In Rong Ji’s heart, there is such an idea that he doesn’t want to believe that a young man who is in harmony with his brother is an era and his strength will surpass him.
Looking at Rongji’s ever-changing face, Rongji also knows that Rongji must be aware of Lin Ze’s strength and unwilling to accept this fact. Although Rongji doesn’t like to hit others very much, she is very happy to see him frustrated by Lin Ze …
After a sneer, only the sound comes out from behind Lin Ze.
"This is not a gentleman? I haven’t seen you for three months, so why do you naturally stop at Shadow Sect? "
Lin Ze’s face flashed when he heard the words "Wei Li". This is to pull hatred on his own, but it seems that it is really boring for Wei Li to be able to make such a move all the time.
Linze naively shrugged his shoulders and nodded slightly at the melting pole, but it’s a pity that our master’s eyes were no longer focused on Linze’s body when he was away from the sound. His eyes seemed to be able to melt through Lin Ze, and the whole person froze.
Chapter 662 Melting is extremely difficult to believe
The sight of Rongji has been completely attracted by the graceful figure behind Lin Ze. Although it is very different from before at this time, the sound is to make Rongji forget forever …
"Wei, Wei Li! Is that you? "
Melting the extreme sound is a little shaky … and the one who stopped Lin Ze and his party to guard the soldiers saw his captain and really knew this group of people, so they would no longer be annoying here and continue to run to the side to check the people who entered the city.
"Let’s prove our identity quickly. I don’t want to be watched here all the time."
Turning a blind eye to the trembling in the melting polar sound directly made her request … This directly also made Lin Ze feel a little embarrassed
"Only from what’s wrong with you? How did you become like this? Why is your hair white? Is something wrong? "
Rong Ji’s face is full of worries. Lin Ze can feel Rong Ji’s sincerity through the power of Pu Meng. Lin Ze Naidi sighed. Although you are really firm in your sincerity, I’m sorry that I can’t give it to you with me, and you have your own choice. You are hopeless.
Lin Ze sighed with emotion in his heart. It’s a pity that feelings are reluctant to come.
In fact, I have always been very concerned about my original head of hair, and now it has become a white hair. This problem directly pokes me in the foot, as if I were a cat with a stepped tail. The whole person has become different …
A powerful shadow king’s momentum spread out from the only body, and it was so suppressed that it couldn’t move!
"why! What have I become? What are you doing? I called you here to prove our identity. Why do you talk so much? "
At this time, only the forehead reveals a chill.
Feeling the momentum of detachment, the garrison soldier who was checking the ID cards of people entering the city consciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva! Even the captain of the melting pole can resist the momentum of this white-haired girl. It’s a bit reckless that he just dared to stop them. Fortunately, these people are more reasonable …
However, the captain of Rongji is a top shadow clan, but he has no resistance at all in this white-haired girl! Is this white-haired girl already a king of shadows? The garrison soldier’s face is full of shock. He is a strong shadow king. It’s the first time in his life that he has seen such a powerful shadow …
The garrison soldier was as harmonious as a pole, and his heart was also full of consternation at this time.
A year ago, I was able to fight a lose-lose battle with Wei Li. Although I lost that time, Wei Li also lost the fighting ability at that time … So I have been trying to practice hard to surpass Wei Li in the shadow and soul since I knew this result. Now I am in the big movie theater of Bitalon, and I am as a dark shadow as Wei Li, but now I find that the gap between Wei Li and Wei Li is even bigger.
How come… Rong Ji’s heart is full of reluctance. Have you not let up in the past year?
Forcibly put pressure on yourself to look at Wei Li and ask, "Wei Li you, are you already a movie king?"
"Why? Can’t you? " It is still so indifferent to the extreme separation.
Although I don’t want to admit it in my heart, I have personally confirmed it now. If he doesn’t admit it, he has to admit it …
Wei Li is now a four-star shadow king. Although Rong Ji has never been lax in practicing this year, this ordinary practice can’t be compared with Wei Li’s thrilling experience. It is the most able to hone talents and improve their strength.
Wei Li succeeded in breaking through the shadow clan after becoming the frost dragon scassa Watcher. In the process of inheriting the ice attribute element, the elf ice shadow Aquilis, she completely absorbed the power of the ice queen Rose and broke through the three-level shadow soul force in one breath to become the four-star shadow king. This is Wei Li’s achievement in this life-and-death crisis. Although the achievement is huge and attractive, it is also very dangerous …
"No, of course!" Melt very hard to smile light said
"Lin Ze body now? I heard that you were injured in Belmar Principality, so you should have recovered by now? "
Lin Ze’s eyes flashed a cold light when he heard the name of Rongyun Cold. He hoped to get rid of Rongyun Cold and Lan Yun Ze in Belmar Principality, but he didn’t expect that he was attacked by the apostles’ flame in Tiancheng, which made him specially let these two people join the exchange group.
But now it’s called! I think when Yun Ze was away from Hutton Mar City, it was still the peak shadow spirit. I wonder if there is any breakthrough in melting rhyme cold in the past two months?
"Captain Rong Ji is worried. Lin Ze’s injury has been cured by Aly. Aly has paid a lot of money for this treatment. I still don’t know what I am going to do in my life to compensate Aly!"
Lin Zeyin is very gentle, and his call for detachment makes Rong extremely unbelievable, but it is even more difficult for Rong to accept detachment. When I heard this sentence from Lin Ze, my face was full of tenderness and my face was in a very fresh contrast with my face …
"You, you?"
Rong looked at the two people in front of him in disbelief, and there was a guess that he didn’t want to believe.
Seems to hear the melting sound Lin Ze only to find that just is the true feelings revealed hurriedly coughed and said.
"The captain of the melting pole doesn’t know if the melting rhyme is cold now? I am the leader of the exchange group of the War College, and I have no heart at all. My team members are really incompetent. "
I heard that Lin Ze changed the subject. Although I had the heart to ask him and Wei Li, I didn’t know how to look pale. I replied, "Thanks to the manager of Lin Ze, I am worried that Yun Han has broken through the shadow spirit after returning from Hutton Mar, but of course it is impossible to compare with the manager of Lin Ze. I wonder what level the manager of Lin Ze is now?"
Rong Ji already felt bad when he asked Lin Ze this question in his own consciousness. Although he didn’t want to believe this, he was able to faintly feel that the momentum of detachment was suppressed by Lin Ze. He could suppress the momentum of detachment. The strength of Lin Ze is likely to be stronger than that of detachment.
Sure enough, Lin Ze has already made a statement without saying anything, but he hugged Lin Ze and looked at Rongji and said.
"My boyfriend is stronger than me now. Your younger brother can’t be two different people from Lin Ze and Rong Yunhan!"
Hearing Wei Li personally admit that Lin Ze is stronger than her and that Lin Ze is her boyfriend makes Rong Ji’s face full of decadence.
Rongyun Hanzhen and Lin Ze are not from the same world. Lin Ze rose like a meteor in these two short years and defeated the Arthur family in the Grand City Interest Sharing Competition to help the Emperor of Western Asia. In the five-year branch * * * *, we defeated Rongyun Cold, Lin Attack and Herrick to make Shenguan Branch the head of the War College; In the cracks of different dimensions, he cracked and killed the night spirit of the same level as himself and successfully broke through the shadow Sect; Beating the paladin of Remidia’s Grand Templar in Hutton Mar, one man made it to the palace of the Lord, setting a record for the youngest palace of the Lord …
I’m afraid these things are a great thing for a person, but there is no sense of disobedience behind Lin Ze.
In the past two years, Linze has risen like a meteor, but it has not fallen like a meteor. Instead, it has left a brilliant star in this night in Arad …
Looking at some become speechless, the eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, and at this time, Qing Shuang is also a face of tired opinions. Qing Shuang pulled Wei Li’s skirts and said pathetically
"When can we go in only from my sister? We have been waiting for a long time!"