Since you want to fight, let’s have a good time.
Lin’s mouth cracked, and the other arm crawled at this moment. Finally, in those many stunned eyes, he turned into a fierce dragon arm.
Some abilities
Jiang Hao stands proudly with a golden broadsword in his hand. His eyes are hot, too. He takes a deep breath and begs. A powerful fluctuation slowly spreads from other bodies.
And when that wave spread, Jiang Hao withered and cracked around the ground at an amazing speed.
Waste energy
Many younger brothers’ eyes are at this moment when Jiang Hao is going to be exhausted. This is their special power alone. Chapter six hundred and sixty-six Big Star Gang Boxing.
A series of fine seal silk quickly spread from Jiang Hao’s foothold, and the foot bluestone was also fried here at an amazing speed, becoming yellow and still being invaded by years.
The most unique strength of Tili Wilderness Temple is also the symbol of Wilderness Temple’s four brothers, Jiang Hao Wilderness, which is now the seventh level of cultivation. Those fierce degrees are many times stronger than those of Qiantong. The eyes are also slightly dignified. Looking at Fang Jiang Hao Gu Da Qinglong arm slowly grasping a bb surge of strength, the sense of strength quickly spread to all limbs.
Barren knife
Jiang Jie looked up with cold eyes and looked straight at Lin Dong’s cold voice from his mouth. Soon, the gold S broadsword in his hand suddenly became golden, and something that looked like a seal pattern climbed the blade. However, in the current seal pattern, the blade B did not weaken, but people felt palpitations more and more.
Brother Huang Dao Huang Dian majored in the first martial arts, and the destructive power was extremely amazing. Lin Dong had tried it when he was a child, but it was obvious that Jiang Hao was more powerful in promoting Huang Dao.
Wild knife condensed into Chiang Kai-shek’s life. Suddenly, it was violently distorted before a knife was crossed. A gray S-knife mans directly tore up a horror, and then the gray S-knife mans were rapidly enlarged in the eye pupil of Lin Dong, and then their eyes were suddenly boiled here. Facing Jiang Hao’s fierce offensive, he didn’t choose to retreat at all. Instead, he stamped his feet with iron marks and swept straight in the eyes of many consternation.
The figure swept away from the forest, and the body was bright and the green light suddenly broke out. The rise of the green light was faint as if it were a dragon shadow behind it, which was quite shocking.
The dragon shadow is entrenched behind Lin Dong, and its double coupons hold on to the blue dragon arm for two winters. Long Lin is shining with cold light, and thick terrible forces are surging like a flood in Long Lin and finally bursting.
The green light is mixed with the terrible power like a mountain peak, and the sky spreads, and finally the sharp gray S-knife mans collide with each other directly.
Amazing sound in the sky, dng comes with bdng, with the same hurricane-like force B pattern
Jiang Jie’s eyes are slightly cold, looking at the sky and escaping, but deep in her eyes, there is a slight surprise passing by. After the course of drought, he easily destroyed a six-yuan nirvana with a knife, but her eyes were blocked by Lin Dong.
make a din
Jiang Jie’s eyes were shocked by the sudden emergence of Yizhou, and a rapid wind broke out. Suddenly, a light and shadow rang out from the sky like thunder, and suddenly it was plundered in the green light. Now, Jiang Haoqing’s dragon arm surged in Shouguang, and the cold light flashed with terrible power and poured again.
Lin Dong didn’t exert his military offensive, and it wasn’t subtle at all, but looking at the extreme pure grain force of the dragon arm drive covered up the flaw.
Break ten times with one force.
When Lin’s two arms are transformed into blue dragon arms, those forces are absolutely enough to destroy a six-yuan nirvana golden body with one punch.
Strong strength
For Lin’s fist contains power, Jiang Jie is also aware that his eyes are fiercely, and this is why Bai Lin’s move turned out to be a strong bar.
However, although Lin moved wildly on the offensive, Jiang Hao obviously didn’t save the oil lamp. Seeing that his face was sneering, he crossed his hands fiercely and immediately opened his eyes. Suddenly, several gray S silk threads swept through his fingertips and the wind soared into a huge gray S giant pledge, which was to envelop Lin.
Lin’s fist was severely blasted in the giant, but it was strange that it failed to break the huge force with one ticket, as if it had been blasted into the mud Tao. The feeling that the fist was punched in cotton made Lin’s eyebrows wrinkle up tightly.
And that is to say, when Lin moved with a punch of wheat ash, it was also instantaneous winding, but it turned out to be like a flash to bind Lin moved with a red eye and entered the work. This guy really wanted to get rid of the drought, but it was not easy to get rid of it when he came. I’m afraid he was the target of Jiang Fucheng’s attack. When pang saw this, three people suddenly jumped up and knew everything about the drought. However, they knew how difficult it was to condense from the drought.