At this time, Guli gently hugged Ainaya from behind and said softly, "Marry me at Queyangshan Moon Certificate and I will protect you forever!" Beautiful Ainaya was shy again but said happily, "Well … I heard from the village chief that the priest will come back the day after tomorrow."
"So you agreed!" There was a cry of excitement at the top of the mountain covered with moonlight.
The love of young girls blooms at this moment …
"Guli, go to town and find a silversmith to play some ornaments." The kind old man handed a bag of gold coins.
"It’s dad!" Guli took the old man’s gold coin and ran to town excitedly. He was going to marry him, Ainaya.
But when he excitedly went to find Ainaya, he saw the whole hospital in ruins …
"Coulee is the Lord of Saint Lars …" The neighbor said to Coulee, who had been stunned by this mess.
Lord St. Lars is the owner of a large area of land in Chayang Mountain. He is brave and brave. It was because of his misconduct that the king sealed him up in this remote place.
"Ha, ha, ha, you poor little what can you bring Ainaya? Is it wealth or strength? If I can bring him happiness, get out of here, "said the two knights of Lord St. Lars, who blew Coulee out of the door."
"Saint Lars, you live up to knight glory? You little man! " Coulee shouted at the closed door in despair, and the whole person was walking in the street of the town …
Walking with the same purpose, Guli finally reached the top of Queyang Mountain, which was still a beautiful moon, but at this time Guli was left alone.
"Beautiful moon, I made a promise to you, and now my lover is in danger. Please give me the strength to protect her and exchange my life …"
Guli prayed at the top of the mountain, and the unforgettable love really touched the moon. The soft light condensed in his hand and turned into a pure white long knife, just like … pure love.
And Lord St. Lars, who is decorating the wedding hall at the moment, feels a sense of fear and then … blood is flying.
Young Guli broke into his castle with a long moonlight knife. Although the scene has completely shocked the Lord St. Lars, he still comforted himself, "He is an ordinary farmer and I am a brave knight of the kingdom. How can he defeat me?" But he doesn’t know the power of love blooming …
"The cost of my life protects my beloved moonlight!" There is no amazing power released by Wushu and ancient power.
The flash of knife light seemed to drive the moonlight white, and the moonlight took away the life of Saint Lars.
Covered in blood, Coulee climbed Queyang Mountain with Ainaya in his arms …
"Forgive me, Ainaya. My life no longer belongs to me. I have to leave, but the moonlight will watch over you for me …"
In the end, the moonlight dissipates …
"Guli, I’m here waiting for you to come back from the moonlight," Ainaya said firmly, and after a long time, she turned into a stone statue and waited for her.
This stone statue is named full moon because Gu Li said that moonlight will protect our love!
Chapter 366 Kaluya Gift
This is the saying that Lin Ze’s eyes are slightly closed and his heart is very sad. Love stories always have a sad ending.
Guli Aina Saya John, they all ended up together …
The silver light in Lin Ze’s hand flashed again, one blue and one red, and the dark room was filled again.
Fine Snow Dance and Red Burn Blade are really a pair of swords, but at this time, they are roots that cannot be paired. Lin Ze holds a sword in each hand, and the fire and frost are close to each other. It is a method to get close to the fine snow and red burn, adhering to the will of their respective owners. Even if the owners are already dead and become ghosts and gods, they are still opposed …
There are four kinds of light left in the dark elf weapons shop, and four extremely long swords in red, blue, black and white have shocked all the swords around the wall. Linze can see that this dark elf man loves this "moonlight light" handle, but he also likes this pure white sword very much.
Although I know that the chance of asking him for this sword is slim, Lin Ze still wants to try one …
But just as Lin Ze was about to take a bite, the dark elf man had already taken it first.
"Forget it. I gave you the moonlight."
The dark elf man did not wait for Lin Ze to open his mouth to make a decision.
Lin Ze’s heart is full of doubts and incomprehension …
The dark elf man took a deep look at Lin Ze’s left wrist and said meaningfully, "Being chosen by the dark elf royal family, human beings can’t be evil-hearted. Although I love weapons, I can also see that this weapon will be able to exert greater power in your hands …"
The dark elf man recognized the green rattan that Maya gave to Lin Ze.
"I heard that Avaria welcomed back the dark elves, and the royal daughter has never had a chance to go back. Now I see the green rattan in your hand. Now I can be sure that the news is correct. It seems that the royal daughter is good?"
The dark elf man smiled and shook his head and said wryly, "But it’s a pity that it’s hard for us old men and humans to have a result."
The dark elf man looks 30 years old, but he claims to be an old man, but if you think about it, it is also a long life of the dark elf, and his appearance will always remain. According to the algorithm of the dark elf family, this man must be at least several hundred years old.
"Senior Maya, is she okay in Avaria?"
Lin Ze looked at the dark elf man a little at a loss. He should be Maya’s elder …
"The original name of the Imperial Palace is Maya. I haven’t been to Avaria, but if you think about it, you will know that the Imperial Palace is now in a situation. However, the royal family of the dark elves can only be recognized by all the dark elves if they handle all kinds of things perfectly. But I believe that the blood of the royal family of the dark elves is born with excellent ruling blood, so you don’t worry about human beings."
The dark elf man paused and looked deeply at Lin Ze and said
"But it’s really hard for you to help the imperial palace now. You have to be stronger."
"well! I know I’m still weak and I want to be stronger … "
Lin Zeyin is very determined. His enemy is an apostle. He is still too weak now.
"Very good!" The dark elf man must have nodded and walked back silently while the iron is hot, and Lin Ze can leave …
"What’s your name, sir?"