Li Yueling took the jade pupil Jane from Jiang Shishi, and first put it into the cold-fighting ring. I always felt that something was wrong, but I couldn’t figure out where it was. Sister Shishi, you gave me this jade pupil Jane and told me directly what you were going to do. Isn’t it all the same?
It’s not the same. You’ll know what it is when you know the jade pupil clearly. Now don’t ask so many questions, okay? Jiang Shishi slowly got up and turned his back on Li Yueling and whispered
Knowing that Jiang Shishi’s mind has been made up, Li Yueling nai shook his head and said, Sister Shishi, are you leaving now? No, it’s all right for me to send you away. I don’t know what it is. From the moment I heard Jiang Shishi leaving, Li Yueling felt a sour and uncomfortable feeling in my heart. I didn’t know it when I spoke.
You don’t have to remember what your sister told you. Don’t expose your true identity in front of people. Don’t let people know that you win the cold ring. Your secret sister is gone. Jiang Shishi’s voice fell, and the beautiful moonlight is the only thing that suddenly disappeared. Her body exudes and her fragrance can still inspire Daniel lee, who is standing on the hill. A moment ago, her zombie sister was still with her.
In Li Yueling’s view, Jiang’s poems suddenly left Li Yueling depressed for several days. Although there was nothing to talk about when Jiang’s poems left where will you go, Li Yueling found that he had given birth to an indescribable attachment to this taciturn zombie sister. At one time, he lost his heart all day long, and the sense of loss was so strong that it was gradually dissipated after Jin Wenyu forced Li Yueling to have a good time with this youthful beauty.
Li Yueling’s bedroom in Jin Jiazhuang Garden has never been to the back of the mountain to absorb the moon since Jiang Shishi left. On the contrary, in Li Yueling’s view, it is really limited that he can absorb the moon unless he can absorb the sacred moon like back. Otherwise, it won’t be too big for his current self-cultivation. In fact, the main reason is that Jiang Shishi has been separated from Li Yueling, who has been living alone in the back of the mountain. Even Li Yueling has not noticed this or is unwilling to think about it.
A usual after pranayama, Li Yueling took the piece of Chiang Kai-shek’s poem and gave it to himself when he left. Hold it in the palm of his hand and try it again. Maybe he will succeed. When Li Yueling thought of this jade slip, Jiang Kai-shek’s poem was separated from the reason, he immediately concentrated his knowledge and tried to clarify the jade slip.
After a moment, Li Yueling dispersed and condensed God’s knowledge, but she vomited a sigh and secretly said, Still no, it’s just a little bit short. It seems that it’s a good way to get a glimpse of it if you don’t wait until you’ve finished your promotion.
Good jade pupil Jane Li Yueling caught a glimpse of wearing it in the hand to win the cold. When you turn around, you have grown so much that you should be able to get those treasures from the ring that you can see before but can’t get them.
Li Yueling couldn’t help but feel excited at the thought of so many strange magic weapons in the cold-fighting ring.
Chapter 45 The mystery of winning the cold 2
Wow, I didn’t expect the gods to peek at the things in the ring. It felt like I was in the ring myself. It was such a surprise that Li Yueling put the gods into the ring to win the cold. This feeling is so strange.
It’s a mess. Li Yueling deeply regrets that she bought more than N things and stuffed them into the ring. Today, the ring is almost half full. Before Li Yueling saw it, but she couldn’t get it. Those treasures were all submerged in the ocean of debris.
Oh,no. Have I bought so many clothes? Oh, my God, a big box of swimming trunks made me soak in the water all day, and I couldn’t wear enough. I accidentally caught a glimpse of a pile of half-height designer clothes and a big box of fancy swimming trunks. Li Yueling suddenly felt in distress. I can’t believe that these were bought at the time of crazy shopping.
What should I do now? The babies are all piled up in it. Maybe I have to get all these things. Li Yueling became worried and suddenly had a flash of light. It was an idea. Isn’t it just a little messy?
With the operation of Li Yueling’s divine knowledge, all the sundries piled up together moved in the cold-fighting ring according to his idea.
This is just a clothes storage room, where all kinds of containers for cigarettes, alcohol and cigarettes are specially placed. Why do you even have bathtubs here? It took Li Yueling a long time to finally sort out all kinds of repurchased things.
After the completion of the work, Li Yueling finally got the ring clean. She felt a sense of accomplishment. She looked at the well-organized andao and finally went to get those treasures.
Li Yueling’s bedroom is about 40 square meters, which is very spacious. At the moment, it is extremely crowded and full of all kinds of strange things.
Pile up quickly. Li Yueling is tall, full of gold sand, the size of a millstone, blue strange rocks with different colors of iron bars, and there are countless strange objects.
What makes Li Yueling depressed is that although he has taken many things from the former method, none of those magic weapons that he likes best can be taken.
Looking at all kinds of things piled up in the bedroom, Li Yueling sighed and said, these things should be the materials that Sister Shi has used to fix the truth, but it doesn’t seem that she has any knowledge of herself, and even the jade pupil Jane can’t do it. However, it’s just a joke for her to fix the truth. What about so many materials?
Forget it, forget it, just think of it as nothing to do and have a clean-up. On the contrary, I can’t escape. Let’s talk about it when I go to repair it. Li Yueling’s lotte character has sent a team to figure this out, and I immediately comforted him.
However, when Li Yueling was picking up the materials for the bedroom mixer, he was caught by something with a strange shape. It was a round bead the size of a pigeon and the color of scarlet, which flashed in its faint visible light. At first glance, it was a ruby.
At this time, Li Yueling has returned all the miscellaneous materials to the cold-fighting ring, but picked up this bead and didn’t get up.
Suddenly, Li Yueling felt that the palm of his hand holding the bead was cold, and he felt strange thoughts in his heart because of this feeling. Is this bead alive or alive?
Since I won the cold war, Li Yueling’s ability to accept those incredible things has been greatly strengthened, and it is not too surprising at the moment
I looked at the pearl in my hand over and over for several times, but there was nothing else to find. Even the wonderful feeling just now never happened again. Suddenly, Li Yueling thought, should this pearl not be an egg? Weird ideas flashed in my mind, which made Li Yueling feel funny and his imagination was too rich.
No matter what, people think so. Think of it as an egg when they are stupid. Li Yueling shrugged his shoulders evenly and continued his whimsy. Since it is an egg, it is not necessary to let me sit down.
Li Yueling shook his head derisively, and then he gave birth to another thought, trying to do something wrong.
Li Yueling’s sensitive senses told him that the egg had moved when Li Yueling urged the heavenly forces to pour into it.
This has greatly aroused Li Yueling’s enthusiasm. When the force of heaven and earth was continuously input into it, one minute passed, and Li Yueling felt that the breath of life was getting stronger and stronger from the egg, and the less he had, the less he had spent almost seven days.
I can’t do this anymore, but I can’t use up my old skills. Although I am very curious, Li Yueling is not bold enough to satisfy my curiosity and put myself in danger.
When going to strike, Li Yueling suddenly found himself unable to control the force of heaven. Now the situation is not that he has actively input the force of heaven into the egg, but that the egg is actively absorbing the force of heaven.
This unexpected situation can shock Li Yueling into a cold sweat and urge him to be tempted. He definitely wants to capture the crazy discharge, but Heaven Yuanli never thought that he would try his best to be in the slightest place. Heaven Yuanli is still like a dam bursting its banks.
Li Yueling realized that if she went on like this, she might really be sucked into adulthood. In her heart, she made a determined effort and simply refused to do it in vain. It was actually a force to urge the rest of the body to be sent to the egg. Mom, you have to suck it, right? I always let you suck enough.
But the smell of bam was crisp, and the greedy egg was broken in Li Yueling’s killing madness. At the same time, Li Yueling finally got rid of the fate of being sucked dry, and almost collapsed because of the huge loss of physical strength.
Is really tired, Li Yueling a head lying on the bed mouth panting heart previously thrilling and deeply shocked.
Lying in bed, Li Yueling recovered a little. Suddenly, she heard a strange call, and her heart suddenly tightened and her eyes brightened. Is it that the egg really hatched something?
Chapter 46 Little Beast Gollum
Before Li Yueling sat up to look at it, I felt a flash of purple light in front of my eyes, but I felt a wet itchy feeling spread on my forehead and accompanied by this feeling, and I kept purring, just like a hungry belly.
Is this what hatched in that egg? Li Yueling looked at her forehead with her eyes wide open and kept licking her little beast.
It’s really small, but it’s only because it’s about the size of half a palm of Li Yueling’s hand. It’s covered with a purple-gold beautiful fur, with four claws and ears as long as a rabbit’s. Although it looks more like a sarcoma, two round red eyes don’t stare at Li Yueling for an instant. From time to time, its not-so-short tongue licks on Li Yueling’s face.
Li Yueling woke up from the surprise and slowly turned over from the bed. He wanted to pick up the little beast on his forehead. I didn’t think that the little beast was surprisingly clever and suddenly jumped, but it was transferred to Li Yueling’s shoulder. Li Yueling’s eyes were fast and he saw a flash of purple light, but even the body shape of the little beast failed to see through.
Now Li Yueling can’t help but feel a strange feeling in his heart. I can’t believe that he has done a hen hatching once. In a sense, this strange elf beast is half a child. There are so many strange things in the cold ring. Not only can an egg hatch successfully, but the more interesting it is. Li Yueling turned his head and looked at the little beast on his left shoulder. He came to my palm and said that he stretched out his hand and spread it flat, regardless of whether the newborn beast could understand him.
Gollum, the little beast was like really understanding Li Yueling’s speech, and he whizzed up to Li Yueling’s hand and even put his feet forward and made a funny gesture. His little head wobbled from side to side and Li Yueling looked at him.
You can understand me. Li Yueling said, in his opinion, after all, it was an egg hatched in the cold-fighting ring. This little thing must be something simple, maybe it is a descendant of a spirit beast.
Li Yueling’s idea is right. This little beast is not a spirit beast, but a monster beast. In fact, this beast is an extinct monster beast. The monster beast is also known as the changeable monster beast in the fix world. The origin of this nickname is based on the talent of the monster beast. The monster beast is not only faster than the flying sword, but also has the ability to change thousands of things. Of course, this ability is determined according to the strength of the monster beast. The stronger the strength, the stronger its ability to change, and the more flaws it will have after the change.
In fact, the word "demon" in the name of the Phantom Monster is not evil by nature, but because the Phantom Monster is full of wisdom and fun by nature, and always loves its ability to change things.