Ji Guo is ashamed, but the giant panda is smiling in his heart. He is not like a good man who makes Ji Guo ashamed. He is a famous good man in the nba.
James fell to the ground in pain to see that the gorilla should not be pretending. Although sometimes he can perform a skill, now this painful expression should not be pretending that the gorilla is not so good at acting.
This guy hasn’t been hurt since he entered the league, like an iron-clad gorilla. I didn’t expect that today was finally unlucky. At this moment, the brown bread has already been scared and even the tactical board has been thrown to the ground. James, if anything happens to him today, the knight can simply surrender without fighting.
The Cavaliers are now hanging their hearts in the middle. Fortunately, after a while, James limped to the sidelines with the help of the team doctor.
The black-faced package is a little relieved that if the player can walk after being injured, there is a great chance that it is not particularly serious, but it is best to walk by himself.
James came to the sidelines to see if he could reply. If he can’t walk without help for a while, the chance of serious injury will be even smaller. If it weren’t for serious injury, even if it is reimbursed for the little emperor this season, the so-called minor injury will not affect the athlete’s athletic ability. This is the most important thing.
There is no suspense in the team’s victory or defeat. Now it is better for James to quit because of injury. He has really tried his best. Even if Jordan comes to the peak, the Cavaliers will not be any better than him.
The game was suspended for a few minutes, and the winners of Clippers fans applauded James on the court to show their grace, but if they were behind now, Clippers Staples fans would definitely not be as graceful as they are now. Of course, they would still applaud, but they would add, "Gorilla, go home and eat bananas."
The game resumed. Old Deng Liwei changed to two brothers. The Clippers are now more than two points ahead. Now that James has gone, they don’t need to send the animal brothers to the field. When James left injured, the final score was 2: 0. The Clippers are now close to their third O’ Brien trophy.
In the fourth quarter, the Clippers sent a substitute to play, and the offensive and defensive strength slipped. When two teams came, they made continuous mistakes. Once the game became ugly, it didn’t matter if they played ugly. The Cavaliers didn’t score points. The Clippers didn’t care about old Deng Liwei as a young player.
After this season, how many Clippers will leave Old Deng Liwei in the summer is not certain. He knows that when honor is no longer the first goal of players, what everyone pursues will no longer be consistent. Old Deng Liwei doesn’t want to keep some players who are different from his own goals. It’s time to stop some players, and there are still a few players who are eager for honor. It is necessary for every dynasty team to make a link, otherwise you can refer to the old Spurs.
In the 1990s, except for the core Jordan and Pippen, other players in the Bulls’ two dynasties didn’t know how many times they changed crops, which is the same reason that the human body would more innovative itself once every few months. The clippers should also change their blood in this way to continue their competitiveness and not turn themselves into a stagnant pool.
However, when it comes to the exchange of blood, you can’t wait until the summer draft. As early as May 1, the lottery for the next season has been completed. As expected, the Clippers won the first round of the third pick and the second round of the third pick. Both draft rounds are the last choice.
The East New Jersey Nets are different. Emma Roberts, the nominal owner of the most famous basketball team in the league this season, was lucky. Her giant panda won the second place, which was better than the third place.
John Wall is the best naa player in this year’s "Crazy March". He is proud of the University of Kentucky, and he has similar physical strength to his brother Derrick Cross. He is considered to be not inferior to Derrick Cross, a super rookie, but he was born in poverty. This also shows that he has no tattoo. Now the draft market is that unless he gets the top spot, there are core point guards like Chris Paul and Williams on the team, John Wall will almost lock in the top spot.
The Washington Wizards have just gone through the Arenas pothole tour. Now this team has been completely torn down and rebuilt. They will definitely choose the John Wall Nets. There should be no hope unless John Wall can follow the example of Kobe Bryant’s death and not marry the Nets. If the Nets pay some price, it is possible to get the Wizards’ top draft through trading.
To be honest, the Nets are also making efforts in this regard. Ji Guoqiu is the boss behind the team. At present, the Nets manager Billy King will not listen to him. The Nets are now actively negotiating with the Wizards to sign the top prize. They can pay Harris and their second place in Billy King’s eyes. It is good to get Nash at no cost, but it is better if John Wall can be traded. He has his own judgment and work style.
Ji Guoqiu naturally knows that his team is in luck now, but he respects his manager very much, just as he does with cat and fox entertainment and cat and fox technology management. Since you have invited others to manage it, you should naturally give him a certain degree of trust and respect.
Besides, if Billy Kim can really get the top prize, he will be a competent and capable team manager. Ji Guoqiu will praise the family instead, and he will not become angry because the other side has destroyed his plan to seduce Nash.
The Nets’ first choice now is to sign with the top pick of the trading wizards. If this plan doesn’t work, then they are going to choose an excellent line or winger.
There are many young players on the rookie line this year, such as Derek Voss, DeMarcus Cousins and Greg Monroe.
However, since Ji Guoqiu doesn’t want to play the center position any more, Derek Voss, who is 26 meters tall, was first ruled out, and it is difficult for him to win the center position, then the Nets can actually make a choice between DeMarcus Cousins and Greg Monroe.
Finally, if you choose, it depends on whether these two line players can show more potential than Brooke Lopez during the trial, otherwise they will give up choosing line players and choose a swingman.
This year, there are also many typical swing players. Evan Turner and Wesley Johnson are the first choice for the Nets. Paul George is the third choice for the Nets management because of his lack of athletic ability and height.
Billy King is inclined to choose Evan Turner at present. His performance in college can be said to be 2 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists in his junior year. Since Oscar Robertson completed the record in 1996, he is also a good star, and he is very strong in his junior year, which is very suitable for matching Brother Panda.
However, Ji Guoqiu knew that Evan Turner and Wesley Johnson were the same as Michael Beasley in previous years. When they were in college, they could do anything, but when they arrived in the nba, they became nothing. Paul George, the least promising of the three potential swingers, played in the nba instead.
The two brothers’ minds have long been away from this game. The substitutes of the two teams played blindly on the spot for a whole quarter, and the final score was 2 points. The Clippers easily took the lead of 2: 0.
LeBron James finally walked out of the player’s lane without help from others. Although his steps were a little unnatural, the Emperor fans were relieved.
In this way, James’ injury should not be too serious. Even if he doesn’t play in the next two playoff games, it is said that in the hearts of the fans of the little emperor, what James has to do now is to keep himself healthy and wait until he finds the right helper in the summer to avenge his death.
After the game, the media all wanted to know LeBron James’ injury, but they also knew that it was impossible. After the game, James did not attend the post-game press conference and went directly to the hospital for examination. Even Brown Bread doesn’t know what the little emperor’s injury is now.
After the brown bread game, he said, "Today’s game is very bad. LeBron’s injury is even more influential than our 2-0 backwardness. We can’t lose him, especially in the environment of the total score of 2, but what can we do now to pray to the emperor that LeBron’s injury is not serious?"
The Clippers are not so worried that James’ life or death will have little impact on them. Although it will be easier to deal with the knights without gorillas, can’t they beat them with gorillas in the knights?
Ji Guo was a little confused about his score after the shame game because he scored 19 rebounds today, which doesn’t look good. It seems that it is difficult to snatch mvp.
"My brother and I have been slipping since the Western Conference finals, because most of the time we need to play three games, it is difficult for you to get 3+1 data in three quarters, but if one game is still like this, I don’t think I will have any dissatisfaction. If I want personal data, I think I will achieve this wish next season."
Ji Guo’s words of shame always make his opponent feel uncomfortable. Look at him saying these words. The Cleveland media don’t know where to scold him at the moment. There are too many points in this passage. This man seems to have to be beaten all over and he doesn’t even know where to start.
Old Deng Liwei refused to talk about the sweeping topic. The coach, who was on the verge of winning the third championship ring, looked refreshed after the game and his face was as white as wax.
"It’s disrespectful to sweep the Cavaliers now. I think they are very tenacious. The speed of attack and defense is very fast, especially when the attack is away. We still have to play the spirit in the playoffs. 3: Leading, although there is no turnaround, 2: There are many turnaround cases. We don’t want to be such a team."
Ji Guoqiu said, "I hope James’s injury is not serious. He is an admirable warrior, especially when the team is behind. We regret that he is injured. If he is not in the finals, there will be many wonderful scenes missing."
After the second game of the finals, even if James’s injury is not serious, there are not many people who still believe that the Cavaliers can win the championship at this time.
It can be said that in this situation, it is a miracle for a knight to be swept away.
Clippers fans are now more concerned about signing next season. Barnes, Garcia and Afraro’s contracts have all expired, and they have to leave Brother Panda. It’s not easy for them to work this summer. Now it’s good news for the Clippers. There is a new boss. Their new boss, Ballmer, is different from the former Sterling. He doesn’t care about paying luxury taxes. Clippers fans are not worried that the team will sink because of the boss’s stingy.
Chapter six hundred and fifty-five Death buckle in the finals
Charles Buckley commented after the game, "It may be inappropriate to say this now, but many people have never found out that LeBron James is also one of the chief culprits of the Cavaliers who always lose in the finals. He does everything for the team and then falls into a physical shortage in the second half of the game and does everything. This is the reason why the Spurs and Pistons won in the past. Many times, these teams hope that James will do everything like this. Behind the data is the hidden danger of his lack of physical fitness at the key moment."
The big butt explains why James always loses the pot at the end of the game. This can’t really blame the gorilla LeBron James for having one of the best physical talents in the whole nba history, but even so, he managed to remain energetic after playing for four minutes.
Every time the Cavaliers meet a strong opponent in the game, it is to watch James play personally, but if we expect him to reach the end of the game alone, the little emperor will definitely have no strength to continue to dive and get it. It can be a mistake again and again, so fans will see James always break through the ball at the end of the fourth quarter to attack.
Secondly, the Cavaliers’ weak bench really doesn’t deserve to play in the finals. The Cleveland bench can help the team count the players, so two people, Navarro, jj hickson and Big Z, and one of them is scrapped. None of them can compete with the Clippers Crawford.
"I support James leaving the Cavaliers because Cleveland has never thought about winning the championship. It is even more frustrating that the management of this team is unable to transport a championship team. It can be said that a team like the Cavaliers will never win the championship unless they are lucky enough to win three or four champions in a row."
Charles Buckley’s words actually made James fans feel the same way. Now they really hope that James can leave the Cavaliers and shoot that bullshit advertisement if he stays here forever.
Now everyone is not optimistic about the Cavaliers. In this environment, the Clippers will rest in Los Angeles for a day. On June 5 th, the team will take a private jet to Cleveland to prepare for the third game of the finals.
After the Clippers 2-0, the betting group completely closed the defending champion and swept the championship bet, especially after the Cavaliers announced that James would miss the third game on the day of the game. There is no suspense in the ownership of this year’s championship. Can Xiao Mo and Brand be expected to beat the Clippers?
Cleveland media can also play the slogan "Fight for Honor" before the game. The real meaning is actually "lose and lose well", which is much more normal.
James, who participated in the finals for the second time, was almost besieged by Clippers defense in the first two games. He played his due fighting capacity in other ways, while the animal brothers played well in the Cavaliers defense line. Plus Billups played the Clippers stably and grasped the home court advantage without blowing off dust. The Double Kill Cavaliers won the 2 nd lead in the finals.
Ji Guoshi’s pre-match press conference boasted that "we are now unbeaten in the West and have no rivals"
The fox is a little arrogant, but the Clippers are only half a step away from winning the third championship trophy in the team’s history, because now they are one step away from the trophy.
It is much more difficult for the Cavaliers, and this game is even more unusual. Once they win, they will completely go into a desperate situation, and in a certain sense, they will lose the whole finals, because in the history of nba, no team has ever been able to win the finals after falling behind 3 in a series, and there is never such a precedent.
At this moment of life and death, LeBron James, the core of them, sat on the bench in the third game. The only hope of the Cavaliers was gone. Today, they can send Mo Williams, Juan Navarro, Anthony Parker, Elton Brand and Anderson Vallejo without the little emperor.
It’s hard for the Cavaliers to say that they can’t even make it to the playoffs. Once there is no James, few players will be able to take it out. Many Cavaliers fans have the urge to turn off their cameras at the moment they see the starting list.
At this moment, I might as well recall that it’s unscientific that they can still play in the finals with this crap array!