Dwyane Wade-If you want to ask fans what they like to watch, it is of course that scoring Wade broke the scoring record of the Heat in a single season, and he has become the fifth player who has scored less than 2 points, 5 assists and 15 steals in a single season.
Chris Paul-Apart from scoring goals, fans like to watch those elegant players. Paul is an mvp candidate-this guy has provoked the whole team all by himself in a season. His performance should be comparable to LeBron and Kobe, but in the eyes of experts, he is still out of the game.
The fifth national humiliation is obviously more popular with fans than the panda brother and the fox brother, but if the fans really vote, the twin brothers may never get the mvp.
There is no doubt in the eyes of experts of the sixth century that mvp has won the history of rebounding king and blocking king in the season only four times. Don’t forget that he can also score 2+ points per game at the same time, but he didn’t rank in the top five in the fan selection.
The major awards of the season will be announced on the 1 ST, because the playoffs will be officially exhibited on the 19 th, and the awards will be given in the second round of the playoffs.
On April 17th, before the league announced the results of the major awards, they first announced the playoffs against the table playoffs, and stopped making the 232 playoff system. All playoff departments adopted the 22111 playoff system, including the division finals and finals. The Los Angeles Clippers played against the Western Youth Guards-Oklahoma Thunder is said to be the most suspense round of playoff in the east and west.
April 2nd Los Angeles Clippers vs Oklahoma Thunder-Staples Arena pm213
April 22nd Los Angeles Clippers vs Oklahoma Thunder-Staples Arena pm22
April 25th Los Angeles Clippers vs Oklahoma Thunder-Ford Center Arena pm23
April 27th Los Angeles Clippers vs Oklahoma Thunder-Ford Center Arena pm21
April 3rd Los Angeles Clippers vs Oklahoma Thunder-Staples Arena pm213
May 2nd Los Angeles Clippers vs Oklahoma Thunder-Ford Center Arena pm23
May 4th Los Angeles Clippers vs Oklahoma Thunder-Staples Arena pm21
Before the mvp of the regular season was released, the Clippers and the Asian media brothers repeatedly made a fuss about their personal data and the record of the Clippers’ team. They knew that these two were the most qualified players to compete for mvp this season. Others are now shouting that fans and white-dominated media are fanning the flames in an attempt to provoke those who are favorable for voting not to vote for China people.
Ji Guo was ashamed. Hehe smiled. He just played a game of ss with Chinese name, and two consecutive sets were kicked out just after they were matched. Later, foid was not kicked even though his record was the last.
"I want to see if they really don’t push their faces!" Fox thinks he has no chance, but he thinks the dead panda should win the mvp award, but the nature of white discrimination against China people is there, and he doesn’t know if he will really fail to win the award until the result comes out.
Ji Guoqiu contributed 213 points, 14 rebounds, 61 assists, 39 blocked shots and 3 mistakes in one regular game this season. His shooting percentage was 54.4%, his shooting percentage was 43.3% and his shooting percentage from free throws was 91.4%.
Ji Guoshi has contributed 251 points, 99 rebounds, 29 assists, 25 blocked shots and 26 mistakes in 79 regular games this season. His shooting percentage is 59%, his shooting percentage from three-pointers is 429% and his shooting percentage from free throws is 911%.
It’s worth noting that Ji Guoqiu won nine triple doubles this season, another super triple doubles Ji Guoshame won a 6+ two-person competition, personal data or team record. No player can beat them in both aspects at the same time this season, and they finally ranked seventh and seventh in espn player rankings.
The Los Angeles Times also knows that it is unrealistic for Kobe Bryant to win the mvp this season, so he licks and kneels the Clippers. Recently, Dadan seems to have hypnotized himself and succeeded in sucking up to the two brothers. That is a sign that he has changed his job from Komi to animal honey. This is a naked traitor to Lakers fans.
Da Dan wrote in his column that James, Ji Guoqiu and Ji Guoshame are the three most popular players in the regular season mvp. These three players are the best players in the league today. However, by comparison, Ji Guoqiu is better in personal data and team record. Although James is more favored by the league and the media, it is unlikely that the cute panda will not win the mvp after having the two advantages of team record and personal data.
According to personal statistics, James averaged 26 points, 76 rebounds and 73 assists per game, and Ji Guoqiu averaged 214 points, 14 rebounds, 61 assists and 39 blocked shots. Rebounds and blocked shots were better than James, and assists and scores were not as good. Ji Guo’s shame averaged 251 points, 99 rebounds, 29 assists and 25 blocked shots, which was inferior to his brother and James.
Ji Guoqiu scored 3 points with 4+ times in three seasons and 2+ times in four seasons. In addition, Ji Guoqiu also won up to 9 triple doubles in the league season, which is more advantageous than others. Ji Guo’s shame scored a maximum of 64 points in a single game in the season, and another time scored 5+5 times to reach 4+; James scored more than 5+ 3 times and 4+ 5 times. He scored 7 triple doubles in the season.
Comparing the comprehensive data of the three people, in the personal statistical competition, James and Ji Guoqiu are not divided into high discipline and national humiliation, followed by others.
From the team record, the animal brothers led the Clippers to get the best regular season record in 22 years; James led the Cavaliers with 63 wins and 19 losses, ranking second in the league. Kobe led the Lakers with 56 wins and 26 losses, ranking sixth in the league, while Wade led the Heat with only 41 wins and 41 losses, ranking fifth in the East.
In comparison, besides the animal brothers, the three-man teammate Clippers also has the top sixth person like Billups, the finals mvp Crawford; In addition to Kobe Bryant, the Lakers also have super defensive lines like Gasol, Byron Davis, Odom, such star players and Tai Sen Chandler after the big deal; The Cavaliers also have Elton Brandemo Williams and West outside James.
Obviously, the animal brothers and Kobe Bryant’s teammates are better, but the Lakers’ record is not as good as that of the Clippers and Cavaliers Kobe Bryant, who was the first to declare elimination; Six wins by the animal brothers are worthy of this array. They are the first in the league and have created the best record in 22 years. The heat’s record makes Wade compete with these people in this link; James’ teammate is the worst among these people except Wade, but their record is not as good as that of the Clippers. Comprehensive analysis shows that Ji Guoqiu won this link.
Who is the mvp of the regular season? Now I’m back to this question, but after a series of analysis, the answer to this question is already coming to the fore. If there is no accident, the giant panda will definitely take this year’s award.
John Hollinger, chief data analyst of espn, also wrote today that Ji Guoqiu will not only win the mvp award, but also break an nba record set by "Flying Man" Jordan 21 years ago and become the highest player efficiency index in history.
This is the highest per efficiency of a player in a single season since the nba implemented the "personal error statistics" rule in the 1973-1974 season, which was created by Michael Jordan in the 19719 season.
This is the efficiency value of Wilt Chamberlain in the 196162 season. Oscar Robertson scored 3 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists in that season, and averaged triple-doubles per game. Unfortunately, statistics such as "mistakes", "blocks", "steals" and "hit rate" were not implemented at that time. It was an era when statistics were scarce, and it was difficult for us to correctly evaluate Chamberlain and "big". They could not participate in the current ranking.
Nowadays, these players have caught up with a good era. Although Ji Guoqiu scored 21 points, his rebounds, assists, blocked shots, steals and other data have a stable bonus to the efficiency value. He can give him a greater advantage in this data selection. In addition, his shooting, free throws and three-point shooting rate have also made great progress, and the number of mistakes is very small. These are all options that affect the efficiency value. These are all undisciplined in ancient times. Guo Qiu will not be left behind because of his low score.
This season, Ji Guoqiu’s efficiency reached the top 3,196, which overwhelmed Ji Guoshame (366), Devon Wade (355) and Chris Paul (36), and his biggest rival James, the mvp, was not as good as his little emperor’s efficiency of 3,145.
Da Dan finally believes that Brother Panda has surpassed Jordan in some way this season, and with his personal data and team record, mvp will naturally not spend it elsewhere.
Chapter four hundred and seventy-three A bumper harvest
At the end of each season, the attribution of many individual awards affects the hearts of fans, especially the mvp in the regular season competes for the giant panda and gorilla, and the little fox also takes the opportunity to kick his feet and grab the quiet mvp, which has become a place for these three people to relax, so as to save the fans from being nervous and blackening their hearts everywhere. On the evening of the 17th, the Star League specially selected several other "MVPs" of the season for everyone to see what other attractive people are in addition to the three animal leagues …
The most explosive player, Stephen Jackson
Speaking of the hottest players in the league, fans may think that Artest and Rasheed Wallace have left nba Wells, but in fact, the most explosive person this season is not their Warriors leader Jackson. After being sent off for two technical fouls in the crazy game against the Suns (the two teams scored 24 points together), he has become the league’s technical foul king this season and has maintained this glorious title until the end of the season.
Rashid Wallace has been out of action for many times due to injury this season, and Fox has also turned from evil to good. Neither of them has caught up with Jackson this season.
Speaking of the Warriors’ diplomatic difficulties this season, it happened that Jackson and old Nelson were better. Both of them were explosive barrels. In that game, Jackson made two technical mistakes. Old Nelson was also sent to the stands after 11 seconds. How else to say that Ellis and old Nelson didn’t deal with it? He had to learn from the boss Jackson and eat more technical mistakes. Maybe old Nelson wouldn’t want to block anyone easily …
The most vulnerable player Greg Oden
Minimally invasive surgery on the knee is almost fatal to a lineman, but with Stoudemire’s successful precedent (retinal detachment+minimally invasive surgery), it seems that the "player killer" in the theory is not so terrible, so Auden the Great bravely accepted the operation and recovered for a year like Stoudemire. Unexpectedly, after returning, he became the most outstanding representative of many glass people in the season league.
Just after the season, Auden lay in bed with a recurrence of knee injury and played well for half a season. Less than half a season, he took another truce before the start of the game. This break was the result of the second half of the season. At this time, Auden the Great averaged not too many rebounds per game. How can such a champion not remind people of the famous Kwame Brown?
It is said that Auden watched the game against the Cavaliers and was slapped by his teammates, but he was still alive and kicking. James couldn’t help complaining to his teammates that everyone was a gorilla face. Why should he be better than me? It’s not fair! This is simply unfair!
The funniest mascot rocket bear
Every team in the nba has its own mascot, which usually comes from the team name or local rare animals. Whenever the game is suspended, the mascot will come out to perform in the center of the venue. These guys perform a lot of tricks, including super-difficult fancy dunks (of course, with spring cushions to help jump), balls and other cool moves, funny dances, fans and hostile players, and so on. The cheerleading performance with beautiful women greatly enriches the atmosphere between matches and entertains the audience.
Among the league’s 22 mascots, Rocket Bear is one of the best. This season, he flirted with cheerleaders, played bunny, pretended to be Santa Claus, boxed Duncan, molested referees, especially when the Lakers ran to the bench in the losing streak at the beginning of the season and held up beala cards, which led to being beaten by angry Lakers players, and even attacked Cuban with cakes against Mavericks. This guy can win this award.
Best film actor Anderson Vallejo
If you are tall enough or bounce well enough in the nba, you can block your opponent; If you are fast enough, you can steal your opponent; If you are strong enough, you can let the opponent shoot; But what if you have no advantage at all? That’s easy. You can perform diving in the game and make opponents commit offensive fouls. The most famous performer in nba history belongs to Divac, and among the active players, Cavaliers Vallejo is ashamed to be the best actor. Although Scola has the nickname of the best actor, he is still inferior to Vallejo in acting.
The Cavaliers’ season record has made great progress. Vallejo has made great contributions in defense. Although he is insignificant in statistics, he can fall down at the touch of his hair in defense, which can make him fall into the performance trap of Vallejo. Compared with Scola, Battier and others, Vallejo is full of motivation. He can fight, impact and perform anytime and anywhere if he wants to be present. In March, against the Bucks, his performance provoked the eyebrow warrior Villanueva to be furious, slapping Vallejo, locking his throat and kicking James with a big Z foot. Finally,
Nash, the most accurate shooting player, tied with Ji Guoshame.
No matter how beautiful your dunk is and how sharp your breakthrough is, you have to go back to the simplest and most difficult shooting in order to win the game. So who is the most accurate shooter this season?
We can’t just look at the number of goals, but we must look at the three indicators: shooting percentage, shooting percentage of free throws and shooting percentage of three-pointers. Of course, your shots should not be too low. For the time being, set the average number of two-pointer shots per game to ten times, and at the same time, the number of three-pointer shots per game should reach two times, so that those guys who eat and drink together can be ruled out.
As a result, the most accurate shooting players in the season are of course only three 1-club Canadian teammates Ji Guoshi and Nash.
First of all, Nash Feng can be said to be the most accurate defender in the league today. The sum of the three hit rates of three points, two points, free throws, archery on horseback and difficult shooting can be a "horror" in 132 seasons.
Ji Guo shame This is another abnormal shooting guy. Although his career is relatively short compared with Nash Fox’s younger brother, it does not hinder his shooting accuracy from making a name in history. His super hand running position and super fast shooting speed are more difficult to shoot than the other three scorers. The sum of the three shooting percentages in his career is 111 in 134 seasons.
The most intimidating player, the home referee of the Cavaliers.
It’s hard to imagine that a player will be blown in the last second of the game. Does three-second violation sound incredible? Don’t make a fuss, but this strange situation happened in the match between the Cavaliers and the Magic in the fast loan arena. After the game, Magic coach Van Gundy said that he had never seen such a shameless penalty in all these years.
It is estimated that Van Gundy forgot who this place was at that time, and it is natural that people can retreat when they want to. Unless your name is Kobe or you find evidence that Stern gave them control of the game …
The most expensive player Gilbert arenas
There is such a man who can take away 20 thousand without playing a game
Well, if Arenas isn’t the most expensive player this season, there’s really no one more expensive than him. Like Arenas, he sat openly next to the coach and watched the game and laughed. He just didn’t eat hot pot, but Mr. 20 thousand also had a prodigy who squandered money …