The beat heart growled at that sea.
"Early report the latest situation of giant meteorites …"
"Audience friends, what does this meteorite portend? Is it a new attack method of barbarians? ……………”
"The leaders of the five countries and the main members of the families in the Qi State are heading to Qinghai …"
"Is this meteorite let so many strange things happen around the world? Experts continue to study. "
"It is specially reported that Shan Yu, the head of the Khan family in Dongqu country, caught cold last night and is now trying to rescue him."
Wu Yan and Xiao Wu Zhe don’t know where the Wu family has been, and there is also the Wu family’s big husband, Wu Huapai. They are all prosperous as if something happy had happened.
"We were so lucky that we wanted to create an accident for that little guy. I didn’t expect even God to help us now."
Wu Ran angry pushed his big son "you want to die don’t take me, ok? Can these words be said here? Be quiet for me. "
"Hey, hey, I’m not excited. Wu Yan’s power horse will be occupied by our faction. Dad, go find the black ring and it will fall near the bottom of the sea sometime."
"And you said I would have sent someone to find it."
Wujia, Luku City, Central Qi Guoyang, Central Province
Wu Yan returned to his home early. There was another person in the secret room who was also very depressed. He was Wu Ran’s grandfather Wu Nan.
Wu Nan’s legs are inconvenient to walk in a wheelchair. Like Wu Yan and Wu Ran, he is full of blue hair and small eyes. Now he is in such a state of illness.
I don’t know what Wu Nan did to break the purple circle. Wu Yan took the ring and cried to his knees. "Father’s love is dead. Let’s give you this black ring back. Xiaozhe must not leave the Wu family."
Wu Nan stretched himself and rubbed his eyes, trying to wipe away his quick tears.
"You can keep it until Xiaozhe grows up."
Wu Yan heard that Wu Nan was no longer silent and knelt down to "father"
It took a few seconds for Wu Nan to sigh. "It’s just that you get up. Xiaozhe can’t leave the Wu family, but he must be called Wu Zhe from an early age. Xiao Ran named him."
"Thank you, Father"
Who doesn’t feel bad about being a father when he sees his favorite child like this?
Throw a handkerchief to Wu Yan to wipe off the blood from his forehead. Wu Nan thought about it and said, "You don’t know where to send Xiaozhe, so give him to Wanhua."
"But Wan Hua he he"
"You don’t blame Wan Hua? I think he is in a worse mood than you. He personally ordered the missile launch. He is a great man. You have a good in-law. "
Wu Yan nodded and lamented, "Blame that Lv Boqing’s father Wan Hua resigned yesterday, but Lv Boqing didn’t promise to finally send him to Tianmen Provincial Submarine Prison. That’s a fierce thing to give Xiaozhe to him."
"Even Lu Boqing is not willing to give up Shen Wanhua’s chess game. Can’t you trust his ability?"
Wu Yan nodded and made a decision, but suddenly he thought of something to worry about. "Maybe it’s because I’m afraid that the family will know."
"You must hide it from Xiaoshu."
in ten years
The five countries have not changed much, but the barbarians have become more and more cruel. In recent years, the five countries have been at a disadvantage.
Zhongqi Guoyang Zhongsheng Shenchi Urban Area Bolang County Research Center
Ten years ago, a foreign substance was in the bottom of the meteorite research center, which was as high as 100 meters. Maybe it was a long time. The meteorite was very quiet. It was like an ordinary big stone lying quietly in the water, occasionally protruding a few small bubbles.
According to the research and analysis of scientists, this meteorite is actually a compressed continent, and the original continent area is not smaller than Jianqi continent.
As soon as the meteorite leaves the sea, it will exhaust all the substances around it.
With the most powerful brains in the five countries, Wei Han said that he should make good use of this meteorite and turn it into a magical virtual game, so that Chinese people can enter this compressed continent to explore the culture inside.
Everyone thinks that Wei Han is a fantasy, but the national leaders believe in Wei Han.
Perhaps the five countries have been at a disadvantage in the struggle against barbarians in recent years, or the chances of finding a powerful achievement method in the mainland are too small. When Wei Han came up with this idea, the five countries strongly supported it and allocated huge sums of money to the research center the next day.
This is the moment when the reputation method completes the experiment.
Akahara Submarine Prison in Zuotelin City, Tianmen Province, Central Qiguo