At the gate of a pharmacy in Baiyun City, Xizhou, four people of the "Four Gentlemen" mercenary group are also discussing the new combination of Gao Rang and Grandet.
Mei Gong: "What do you think of the very popular’ Red Luan Double Evil’ on the homepage of official website today?"
Lan Gong "Those two people are not simple"
Mei Gong "How do you say this?"
Jugong: "It’s very simple. Do you think you can do their tricks when you are around level 2?"
Zhu Gong "talked too much about those two guys’ skills, but they didn’t know enough. If you play games, take away the brush-strange method. It is estimated that your spirit will collapse in two hours."
Lan Gong: "It’s true that this kind of intensity brush monster must be highly focused, which is really amazing."
Mei Gong "But I think the knight with six baboons in the video seems very relaxed. Although the summoner looks a little uncomfortable with nine baboons, I don’t see a great feeling in his face."
Zhu Gong: "Do you mean that this abnormal brushing method is completely controlled by those two people?"
Chrysanthemum male "in that case, these two guys may not be a bit too abnormal! Also, did you find that the knight’s moving speed and shooting speed are so fast? Did he add all the attributes to Minjie? "
Lan Gong "I also think that knight is very unusual. He is not the first choice to block when fighting, but he will block when he can’t do anything. However, judging from his blocking technique, the technical level of this knight’s blocking is also quite high."
Mei gong "wait and see for a while first!" We’ll make a decision when those two guys get to the second turn. After all, the second turn and the first turn are a very big watershed. "
High-level officials of Beilang in Zhongzhou Imperial City also attended the meeting, which was even more unexpected. Generally, black wolves rarely participated in physical activities, and also participated in the meeting.
White Wolf: "What do you think of the sudden appearance of the’ Red Luan and Double Evil’ combination today?"
Red Wolf "Boss, the strength of these two guys is absolutely beyond doubt, but they are in Nanzhou."
White Wolf: "This is indeed a problem. Now Baihua’s women are expanding so fast that they suddenly come out of their own territory. Here, two masters will try their best to pull into their own array and rob people with those women. This is really …"
Black Wolf "I don’t care what you do, you must find out the details of those two guys. After two turns, I will form a strong team according to the situation."
Yellow Wolf "Leave this to me!" "
White Wolf "Remember this must be done. This is Big Brother Black Wolf."
Yellow wolf "white"
The senior officials of the Blackstone City in Beizhou are also discussing the new combination of Gao Rang and Grandet.
Feng Lei: "What do you think of the combination of’ Red Luan and Double Evil’ that suddenly appeared today?"
Wind and fire "The technical level of those two people has reached the strength of our first-line team."
Feng Lei: "In that case, let’s pull these two people into our camp and remember that it’s best not to be like that couple again."
Wind and fire "Big Brother, this is really a bit difficult. These two are small but in Baihua site."
Feng Lei "Didn’t we send two undercover agents to Baihua?"
Wind and fire "boss, I haven’t come to tell you about this matter. The two undercover agents we sent to Baihua have been completely turned against by Baihua."
Feng Lei "What? There should be such a thing! I remember the hatred of those damn sluts. "
An emergency meeting was held at the top of Baihua in Nanzhou Phoenix City. The meeting also called Meihua, a high-level marginal figure in Hongluan City.
Peony: "I’m sure everyone has guessed that it was the two masters who smashed Hongluan City this time."
Peony "Elder sister, these two people look very strange, and it seems that they have never applied to our side."
Peony "should be two relatively low-key masters and should be two people who have only recently entered the game. You can guess by their grades."
Yingchun: "Elder sister, do you mean to try to win over these two masters?"
Peony "is not trying to win over, but must pull them into our flowers. Meihua Hongluan City is your area, so I’ll leave it to you."
Plum blossom "this is a bit difficult, big sister. You also know that I am a person with a more inclined personality. I am not good at pulling things."
Peony: "I have considered this for a long time. I will let Furong go to Hongluan City to help you with this."
Furong "Don’t worry, Sister, I will pull those two masters into our flowers even if I am a honey trap."
Peony "Well, let’s stop here for the time being. In addition, our recent recruitment can also stop for a while. Let’s hurry up and upgrade to level 3 as soon as possible, and then try to get through the level 3 zombie cave deputy."
Peony: "Can the elder sister’s deputy really be a’ gang token’?"
Peony "I don’t know, but it’s very likely that everyone must work hard. It is said that the super god and the northern werewolf have already hit the last boss."
Everyone is talking about Hongluan and Gaorang and Grandet are chewing spicy strips in Gaorang’s room at this time and discussing their future plans in the game "New World".
The idea of Gao Rang and Grandet is very simple, that is, first find an organization to link with, and then leave the organization to set up a mercenary group when the time is ripe.
For that mercenary group, Gao Rong and Grandet have already figured out how to recruit partners.
I don’t pay much attention to my partner Gao Rang and Grandet. After all, these are reliable and hard-working. What they pay most attention to is a human nature, that is, a person like a big head.
Gao Rang and Grandet were discussing the career of recruiting partners in the future.
It is very important to have a lay occupational therapy profession. After all, the therapy profession in a team is machine-important.
Although Grandet can also do dark healing, it is too shabby for him to recover the blood volume with that skill. As the player gradually improves the level and blood volume, the treatment volume is really a drop in the bucket.
In addition, China, a high recognition team, also needs an authentic legal profession, preferably a high attack mage
Although Gao Rang is also a legal profession, his personal damage per second is too limited. Compared with Gao Attack Master, his attack damage root is not enough.
In other occupations, Gao Rang and Grandet haven’t decided yet, so let’s go one step at a time! After all, I haven’t even met a wet nurse and a mage who are in urgent need now.
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Chapter 50 Mourning Cave
The next day, Gao rang and Grandet played the game early.
At first, the two men continued to brush the baboons and rose to the level for a while. When both of them entered the level of 17, Grandet suddenly remembered one thing.
Grandet said to Gao Rang, "Brother, I think it’s silly for us to brush monsters here. In fact, there is another quick upgrade method."
Gao Rang was puzzled and asked, "Is it faster than brushing monsters to upgrade?"
"Almost, but not in general! Before we also saw those general introductions in official website, they either ran errands or collected some materials, and they didn’t have much experience to give. They had to keep going northeast and west, so there was no blame for it. "
"The elder brother of the Taiwan you this is not contradictory? Since there is no quick upgrade, what else should we do? "
"I’m talking about that, not ordinary, but vice."
After such a wake-up call from Grandet, I suddenly remembered that when the player reaches level 15, he can make a lament cave on the sub-map once a day.
This secondary feature is that the experience is extremely high, and then there is a certain amount of money to reward. All players will not miss this way to earn experience and money after level 15.
Everyone is different every day, and every day, 3 pairs will be refreshed randomly in each player’s pick-up bar.
And these pairs also have good and bad points. Generally, the best pair is five stars. This kind of experience and financial reward are the highest, but the difficulty of five-star pairs is also the highest. So-called high risk and high reward!
When picking up a pair, it is usually shared by the team. Let everyone in the team first see how many stars they refreshed that day, and then everyone in the team will discuss who to choose and do it. After making a choice, the picking-up player will share it with everyone in the team.
And Gao Rang and Grandet naturally chose this constant method.
Gao Rang saw three stars in his column, which made Gao Rang a little depressed.