They are naturally very happy to have a sense of belonging to Yunmo Mountain.
This time YunMingYuan leave also told the two of them.
"Tell him I’m back when the ink is finished."
"Got it, Uncle Yun"
Sui Sheng and Gu Shangdu know that Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo are the same as Han Xiumo in this cloud, and their attitude towards Yunmingyuan is also very respectful.
Yunmingyuan is satisfied with their attitude.
Han Xiumo was relieved to have several reliable people around him to help him deal with the problem.
By the time Suisheng and Gu Shang reacted, Yunmingyuan had disappeared.
Both of them are still not very clear about how Yunmingyuan did it.
But they didn’t think much.
However, there are some expectations. "I don’t know if the master will become a prefecture-level alchemist after promotion."
Sui Sheng didn’t have any friends in Zongmen, but Gu Shang still had a few close friends in Zongmen. When he knew that he was a new arrival or a registered brother of the Yuan infant elders, he was laughed at.
But if they become local alchemists, their future identity will rise with them.
When Gu Shang said this, Sui Sheng also heard it
He smiled. "Dreams are still possible."
Although Han Xiumo seems to be very normal no matter what he does, Gu Shang said that the local alchemist is still a bit whimsical
Gu Shang also regrets a smell speech and didn’t say much.
Sui Sheng said there was nothing wrong with the prefecture-level alchemist during the OBE period …
Even if Han Xiumo doesn’t know how to become a Zongmen elder, it’s not so easy to become a prefecture-level alchemist.
He shook his head and drove all these unrealistic ideas out of his mind.
Han Xiumo won’t come back these days. They just make an alchemy and watch Yunmo Mountain by the way.
Yunmingyuan returned to Tianxiao Sect.
He is now a minor celebrity in Tianxiao Sect. Almost no one doesn’t know that when he was in Du Jie, Uncle Su was about to succeed in refining and the local multiplier was destroyed.
This also led to every time he went to the refining room, people he met would give him a kind smile and say, "Go to work for Uncle Su again."
Uncle Su is notoriously difficult to serve in the sky, and it is only when he works as a handyman that he becomes a Sect daily.
Most new brothers will be sent to work for Uncle Su.
If there is no new brother, other brothers will take turns drawing lots to work.
And now this tricky job has been taken over by Yunmingyuan, and others sympathize with Yunmingyuan, but at the same time there is no schadenfreude.
I’m kidding. Who did this job? Who knows, okay?
Anyway, they don’t want to be contaminated at all.
Yunmingyuan also said nothing.
Chapter 559 Lian Xian Yun Ling
But he never thought that Yun Mingyuan’s novel was true.
Moreover, Xianyun’s refining is not in appearance. The key point turned out to be Yunmingyuan’s fingernail-sized thing.
This is what Sioux City didn’t expect.
It is no wonder that no matter how they study it, they can’t copy it, even the low-grade fairy cloud can’t get it out.
I really want to say that Tian Xiao’s master refiner is the most powerful refiner in the world, but even all of them can’t add up to get Xianyun out successfully
This time he looked at YunMingYuan mood is not somewhat complicated.
If this thing is really a younger brother who just had an out-of-body experience … No fairy cloud made it out when Yunmingyuan was still a baby.
Doesn’t this also mean that they are not even as good as Yunmingyuan when they were young?
And this time Xiaoxin and Bai Rui also suddenly realized what.
It was a long process to make a fairy cloud order in Xianyunzong, but it seems that they also refined the shell of the fairy cloud order during their participation. No wonder they can always make things with similar shapes, but they are not real fairy clouds.
It turned out that something was missing.
I just don’t know how that big slap thing was made.
Notice the three people’s eyes YunMingYuan very generously handed them the chip for them to study at will.