Immediately he thought for a long time and put his hand on his chest, so he felt the secret of Xuangong …
Sunset, ancient road, camel
A line of two people riding a camel with a heavy package walked slowly. Although there were four wars, the city was ruined and devastated, but these two people were also glamorous and not ordinary people.
Seeing that the man’s face is like a crown jade, gentle and handsome, and the long sword hanging from his waist is a handsome man’s appearance; The woman is also Wen Xiu, elegant and beautiful, and her eyes are very flexible. Although the sun is hot at this time, the two of them are walking in a hurry, but they are sitting on the camel’s back without shaking their foreheads and temples, and they are also neat and tidy. Obviously, they are all armed with martial arts.
Both of them are in the prime of their lives when they are happy and worried, but both of them are frowning at this time and seem to have serious worries to avoid.
Just as the two men were marching slowly, suddenly a man dressed in black stood tall and slim, but he was a middle-aged man with a handsome appearance.
The two men sat on the camel and couldn’t help caring for each other. They said with horror that this vast plain is full of loess. When they arrived, they came from somewhere, but they didn’t know in advance. Even if he hid in that ravine, his wife and I could but wouldn’t find it.
However, seeing this student stop in power with a slight smile, he asked, "I wonder if the virtuous couple want to go?"
The man saw this man’s high martial arts, so he solemnly raised his hand and said, "I don’t know who Pavilion is? Stop my husband and wife? "
The middle-aged student "ha" smiled. "It’s a coincidence to ask two people who have been in Xiliang Store for five or six years. Why is it that a big fire has burned down the store now? If gold is not enough, why don’t you lend it to you to start a new shop? "
When the man heard this, he was shocked and angry. "Who the hell are you but you know about my family?"
The middle-aged student said lazily, "You set fire to the shop and made me sleep at night. Can’t you ask?"
Male cold way "don’t worry about my husband and wife have their own arrangements"
The middle-aged student didn’t get angry either. Xi Xi smiled. "In the past, the two of you learned a lesson, and it’s no fun to go back to the east in Italy and the west."
The man snorted, drew his sword, and suddenly sank, "Then let’s see if I can go to the East today."
Middle-aged students smile, "What’s so good about killing and killing? You’re over 30 years old and still look so bad …"
After saying his word, he suddenly saw the man’s long sword thrust at his chest. This move was like a flash, and he laughed and collapsed, and he retreated like a ghost. It was incredible to act quickly.
The man saw a sword brush a little bit after another, and the sword in his hand was roaring vertically and horizontally, and the white light flashed to detain Zhang Yu’s circle as a sword shadow.
The middle-aged novice kept seeing the tricks but also holding out a perfect dark iron bar to fight against each other. But in a flash, he had already met forty or fifty tricks. The man was secretly horrified and said that he knew a lot about martial arts from all walks of life, and he was famous for his erudition. Why did this unfamiliar doorway seem to be deeper than himself? He didn’t even make a move to repeat the martial arts for half a day.
His heart was shocked, and the student saw the opportunity and suddenly his body flashed and deceived the man. The left hand stretched out and two fingers held his blade flat, and the blade broke through the knuckles.
The man’s heart did not move, but he didn’t panic at all. Since the weapon method shows that his origin is not fighting with each other?
He casually threw half of broken arrow into a claw with his left hand and pushed it out with his right hand clenched, and then the style suddenly changed to the middle-aged man’s jaw
The middle-aged student also closed the iron bar in his hand with his left fist and right palm to meet them, but when he saw that he was late, his hands came first, and his tricks suddenly changed into his left palm and right claw and he attacked the man’s right chest.
When the two men met for a moment, they reached the point where their sexual fate was at stake. At first, they saw that the middle-aged man’s tricks were constantly changing, and his hands changed into seven postures. The man boasted that martial arts could not peep, but he could not recognize whether he was a sect master.
Camel back that woman to look leisurely and have great confidence in her husband, but seeing this life’s tricks complicated and complicated, the door is closed greatly, but suddenly it’s secretive and weird, and the evil martial arts are obvious, and both good and evil are profound, so I can’t help but be jumpy, charming and floating, and the man walks side by side with his hands.
Her martial arts are strange and evil, and her fierce posture and beautiful end are also not weak. The two men attacked the middle-aged student and cried that he was tired. The palm of his hand changed and the palm of his right hand was like a wave. It was progressive and vigorous, and the wind was very turbulent. If fierce wave ran towards the two people, he would call.
The two men saw that he used such a palm method to detain his chest and knew that he couldn’t fight back and quit ten feet away. The man’s heart panicked and said, "Nine hands teach martial arts …"
He suddenly looked up at the middle-aged student’s right hand with two fingers missing, and suddenly his heart was sharp and he exclaimed, "It’s you!"
Chapter 22 Haze all over the sky gives birth to mysterious light
Qi Yufeng slowly hit the book and saw the article "Xuangong Essentials" and wrote, "Can the scope be changed from heaven to earth but out of reason, qi and image?" The elephant is also fist-shaped; Those who are angry are also boxing; The manager’s boxing skills are also reasonable, and his gestures are not excessive. "
To follow is to explain these words clearly, that is, to practice and take advantage of the merits. The more Qi Yufeng chews carefully, the more he reads, the more he has an explanation in the sense of taste, and some places he has learned can also be bypassed by analogy. Although these basic principles of martial arts are a few words, they seem to be all-encompassing. Although Qi Yufeng has read a few words, he feels that this "Xuangong Essentials" is more important than what he learned before, while Zhang Zhenling and the group of hairs are magnificent and can be hooked.
However, his eyes are not in the mood to chew slowly and realize these profound truths. Immediately, his eyes swept away and turned around to see if there was a solution to the immediate problem.
Browsing a few pages again, he saw … You must be tender, auxiliary, old, urgent, auxiliary, and late-static, braking. This change of subject and object is easy, and it is necessary to assess the situation … "
"Young people must be light-hearted and old people must be eager to guard against rashness and late to prevent students from becoming subject and object. It is easy to be broad and subtle, and the doctrine of the mean is extremely high …"
Qi Yufeng couldn’t help thinking about these truths. Master Pei Hu said many times when I was using saber and sword. It seems that martial arts moves seem to reach the same goal by all means, but what’s so strange about what I’m learning now, Lonely Nine Swords, which is much higher than these truths?
Immediately, he couldn’t help but be impetuous and read back one after another.
He really didn’t know that he had read through Jiuyang Zhenjing, but he also glimpsed a new level, and his vision has become extremely high. The simple truth of general martial arts has become natural without thinking, and he feels that this "Xuangong Essentials" is full of nonsense.
The volume is not very thick, but it is very thin with dozens of pages of fonts. He turned from the beginning to the middle and didn’t find any good tricks. Just as he looked up at the mountain situation, he suddenly saw that "The Secret of Xuangong" said "The peak stands forever, so I am a family of my own"
When he saw these sixteen words, he couldn’t help nodding his head and praising them in his heart. These words are very agreeable to my mind. If martial arts practitioners can’t have a unique style, but follow the old ways and follow others’ footsteps, then it is difficult for others to create martial arts and practice it well, and it is just a matter of picking up people’s teeth and knowing what they are doing, but they can’t set up another mountain and be unique after all. "
"If you only know how good it is to imitate the predecessors and practice others’ martial arts, you will eventually fall into the highest realm of martial arts, and it will be a self-contained and original one."
However, he praised two sentences in his heart and couldn’t help but say that it was difficult to create a peerless martial art. This is not a broadcast gymnastics that can easily make ten sets.
Think about the past dynasties, except for Qi Xin, a master of various factions in the past dynasties, such as Shaolin Temple monks and other human bodies, but only a few people, such as Dharma, Dugu for defeat, Mulongcheng and Huang Shang, have the power to create an earth-shattering martial arts by themselves. In addition, even those who are determined as Guo Jing, intelligent as Yang Guo and savvy as Zhang Ji have never heard of what is in creating their own martial arts.
In recent years, the decline of martial arts has also been attributed to the fact that Tai Chi, founded by Zhang Sanfeng, a great master throughout the ages, is unique, and it has not changed for hundreds of years.
Immediately, he turned over a page and put out this ridiculous idea for the time being, but these sixteen words were engraved in a trance and he had a little insight into Wu Xueli.
In fact, his mind is in line with Peng Yingyu’s mood of writing these sixteen words. In those days, Zhang Ji’s dismissal of the post of teaching leader will teach the new four * * kings and five scattered people, and the five elements of flags and flags will gather in Wudang Mountain to explain the Jiuyang Zhenjing, the move of Gankun and the Taiji stunt, and the sacred fire will make the magic work. Everyone has his own understanding with different qualifications.
Among them, Wusanren is the strongest in the Central Plains, but Peng Yingyu’s martial arts is very knowledgeable. Once Zhang Ji gave advice on advanced martial arts, he became deeply logical and drifted off. He realized that he was almost as good as Qi Yufeng, and immediately lamented in his heart that only a genius like Zhang Sanfeng could achieve the goal of "the peak stands forever". He wrote these words to himself. Although after this, his martial arts jumped to the first place in Wusanren, he could sigh and stop for life.
Qi Yufeng was eager to find the knack of fighting and defeating the enemy, so he climbed faster and faster. However, when he turned to the end, he found that this book was full of explanations of Jiuyang Zhenjing, which was of great benefit to self-cultivation and exercise, and his luck and pranayama. However, his moves and martial arts were not clearly stated, and he could not help but feel depressed. "Why should we look for winning opportunities from’ one yang refers to’? I’m a beginner, maybe I’ll be cut off as soon as I stretch my finger. "
He was angry and looked up to see that Yuan Bing was about to attack a line of people again. About 70 people were all gearing up to look like ordinary soldiers could not cope with these five people and were ready for a master raid.
He can’t help but worry in his heart. These men are all anti-Yuan heroes, so they can really regret it when they die.