It is true that people who appear at the most critical time are the most popular, and all eyes will be on him.
"Well, the captain looks relieved. It seems that this person is an acquaintance of the captain."
Another tall and thin shadow bow also came to his own conclusion …
Lin Ze looked relaxed, and Herrick grasped the tower of delusion in his hand. But now the tower of delusion has become extremely small, and Lin Ze can hold it with one hand, which looks like a personal ornament.
No wonder when Lin Ze asked Dreyfus to take the tower of delusion away, Dreyfus always smiled and said nothing. It turned out that he had already known this would be the result.
Sure enough, selling death is the least pleasing.
Lin Ze secretly spoke out, but it should be a good result that the lost tower can guide itself to find Herrick …
For Lin Ze, it’s supposed to be a gathering of friends of Lin Qi and Herrick Lacquer Night, but the ten night spirits across the street don’t think so. They didn’t stop because of Lin Ze’s appearance. They have already explained that it would be nice to pay attention to Herrick Lacquer Night and Lin Qi, but they didn’t take care of Lin Ze. In their eyes, Lin Ze is dispensable and a miscellaneous fish role.
But just for a second, there was something in their eyes, but they drank it gently
Ten night spirits felt that they were surrounded by murderous look in an instant. One night spirit roared in horror, "Captain, this is a captain-level human!" "
But this is also the last sound of this group of night spirits, and then they float in Lin Ze’s murderous look. They can be used as human night spirit crystal nuclei.
Yes, it’s a shadow spirit, and the night spirit is instantly killed …
Lin Ze just used the two fluctuation skills of "murder fluctuation" and "fluctuation outbreak" to kill ten powerful night spirits directly.
Everyone opened their mouths when they saw this scene, and they almost fell off.
How did this happen? How powerful is this man?
Those two chubby shadows couldn’t believe the facts in front of them.
But when they were surprised, Herrick had keenly noticed that Lin Ze’s foot, Lin Ze’s body, had no shadow at this time, as if it had merged with Lin Ze.
"Lin, Lin Ze! You’ve become a filmmaker? How can it not be said that everyone’s strength is solidified in the battlefield of different dimensions? "
Although Herrick discovered Lin Ze’s secret, Herrick was more surprised than anyone else. Because Lin Ze signed a contract, Herrick could more easily feel Linze’s oppression like ghosts and gods.
If I hadn’t known that Lin Ze was a human being, Herrick would have completely occupied Lin Ze by ghosts and gods …
"Ah, ha, ha, let’s talk about the strength of the horse. Let me see what happened to the paint night first."
Lin Ze casually swept the half-total ten night crystal nuclei and put them into the ring at will. He didn’t expect Herrick to be able to perceive his strength so quickly, but for Lin Ze, he didn’t deliberately want to hide it. Although his strength is a problem, it is good for him to think of a suitable excuse.
But although Lin Ze said so, Lin and the other two strangers suddenly gasped.
Especially, before Lin hit the crack in the other dimension, Lin Ze was a god officer with the strength of six stars and shadow spirits, but it was only a long time before I saw Lin Ze. When was the soul lock of shadow spirits so easy to be solved?
Lin Attack originally hoped to promote the shadow clan by killing the night spirit to obtain the crystal nucleus of the night spirit in the battlefield of another dimension. In this battlefield of another dimension, it is the place where he is most likely to encounter the night spirit of the single shadow clan! Lin Ze was able to upgrade to Shadow Clan so quickly. Did he already meet other powerful Shadow Clan Night Ghosts and kill him?
However, when this idea emerged, it was killed by Lin attack in my heart. It is impossible to hunt the shadow-level night spirit by relying on the team in the cracks of different dimensions. It is impossible to rely on Linze alone. Even if Lin Ze met the shadow-level night spirit before and was lucky enough to kill him, his strength should not change
In this strength solidification dimension, Lin Ze should have kept his original six-star shadow soul force. It is impossible to make such a big leap. It should also be after leaving the dimension, right?
Of course, it is too far away for Lin to attack …
However, for Lin Ze, he didn’t have the heart to be surprised, and he didn’t have time to get to know these two strangers. What he has to do now is to treat the injury caused by Lacquer Night. Although it seems that Lacquer Night is now in a temporary coma, no one can ignore the attack caused by Night Spirit.
Chapter 395 Paint night injury
After all, the night spirit has many unknown attack methods, and I’m afraid that the raid of ten shadow spirit levels will be unbearable for the most defensive forest attack to bear directly! What’s worse, Lacquer Night is still a shadow thorn that is not famous for its defense …
Thinking of Lin Ze, I went directly behind Herrick, bent down with my right hand to hold up the lacquer night back, and my left hand passed through the corner of the lacquer night leg and picked her up horizontally. When everyone was dumbfounded, I walked forward without looking back, and then his cold voice came far away.
"Find a place to rest first. Well, the coordinate direction of the node should be here, right? Let’s go and follow quickly. "