"Are you sure this thing has it!" Buzz said with a spear that is very light in weight.
"ok! However, the temple information says that a lot of quarrelling is needed. You! You! And you! Pour the grudge into this spear for me. Come on! Bick blade master don’t stay up, "said Bishop Ron, lighting a few knights on the wall with his fingers.
When these knights looked at each other, they crustily skin of head and reached out to pour quarrelling into the javelin, but when their hands touched the javelin, their faces changed from the original Kenai to the horror. Because the quarrelling was controlled by them, they rushed into the spear involuntarily. They opened their mouths and wanted to shout, but they couldn’t.
Bishop Ron also found it wrong to let other knights push them, but when they joined hands, they couldn’t push them. Bishop Ron was green with remorse when he looked at their painful expressions, but his horse thought of other ways to find several knights again to pour quarrelling into spears.
Although several other knights were very scared when they looked at their companions’ pain, Bishop Ron ordered them to put quarrelling into the spear, but this method saved the lives of those knights. With others joining the spear to swallow quarrelling, the speed slowed down obviously. Bishop Ron saw that the knights’ faces were relieved and found more soldiers to help them pour quarrelling.
When Bick blade master was shot with silvery white blood, the black spear had turned into a pale purple, and in the corner lay a dozen quarrelsome soldiers who were almost exhausted. They all leaned against the wall and watched Buzz aim at the efreet who was roaring with victory with his spear.
Bass took the spear with purple light and tried to suck the air, because he found that his quarrelling became very sticky after entering the spear, as if he had entered a very thick sweet sauce, and the spear was getting heavier and heavier. He ran hard and then threw the spear with purple light and rushed out of his hands instantly.
Ll: They saw a purple flash across, and then a huge hole appeared in efreet’s head, and then a huge dust mass of more than a dozen doors appeared on the ground one kilometer away. Bassna came to throw the spearman and kept shaking, and a little red blood dripped from his fingers.
"This power is terrible!" Ll gawk at Barto efreet and the gradually scattered smoke with an incredible expression. There appeared a huge hole nearly ten meters wide with a thin toothpick in the center.
"Long live!" "efreet is dead!" The wall suddenly raised a cheer, and several efreet, who had just walked halfway, saw the leader’s horse running back twice as fast as before. Soon, in efreet, he led a large group of demons and more than half of the skeleton soldiers to retreat to stay in front of the wall, and some skeleton soldiers stopped him.
When the last skeleton warrior was beaten to ashes by the guardian, Chen Kai finally convinced themselves that they had repelled the demon’s first attack. For a while, they won the victory. The huge body of efreet was brought in by everyone from outside the city and decomposed into advanced spell materials, but the spear that made great contributions was damaged. When Bishop Ron ran into the wild with a large team to pick up the spear, it looked very strong. When Bishop Ron’s fingers touched it, it turned into a little golden metal powder.
"The priesthood alchemy is really unreliable!" Bishop Ron said with a black face, but he didn’t pick up nothing, and he took back a few pieces of white spar, although the spar was full of cracks, it was still intact.
"hurry up! Hurry up and reinforce the old city wall! " Bick blade master screamed at the top of his lungs where he was bandaged, shouting that although he was injured, he could still wear the Nome paladin’s body covered with plaster, while Buck blade master was the only one who could walk with his neck on his back, leaving him with a slight burn and a few broken ribs. Bick blade master.
"aldo priest that little girl? Can the halo array still be opened? " Bick blade master took the hand of the great priest aldo and asked.
"Not good! After all, that girl is a trainee. It’s a miracle that she can last for an afternoon. Now her brother is with her. I hope there is no fighting in the afternoon! Otherwise … Hey! " Aldo priest shook his head and said.
"Ah! What about Bishop Norma now? " Bick blade master sighed and asked.
"Not good! The traitor kept hitting the archbishop’s vital points and smashed the bishop’s heart into pieces. If it wasn’t for the archbishop, it would have fallen on the spot, "said Reverend aldo, gnashing his teeth."
"Damn it, is the archbishop still saved?" Bick blade master said angrily, but when he saw the reverend aldo shaking his head gently, he asked in vain, "So how did the glorious temple say that that bastard stayed in the temple for nearly twenty years and didn’t find anything beforehand?"
"Don’t say goodbye to the efficiency of the glorious temple. It’s not that you don’t know that they can’t figure out what’s going on now?" Aldo priest said angrily.
"Damn it, the spellcasters have recovered their magic like noon. Can they join the battle?" Bick blade master finally asked a question.
"Well! However, the pavilion should have a high attack effect on those monsters with magical powers, and this time, the highest mage who came to the first rank also has a mentor rank. You can’t expect them to do much damage to those efreet! " Reverend aldo sighed and said, then he gave a priest ceremony and left.
"I really don’t know how long I can last?" Bick blade master sighed and said, "Hey, what are you idiots doing? Don’t hurry up and carry the arrows for me! "
Several soy sauce players passing by were scolded by Bike blade master and immediately ran away. They didn’t dare to offend and get hurt. The whole fortress in Bike blade master soon became extremely busy. Except for the constant carrying of things, the soldiers were most tired of the earth element wizards and magicians. These earth element spellcasters kept repairing the damaged wall and constantly thickening and strengthening it.
At this time, hundreds of kilometers away from the north of North Pass, a huge golden dragon was flying fast in the sky, and its long dragon horn was broken from it. If Chen Kai saw this Huang Jinlong, he might be able to say his name Amway Fierke! Holy Huang Jinlong and sitting on the dragon’s back is very clear. Once Chen Kai’s mentor was the shining star St. Charles Lapston.
"Fick, you have nothing to do with the dragon horn!" Charles stroked the dragon’s neck and said to it
"It’s all right! But Charles, why are you in such a hurry to get to Medobo? I thought you would stay in the holy mountain for a while, "said Amway Fierke, the dragon, spitting out very standard human language."
"I think I might meet our old friends there!" Charles stroked a long and narrow scar on his face and said that the scar completely destroyed Charles’ original handsome face. "I think you must meet that friend who broke your dragon horn very much!" "
"Hum! You are not the same! " The dragon spit out a flame in its nasal cavity, and then accelerated its flight, drawing a huge golden streamer in the sky, and the heavy roar resounded throughout the north.
The first volume Chapter seventy-one North offensive and defensive warfare ()
In Medobo, although most of the city was destroyed, the castellan’s mansion was still intact. A tall black figure was sitting in the castellan’s seat. He was holding a broken dragon horn in his hand. A terrible face was even more gloomy in the sunshine, but he didn’t see a trace of popularity. Half of it was pale like a zombie face, and the other half was burning with red flames in the black of bones. But he didn’t see his painful expression.
"Park Jung Su! You did a good job, but it was too early to be exposed, "said the shadow sitting in the position to the kneeling person."
"master! I’m sorry, but I can’t stand the unpleasant smell of the temple any longer, and I’ve heard that it won’t be long before more than a dozen strong people in the sanctuary will come to the North Pass to support me, so I launched a campaign to get rid of Bishop Norma, but I didn’t expect that it would still fall short in the end. "Knight Park Jung Su, a traitor to the glorious temple, knelt on the ground and hung his head.
"no! I didn’t expect efreet, who was stuffed with dung in his head, to do anything. Ankeqiaolov, the bloody flame, that idiot rushed to the wall alone. I really don’t know how it came about that efreet nobleman. "Sitting on the throne of the duke, the shadow mercilessly grabbed a seat and bit his teeth and said.
"That’s right! Park Jung Su found out what weapon the idiot who killed the blood flame was. There is nothing I feel like a strange smell! " Shadow continue to ask the Park Jung Su.
"I’m sorry, master, I didn’t see the weapon and I can’t name it, but I heard that the demon detective said that the weapon disintegrated itself when it was taken back by the other side. I guess it should be produced by the priesthood alchemy, which can produce such a powerful but disposable waste system." Park Jung Su hung his head and replied lightly
"Really? So that’s it. Well, ok! " The shadow sat there and nodded. Suddenly, the flame in his face rose to reveal the broken skull. "Ha ha! You’re here after all, Anatolia. Your opponent is here. Remember that little Amway Fierke guy? I hope this time its dragon horn is strong enough, "said the shadow heart to a huge figure on the edge, but in exchange, it was softly muttering that the huge figure turned around and continued to lie on the ground and fall asleep."
"Charles Lapston don’t know if you remember your old friend Andrew Hogg? I think I will give you a surprise, but not now, "Andrew Hogg said softly. He held on to the dragon horn as if to pinch it off."
"Good Park Jung Su you go! Let those fools efreet go to the North Pass to contain me. We need to get out of here quickly. It won’t be long before we will definitely come back again. Then you can get new strength to retaliate against the people you want. "Andrew Hogg said softly. He slowly put the dragon horn in his sitting position and slowly walked out of the duke’s house.
Knight Park Jung Su looked at the dragon horn of the chair and swallowed gently. The golden dragon horn is a rare treasure there. Unfortunately, it is doomed that he and the dragon horn are bound together. Because a huge dragon head is looking at the dragon horn angrily by the chair, Park Jung Su can see that the dragon head has a huge wound in his eye. Suddenly, Park Jung Su found that the temperature in the air was a little higher. He saw a flame slowly condensing in the dragon’s mouth. Seeing this situation, what would happen in Park Jung Su? He escaped from the duke’s mansion, and a series of black flames were ejected from the windows of the duke’s mansion behind him.
"See the Anatolia is still very concerned about the head wound! All right! Park Jung Su, you’d better hurry up and organize an army! Pick some guys who are loyal to me and leave the rest to those stupid efreet! And remember, the demon door is taken away for me! " Andrew Hogg said slowly, clutching his weapon, and then made a whistle behind him. A huge helldragon rushed out of the burning ruins. Andrew jumped directly to the back of the dragon and said to Park Jung Su, "I’ll wait for you at Du Kejing’s place. Come here quickly! If you are late, you will give it to someone else. The master doesn’t like others to be late! Let’s go! Anatolia, it’s not time for you to take revenge. Let that little guy live a little longer. "
Park Jung Su watched Andrew Hogg fly away quickly on helldragon, and secretly vowed that one day he, Park Jung Su Bale, would become a strong man at the top of the world, and everyone would crawl on his feet. After repeated several times, Park Jung Su quickly folded his hands and ran into the forest to tear down the demon gate built there and move it away.
When the hot sun shines on the North Mountain at noon, Chen Kaizheng and Buzz are working together to pull a bed crossbow to the top of the mountain crossbow table. Although the bed crossbow has nothing to do with efreet, it is still a bit less to deal with the ground skeleton and miscellaneous demons, especially many high-ranking wizards. Drawing defensive magic lines and arrays almost exhausted their magic, otherwise the whole afternoon would not be so miserable by those bones. It would be easier to defend with less fire support from Arihoshi.
Chen Kai managed to climb to the highest defense tower with a crossbow. He was tired. He felt more tired than training in the temple all day. Suddenly, he saw a golden light spot moving rapidly in the northern sky. "What is that? Is there a UFO or other flying thing in the game? " Ll strange thinking that he turned to ask bath suddenly found that bath also looked up at the north.
"dang! Bang! Hey! " The lookout also saw the golden spot of the northern sky, and when he approached the North Pass quickly, he sounded the alarm decisively. The bell rang loudly and violently, and some people who wanted to sleep were awakened by the sun. As a result, everyone quickly rushed to the wall and found that there was no trace of bones and demons in the west root. When everyone was ready to curse the bell and ring the lookout, a fierce wind suddenly swept the whole fortress.