"Intellectual, mental and physical strength …" When seeing this skill, Chu Yun opened his eyes wide and added one item to the ordinary occupation, but this actually added three items, which shows that there is a big difference between ordinary hiding?
【 Holding the Qin Lingtian 】 The current level lv1, the highest level LV1, rises to 2, and the required skill points are 5. When the guqin is equipped, it depends on the equipment level. When the guqin attacks the enemy, it will add 1% damage.
"I …" Chu Yun has mastered this skill.
Depending on the equipment level 5, that is to say, you can wear equipment that is 5 levels higher than yourself, and it is even worse with 1% damage.
You should know that you have a level 5 Xuanqin. If you fill up this skill, you may be able to wear it.
Can a level 1 player wear level 5 equipment be worse than this?
Chapter 62 Mystery egg!
[Phantom Lingyin] The current level lv1, the highest level lv5, rises to 2, and the required skill point 1 attacks a single target 5 meters ahead, causing 15% damage to ordinary magic attacks and 1% probability of triggering chaos for 3 seconds, consuming magic for 3 seconds when cooling down.
This skill is much better than flying ling yin, and the situation is even worse at the first level. It has three seconds to cool down!
[Juechen Sound] The current level lv1, the highest level lv5, rises to 2, and the required skill point 1 attacks the target 5 meters ahead, causing 12% damage from ordinary magic attack and 3% probability of triggering chaos for 3 seconds, consuming magic for 5 seconds when cooling down.
"Group attack cattle!" Chu Yun is excited. It takes only 5 seconds for this range of skills to cool down. It is impossible for roots to appear in ordinary occupations
"This is a powerful hidden profession, and I am your master. I want to ask you to do one thing …" The old man said calmly.
"Which words disciple of course willing to" Chu Yun is excited head directly promised.
"Well, you can go to a secret place to help the teacher get a mysterious egg now," the old man said lightly.
"Secret realm?" When I heard these two words, Chu Yun’s interest came
If you can get the rewards smoothly, it may make you rich.
And Chu Yun’s evil spirit sword was obtained in the secret world in his previous life.
But the secret realm is one-off. If you get through it smoothly, the secret realm will never exist again.
"Ding, you triggered the’ mysterious egg’ to get the mysterious egg in the secret realm and give it to the old man of Shenyin, otherwise it will be judged that the failure level is unknown, the reward is unknown, and the punishment is unknown. Do you accept it? "
"Accept" the secret news. Chu Yun said that he would go to anything, but it’s strange that what level of rewards and punishments are unknown.
And what is a mystery egg? Is it a pet egg?
"Small bamboo took him to" the old man said to the woman around him.
Xiaozhu is another woman who is equally good-looking. If she can sleep like this, her life will not be in vain.
Chu Yun doesn’t know where the shakotan coast is to follow Xiaozhu.
Xiaozhu walked towards the depths of the dew rain forest, and the road was winding. If it wasn’t for Chu Yun’s strong memory, he would have forgotten how to get back.
"Sister Xiaozhu, do you know what that mysterious egg is?" Chu Yun is very curious. It is absolutely unusual for such a powerful person to see it.
Xiaozhu smiled and shook his head to show that he didn’t know.
Chu Yunnai won’t know until he goes in?
"How much longer?" After walking for almost ten minutes, Chu Yun was a little impatient.
"It’s coming soon." Xiaozhu smiled and said, "It’s as beautiful as bathing in the spring breeze."
After walking for a while, Xiaozhu pointed to the front. "That green light curtain is the entrance to the secret land."
Seeing the secret land, Chu Yun ran quickly and couldn’t wait to figure it out.
When I was about to touch the secret realm, Chu Yun paused and thought that I should at least upgrade my skill level before entering.
Chu Yun now has 46 skill points. It took a total of 12 to fill the cloth armor specialization first …
[Specialization in Cloth Armor] At present, each piece of cloth armor equipped at full level can increase one’s intelligence, spirit and physical strength by%.
Similarly, it took 12 skill points to play Qin Lingtian.
【 Holding the Qin Lingtian 】 At present, if the Guqin is equipped at full level, the damage will be increased by% when the Guqin attacks the enemy according to the equipment level.
Depending on the equipment level, it is required to be level 4. When you see this attribute, Chu Yun’s eyes are silly. Now he is level 10. Isn’t that to say that he can equip the Xuanqin?
24 skill points are gone. Chu Yun continues to add skills.
[Phantom Lingyin] At present, attacking a single target 4m ahead at full level causes 25% damage to ordinary magic attacks and has a 2% chance of triggering chaos for 6 seconds, consuming magic for 3 seconds while cooling down for 3 seconds.
Due to the level limit, there are five skill points and fewer flowers.
[Juechen Sound] At present, attacking the target 4 meters ahead at full level will cause 2% damage to ordinary magic attacks and have a% chance of triggering chaos for 5 seconds, consuming magic 5 and cooling 5 seconds.
This skill also took a little bit, so there are only six skill points left.
When the skill upgrade was completed, Chu Yun directly touched the screen.
"Ding, those who enter this secret realm must be level 2. Are you sure you want to enter if you meet the requirements?"
Chu Yun was somewhat surprised to hear the sound, because the test before the sound was at level 2.
After Chu Yun entered, it was a valley full of birds and flowers, but the valley was closed, but there was a stone gate ahead.
Chu Yun walked forward step by step, and when he pushed the stone gate into it, his pupils widened, because behind the stone gate, the monster was actually four monkeys. If the appearance alone, the four monkeys were exactly the same before the test.
Golden monkey level 2 elite monster life 1 introduction has a very high evasion rate and is extremely difficult to hit.
Skilled dodge
Super Dodge 6% miss when the enemy attacks itself for 3 minutes.
"I …" Chu Yun didn’t know how to say it. Not only did he look the same, but he even had the same attributes.
Anyway, kill it. Besides, Chu Yun is too lazy to think about it and attack directly
Now that I have a hidden profession, it is easier to deal with these four monkeys.
When the four monkeys are finished, a big push comes out from the ground, and this is the secret realm. There are many benefits and rewards
You know, the explosion rate in the secret world is three times that outside!
Chu Yun picked up all the coins and equipment …
"Hey, there is still a skill!" Chu Yun was somewhat surprised to get the skills.
【 skill overlord a chop 】 make requirements for swordsman class occupation; This skill cannot be upgraded. It deals 3% damage to ordinary physical attacks and increases 1% physical attacks in the last 1 second, while cooling down for 6 seconds.
"Good skills" For ordinary occupations, 3% is a must-kill skill, and even 1% is the increase in physical attacks.
There is a stone gate ahead. Chu Yun wondered if there would still be four golden monkeys in it.
Chapter 63 How strange!