Sure enough, Lin Ze observed Fang through the spiritual chain like a corpse lying on his shoulder.
Language Lin Zenai patted his head. Can he really wait here? Who knows when these two forces will dissipate …
Lin Ze gnashed her teeth and thought
Ghosts don’t know when these two forces will disappear, but ghosts and gods do know that they are not too worried that these two forces will disappear in one month without external forces, but Lin Ze can’t wait for such a long time.
But even if Lin Ze can’t wait so long, he still has to wait.
Lin Ze’s anxiety is much milder than that before the ice fire was suppressed by the black ember’s haze force. Lin Ze’s body is getting stronger and stronger, and it’s hard to talk about Lin Ze’s ability to talk with Priam.
However, the theory of knowing the identity of ghosts and gods can be said by Lin Ze on any topic, which makes Lin Ze not talk much.
Chapter 231 Return road
"Plymouth, how on earth did I gain the third-level shadow soul power in these two days?"
It’s really weird to look at the crime of Lin Ze’s doubt. Linze doesn’t want to have complicated power as before to make himself extremely difficult when breaking through a layer of soul lock …
So he wants to find out the details of this matter thoroughly.
See Lin Ze want to get to the bottom of the expression of crime naturally know Lin Ze heart worry things smiled and said "master this time you don’t worry too much! Once you were robbed of other people’s power by devouring power, and your own shadow soul power became complicated, which led to the average computer-virus crisis. This time, you upgraded to level 3 shadow soul power, but your own strength was real … "
"Although the root cause is the power of these two kinds of frost and flame, the conflict between these two forces not only exercises your body, but also refines your dark nature, so you don’t worry about the sequelae caused by this continuous breakthrough."
"To tell you the truth, the foundation of this three-level shadow soul force is very solid. If your body couldn’t bear it at that time, we wouldn’t try to wake you up."
There is a trace of regret in the general sound …
Lin Ze didn’t feel sorry for what he said, but he felt a sense of terror. Now, he knows his physical condition. If he slowed down a little, his body might collapse completely. By then, it’s not a matter of shadow soul strength level. I’m afraid his life is gone.
Lin Ze didn’t expect Angel’s gift to be so dangerous … although it brought him a lot of luck.
Although this feeling of dancing on the brink of crisis makes Lin Ze very excited, it is better to do this kind of thing less! Even though the adventurous spirit in Lin Ze’s bones does not exclude these things, he still has to think about what his people should do if something happens to them.
"Mei Ya, Qing Shuang, Lan Yu is very Muxiao …"
Lin Ze slowly fell silent at the thought of this …
Compared with Muxiaolin and Little Arthur in West Asia, Lin Ze’s team are all rushing to the origin …
The original West Asia team was scheduled to return on the morning of the last day, but due to the strange heartbeat of Lin Ze, West Asia will return until noon on the sixth day.
And Lin Meteor Muxiao, when they made the return, it was also the sixth day at noon, and the teams on both sides were surprisingly consistent when they returned. I have to say that this is a coincidence …
"Since the two heartbeat purple jade has been no other response! Is something with ghosts and gods asleep again? Well, it’s not something I can handle. I have to report to the royal family as soon as possible … "
West Asia led the two teams to the origin. He knew that little Arthur was very dissatisfied with the harvest of this competition, but West Asia couldn’t manage so many bodies. The lightsaber of Dros Empire, the royal family, ghosts and gods did far more harm to the empire than the royal family …
It’s a pity that West Asia doesn’t know that the closeness of the Lins’ ghosts and gods has far exceeded his imagination. The Imperial Jue of Delos, the head of the Lins’ office, is the hope of the rise of the ghosts and gods.
"Lin Biao, do you think Lin Ze is on his way back now?"
Muxiao looked at her side with worry, and the wind was not strong, but the sound was not clear when she passed through the breeze and entered the forest meteorite ear.
Although Lin meteorite’s ear was slightly moved, Muxiao’s sound was not clear, but he still roughly guessed Muxiao’s meaning.
To tell the truth, he is also very uncertain about Lin Ze’s current situation. It is dangerous for Mr. Lin Ze to go deep into Glen Singlin alone. Everyone knows it, but no one stops them.
He is most worried about whether Linze can receive enough materials. If Lin Ze doesn’t receive enough materials, he can give his own material to Lin Ze … But he is afraid that Lin Ze will be in danger in the depths of Granson, which is unbearable after Lin meteorite.
Even now, he is highly valued by Lin Lang, the housemaster, but it is wrong for him to enlarge the young master to come alone.
Now Lin Yan can pray that Lin Ze didn’t receive enough materials to qualify for the promotion without any unexpected reasons, and the joy was instantly washed away by Lin Ze’s safety.
"Gentleman will not have an accident, you have to believe him! He should also be on the way back … "
Even if Lin meteorite is nervous in his own heart, his face is still indifferent. Looking at Lin meteorite like this, Mu Xiaoyu’s heart is also slightly relaxed …
She always knew what cards Lin Ze had, but she never imagined that Lin meteorite was also seven in her heart.
"This harvest can at least make the two of us qualify for the qualifying round, but Arthur’s family and Luo’s family should not be underestimated! I feel that the biggest variable on their side is the white god officer … It’s really surprising that such a rare career can be invited by Arthur’s family. "
"But since this mysterious divine function has been invited by Arthur’s family, we must be very careful."
MuXiao sprinting while calculating the strength on the other side.
"Well that god officer is all our objects! If we can enter the promotion, then Arthur, Rowling, Ron and the white god officer should be our biggest rivals. "
Lin meteorite agreed to nod and look at Mu Xiao’s serious expression. Lin meteorite’s uneasiness slightly reduced Lin Ze’s safety, but he believed that this mysterious gentleman would never give up so easily …
Hear Lin meteorite respond MuXiao continued
"Arguably, among the four of them, Rowling should be the strongest. At this age, it is really amazing that she has reached the level of Star Shadow Division, but she is not in my eyes … The most incomprehensible thing is the white god officer. Although little Arthur has awakened Berserker’s physique, we can easily get rid of him when we drag him crazy, and Ron, a guy with deep talent, can plan behind the scenes. His physical strength is not strong enough to fight fair and square …"
Lin meteorite looked at this is carefully analyzing the opponent’s strength MuXiao heart movement.
Mu Xiao is not the kui is the most beautiful pearl in Gran City, but also the most powerful one among the younger generation in Gran City.
Rowling, the cinematographer, doesn’t even care about her eyes. It seems that it is a fact that Muxiao has reached the peak.
Well, they have a peak cinematographer here, and Arthur’s family has not been able to compete with Mu Xiao because of the thunder Arthur didn’t return … This time Mu Xiao has a great chance to win the championship.
When Lin meteorite was thinking about these things, Mu Xiao was still analyzing the situation.
"So the object of our careful observation this time must be the mysterious white god officer. If we have guessed wrong, this white god officer is also a nine-star cinematographer, and even said that he may be a peak cinematographer."
Mu Xiao’s analysis became more and more amazing when she said that the white god officer might be the peak cinematographer.
Lin Meteor’s cold face always reveals a little shock, such a young peak filmmaker! That young man looks like he is in his early twenties, probably not as big as Mu Xiao … He is so young that he can surpass Thunder Arthur in talent.
What is the origin of this mysterious white god officer?
"When we have three days to rest after this qualifying round, we must find out what the origin of this West Asia is during these three days."
Mu Xiao has made arrangements for three days after the game, but Lin Meteor has no objection … This mysterious god officer must prepare his information before the investigation object, which can also let the gentleman know something.
The thought that West Asia may be the top cinematographer Lin Mihara’s confidence in his own strength is fleeting. However, perhaps his strength of the earth shadow bow may beat Ron and Fanny, but in the face of little Arthur, Berserker’s chances of winning are very small, let alone star cinematographer Rowling.
This time, the promotion depends on Muxiao’s mysterious Lin Ze gentleman, but on the other side, there is a god officer whose strength is at least nine stars, which makes Lin Meteor a headache …
But the thought of Lin Zeke’s going deep into Glen Forest meteorite by himself gives him more confidence … The original worry about Lin Ze was swept away.
On the last day of the Granson Qualifying Tournament, four teams from both sides came back from the north and the south of Granson respectively. Lin Ze was alone in the depths of Granson, suffering from Anger’s preparation for physical exercise.
"It’s already the last day, right? It seems that the game is coming to an end … "
Lin Ze didn’t have the spirit to glance at Priemont and then stopped looking at him.
General crime see Lin Ze this appearance face a wry smile, he knew that Lin Ze suffered from refining body, although the ice fire has been much smaller, but there is no ten thousand years of stone milk to nourish Lin Ze * * still echoed back and forth in the constant damage and recovery.
Obviously, this kind of torture can’t be borne by ordinary people. Even Lin Ze, who has always been determined, has been tortured. He has no spirit and has to secretly lament in his heart. Angel …
However, this effect is also obvious. Now the intensity of Lin Ze has far exceeded that of the average person. I am afraid that Lin Ze has been able to act as an adventurer team M now.