pool of blood around them. One of the most wounds was the body of Hua Laosan. He was stabbed 13 times in total, but he died without being wronged. At least he didn’t lose face on a sunny day.
But at the moment, I feel very sad on a sunny day, because the guild channel shows that all of China’s old three and his party were destroyed by the other party.
On a sunny day, I ran to the corner of the command center with a sound box and cooed for a long time before I sat back on the sofa with a red eye.
On just walked over to see her this picture can’t help but laugh "rest assured that their death is valuable and we won’t let them die in vain".
On a sunny day, my eyes are red and I bite my teeth. "If I am on the scene, I will definitely poison these bastards!"
On his heart.
Situying did not go anywhere after the successful sneak attack, but went around to the other side of the strange blade peak and waited patiently for fifteen minutes to fight.
After fifteen minutes, they can raise the flying magic wand and go straight to jinqiao town.
But did the Eastern Dynasty allow you to spend this deadly fifteen minutes safely?
It hasn’t been fifteen minutes, and about the tenth minute, a small light spot appeared in the night and a buzzing sound was made.
"What is it?" People in Butterfly Villa are curious and look up.
The light spot was quickly enlarged, and the hum and roar became clear and audible. It turned out that this was actually a heavy helicopter, which was the high-end technical achievement of Jianghua-Halo Helicopter!
At this moment, at the bottom of the helicopter, "shuashua shua" made three stunning huge beams, that is, the machine searchlight quickly took a picture of the stone forest as it did during the day, and the three searchlights were still rotating and scanning.
The helicopter is obviously searching for the ground conditions in this area.
Everyone was a little surprised to see this thing, but it was lucky to see clearly that the fuselage was printed with a palace-like logo. I didn’t expect that the Eastern Dynasty not only had high-end technology production, but also the support speed came so fast to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and thirty-two Tactical containment
The helicopter has been circling the searchlight, taking a picture of most people.
Halo flew in the sky for a while, then slowly lowered the flying height, then the hatch made Bilong laugh, and then shouted with a megaphone.
"Butterfly Villa people, listen, this is the exile of the Eastern Dynasty Secret Service Mecha Brigade and the Discipline Management Committee. I am the chief clerk of the Management Committee. You can call me Yahu? Where’s the palm? Where is the palm … "
Greeting the funny dragon is not a palm, but a colorful arrow. It is halo everywhere, and steel plates are everywhere.
This halo is different from the one that appeared in the unknown area for the second time. Jianghua has completely completed the research and development and improvement of halo, and the anti-strike ability of this aircraft is not generally strong.
Don’t look at the arrows, the rain is getting higher and higher, but the persistence is not falling fast.
However, the bachelor elder sister is still guilty of quickly pulling the rod to raise the height. The mad dog dragon is dissatisfied with turning his head. "My elder sister, what are you afraid of?" This plane is fine with tens of thousands of arrows! "
The bachelor sister argued, "What if there is a super archer?"
Mad dog dragon said, "The super archer is on our side but not theirs. Do you want to play or not?"
Bachelor sister nai "what should I do?"
Mad dog dragon laughed. "You fly as I say and make sure they pee!"
Halo soon took an oblique arc trajectory around the stone forest. Mad dog dragon at the door of the cabin was in high spirits and picked up a silver-white super gun. "Haha, try this!"
Say that finish thick muzzle "whew" a soaring out a mass of white with blue ball-shaped energy energy also dragged a long tail from a distance is really like a night to pop.
The speed of the projectile is not fast enough to be seen by the naked eye, but the projectile hits a piece of land "bang" and swings in a circle, and the rock and sand are blown up to the sky. Two seconds later, a blue halo suddenly appears in this area with a diameter of 1 meter on the ground, just like a mage’s flash, and the halo releases several streams towards the ring.
To be dizzy, twitch, twitch, fall, fall
This is the type iii pulse machine gun with enhanced power. One of the special effects is to create an energy field with a diameter of 1 meter and create a detached flow in the energy field, which will have paralyzing, confusing and dizzy effects on enemy units.
The people in Butterfly Villa were surprised when this bullet went out, and they evacuated to the rocky hills and other sheltered rocks to drill behind them.
The second shot and the third shot followed by bursts of white light that were more dazzling than searchlights.
This generation of pulse machine guns can only fire an energy bomb at a slow rate of one second, but even the disc-shaped white light of this strange-edged peak is connected into a butterfly villa, and people retreat repeatedly.
Mad dog dragon didn’t expect this machine gun to kill people. The main purpose is to hold off the troops and keep them in a state of fighting, so that they can’t fly the magic wand.
It’s better to be funny than to be swept by a dragon, but Situ Ying is not happy. Now he is thinking quickly about a question. Is this plane the support force of the Eastern Dynasty? Or have you already ambushed?
If it is the latter, it will be dangerous to go to jinqiao town again, because it is likely that the Eastern Dynasty has seen its intentions and taken precautions.
"A Zhe, get the big map!" Situying commanded the little soldier behind him.
Zhe trotted over a rock with a drawing.