On the other side, Yang Xin nodded his head. Xiao Ye had realized that she was ashamed at the peak of the workshop. The first person had a good life in her opinion.
Yang Xin fell into silence.
Xiao Ye trembles, but finally asks, How is Yang Xin?
He didn’t dare. He was afraid that he would hear it, and he never wanted to hear an answer.
"I … I’m too timid to jump in a building like my dad. I’m afraid it’s too ugly. I just bought a whole bottle of sleeping pills and believe I can fall asleep soon …"
For a long time, Yang Xin finally stepped forward, but this is like thunder exploding in Xiao Ye’s head, so that he can breathe smoothly. This news is even more difficult for him to accept than the bad news that Yang Xin may have been married in his expectation.
It’s easy for Yang Xin to tell the story, but his tone is even calmer. "I’ve been trying to re-run Xintiandi Workshop for three or four years, but I’m still vulnerable in front of the combating Dao guild, so I have to think about revenge again."
"Where are you? Where are you now? " Xiao Ye’s forehead was dripping with sweat, and at this moment he had never been so worried in his life.
"No …" Yang Xinyin gradually became weak. "I came to you to tell you that I always liked you, but I couldn’t say it."
Xiao Ye was in tears. Yang Xin was proud of his boss’s daughter’s identity, which made him proud, and he was also not allowed to talk.
"I hope a better girl likes you and you also like her …"
A crunchy line broke Xiao Ye’s heart into pieces.
There have been countless years without tears, and water poured out at this moment.
Trying to control the trembling hands, the blurred eyes call back again and again.
The machine voice showed that his heart, which had gone through many vicissitudes, was hammered again and again.
In this life, he has too many regrets, and these regrets add up to far less than what he wants to tell Yang Xin that he loved her a long time ago.
Regret made him want to scream, and it made him feel so painful that he seemed to be blocked and finally made a sound.
Lying on the ground, the bright moon has dried up with blurred tears
If he could do it all over again, he would tell Yang Xin that he loved her deeply when he first met her, even if he was treated as a hooligan …
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Ray source
Reflected in front of us is a brocade curtain, a tired bed curtain, a wall curtain with precious suet and white jade hanging on it. There is a faint fragrance in the air, sweet and greasy, and comfortable. The white jade song blinks repeatedly, and it is still this bed, and it is still the smell. It is lightly sighed and lifted, and it is gently rubbed on the forehead with hands and eyes, but she has to accept the fact that she has crossed!
Nima, she stuck to the habit of betting on lottery tickets every day for n years, and lost so much blood. Finally, the National People’s Congress broke out and got 5 million, but she didn’t get lucky and spent it.
Thief, God, do you want to be so cruel? If you can’t meet her, fortune will take turns. Do you know that I want to have a choice? !
In my heart, I feel sorry for those past lives who still can’t digest the red bills and white jade songs, and rolled their thin sheets and turned over lazily, which alerted the maid Zhui Er waiting in front of the bed.
"Miss is awake?"
Zhui Er is about fifteen or sixteen years old and looks handsome. She stretched out her hand and hung the bead account on the golden hook. She carefully looked at the bed owner and woke up. "Miss, it’s too late. If you can’t afford it again, you won’t be able to catch up with the banquet today. Just now, the Empress is still short of Mammy Liu."
"Woo!" The bedfellow mumbled impatiently, and turned to the side again, vaguely saying, "I’m tired and don’t want to go."
Go to the party? Play dead in a joke!
In fact, she had already woken up once. In the afternoon, when people from all walks of life came to visit her coma patient one after another, Bai Yuge got a general understanding of her situation from their words of regret or schadenfreude.
This is a dynasty history to follow, and she adheres to the law of crossing. This body is not only beautiful and beautiful, but also has a prominent family background. It is the queen of Wang Bai, a national hero.
At that time, Bai Yuge stopped complaining when she heard the joy in her heart. She thought that if she came, she would be safe and comprehensive, and she would certainly get along well. But later, after listening to the sarcasm of several strange girls, she realized how true the truth is that "the sky will never fall."
Because Bai Yuge is not only a tianjiao girl but also a destined phoenix! As early as when she was born, the emperor made a matchmaker and betrothed her to young marriage, who was in Taiyuan.
How many noble families are red in the eyes of the royal family? The original owner was born in bliss, but he didn’t know how to be blessed. There was a good toffee who didn’t do it. With my cousin Rush’s right eyes, he was too desperate to break off an engagement.
So, on such a beautiful day as Mid-Autumn Festival, when the Queen’s aunt was most sympathetic to her family reunion, she was arrogant and wanted to dump her in front of everyone.
This is a direct hit to Tian Jia’s face. Bai Yuge’s courage is commendable!
Then decisively touched our British SHEN WOO Taidian. It is said that when questioned, the two had an argument. As a result, the original owner was kicked into the lotus pond by anger.