The sword that fell to the ground flashed a golden light and swept directly at the blue-haired girl.
My Lord, the blue-haired girl looks frightened and won’t dodge.
Hum a shape and strong spirit suddenly wrapped around the long sword, which forced the golden light to cross an arc and insert it on a desktop.
Before listening to a loud bang, the ten thousand-year-old ironwood refining table suddenly cracked and sawdust splashed, which shows that the big brother just now really wanted to kill the blue-haired girl.
This gentleman still has to stop, and a figure is now on the side of the restaurant manager.
Who’s who’s who’s in the dark hand? Big Brother looks somberly and looks around coldly.
This gentleman, the manager, hurried to the front
What are you? A brother of King Blade pointed to the manager of the restaurant and snorted coldly. Didn’t you see that you damaged the weapon of my big brother? Do you know what weapon this is? You can’t afford to accompany me if I sell your restaurant.
It’s already the owner of Zunjing restaurant. When he saw the long sword, he sensed the breath and looked a little pale.
I’m really sorry about this gentleman. I’m sorry that the restaurant owner turned his head and glanced at the slave girls in the restaurant angrily, saying, "Who made fun of the guests and provoked this disaster?"
The blue-haired girl was swept away by the eyes of the restaurant owner, and she was very frightened. She knew that the restaurant owner was powerful and cruel.
In front of her hometown, this boss is like a demon king. Now he is comparable and dominates their hometown. In that star world, he is embraced by this restaurant owner.
Yes, she is the blue dream slave girl. A young man on the right pointed to the blue-haired girl. She just came from the kitchen to alarm the big brother. Damn it.
It was her restaurant owner who glanced at the blue-haired girl coldly and quickly turned around and looked at the four young people. These gentlemen smiled apologetically. Now she is all yours. Besides, I apologize for all this.
Your mother, you can’t afford to pay these little money to the old man. Go away. The big brother pushed the restaurant owner’s eyes and swept every guest around. Who just stepped in and how dare the hero save the United States? Now I have no guts to admit it. Come here for the old man.
People who want to enter the Holy Spirit City are absolutely safe. Even a generation of kings dare not kill people in the Holy Spirit City. This is a special person who can enter the Holy Spirit City.
Of course, a slave girl like a blue-haired girl is an alternative kind of goods, and it has no place in this holy city. That big brother would dare to be so reckless.
Who kind of roll for us? Four young people swept over everyone and became more and more arrogant.
What are you yelling about? You’re barking like a fucking dog. Listen, the old upset and indifferent voice suddenly sounds.
Four young people suddenly looked.
Talking is sitting behind a leisurely and calm young man with a dragon horse and black hair.
The restaurant was quiet.
This look is also arrogant and quieter than the average person.
Who are you and what do you want? The four young people carefully examined Meng Fei and speculated on his background.
Meng Fei is too lazy to know what the background of these people is. No matter how big your background is, I will leave this holy city and return to the Terran. When the Terran is your master, the Blade King, I can also kill him.
Ha, ha, ha, brother Meng, I just said, look at this little beauty. You still don’t admit that Oscar next to you laughs and laughs at the four young people. Just take it away.
I didn’t look at this blue-haired girl, even the blue dream family. Meng Fei smiled indifferently and looked at the restaurant owner. Make a price and give me your star world.
The four young people were even more annoyed when they talked to each other without looking at themselves.
Then when he heard Meng Fei’s words, the restaurant owner found it difficult to respect the enemy in general, but he had to be careful in this holy spirit city where fish and dragons are mixed.
Can’t you see this is the second-order hallows?
I can’t see that there are four bodyguards behind me on the other side, and it’s even more scary to be a dragon and a horse.
Neither side is easy to mess with.
I said, brother, Oscar took a look at those four young people, and he had to dispute with a slave girl in the astral world, and he was not afraid of losing the price of your master Blade King.
Who are you? The big brother looked at Oscar but frowned and hid some fear.
Oscar, the peerless genius of the sacred ox clan, casually touched the silver horn on his head and said, if it’s nothing, let’s go.
Fight the holy cow clan four young people eyebrows a wrinkly slightly turned to look at Meng Fei way haven’t told us your identity Chapter one hundred and nineteen A human.
It’s just a human being. Meng Fei waved his hand and listened to the swish.
A white light and a golden light fly around, and this scene makes the restaurant owner feel a cold sweat. What is the origin of this guy? How many people are scared to death by two hallows?
A group of guests in the restaurant have their eyes shining. For them, the Holy Spirit City is an extraordinary tourist destination. They come here to travel without money, but they can’t buy real estate here.
I didn’t expect this trip to the Holy Spirit City to be an eye-opener.
The pupils of the two hallows and the four young people were all severely shrunk. When they looked at them at a glance, they were as good as their master elder brothers.
Mudma, these two guys are getting worse and worse. The holy cow clan is a group of crazy people. After being chased by them, the master paid a great price to quell the other party’s anger. This human hand is two sacred pieces. What is this position? Is it a Chinese family?
When the four brothers of Blade King arrived, they simply left without saying a word, even without turning their heads.
In a short time disappeared in the line of sight.
Damn it, Brother Meng, where are you from? How did you get two sacred objects? This is scary. Oscar’s eyes are shining and staring at the two sacred objects in the middle. His eyes are hot. This time, it’s still the same. It’s hard to get such a weapon from them.