Even I was startled by Uncle De.
Uncle De laughed but said, "Sit down and talk."
The woman stayed for a while and then sat down.
"Vocabulary" The woman said, "My date of birth is …"
"No need" Uncle De interrupted her before she finished. "I don’t need your birthday word"
The vocabulary is stunned. "Don’t want a birthday word?"
"There are so many people in this world who are born at the same time, in the same month and on the same day!" Uncle De said, "Are all fates the same? The four-column character is not inaccurate, but inaccurate. As an assistant, we can’t dominate. We are fortune tellers. Are you all here? Are we all in front of each other in terms of shape, sound, taste, line and character? In this case, we must go further and further? "
Wait for a while doesn’t know much about the vocabulary. Uncle De said, "I realize that your fate can be judged more accurately by your face, sound, smell and behavior than by your birthday, okay?"
"I see," the vocabulary nodded. "You haven’t explained what I mean by dying?"
"Because you just wanted to commit suicide," Uncle De said. "It’s a loss to be dull and vain. The palace is pale and pale, but it’s a killing color. You look like this, stop and go, look around and look around, and you don’t know where you are going. This is not suicide. What are you trying to do?"
Tears poured out and stopped doing it.
"Hey, this is …"
Wang Guihua and Shao Wei came back from a distance with their dogs. As soon as Wang Guihua saw the crying vocabulary, he started yelling. I quickly stopped him by gesticulating.
Shao Wei approached me and asked in a low voice, "Is there one?"
"Well," I nodded. "The first one."
Shao Wei stopped talking and looked at the vocabulary
Gui-hua wang is a butt sitting on his ears ready to listen.
I looked at Shao Wei and Wang Guihua, and I quickly said, "You are not afraid that these two are with us."
The vocabulary then asked Uncle De, "Can Master see what difficulties I have?"
"What’s so hard about this?" Uncle De said, "Your treacherous door is dark and black, and the same shape and different lines on the left and right fishtails are different."
Words don’t understand "what do you mean?"
"Sometimes in life, there must be a life. Don’t force it." Uncle De said, "Laoyan is a heterogeneous flying together, but it is inevitable that you and your strange bedfellows will be happy together."
The vocabulary stayed for a moment and suddenly got up and left Mazar-e-Mazar’s knees and suddenly kowtowed like garlic and cried, "Lao shifu, help me, help me!" I can’t be happy! "
The first chapter past karma pay off this life
Uncle De was caught off guard, and we were all startled. No one expected that the vocabulary would suddenly react so much.
Uncle De hurriedly helped her up before saying, "Get up! What are you doing? If passers-by see it, why don’t you come around and watch the fun? If you have something to say, I will help you if I can help you. "
The vocabulary just got up, but when it just got up, the local dog behind Shao Wei suddenly jumped up and looked very strange towards the vocabulary, that is, "Ow"!
Seeing the dog, it jumped, barked and cursed in surprise and shouted, "Go! Go! Don’t come over, it’s really dirty! "
The local dog had to come forward and was put down by Wang Guihua and scolded, "Be honest!"
The local dog didn’t move and the vocabulary settled down.
Shao Wei and I looked at each other and realized something in our hearts. Uncle De’s look at the vocabulary was also meaningful.
See vocabulary to sit back and say, "The old master is a real person. Everything you said is true to this young master. It is also true to me that I had a nightmare last night and I want to die today. There is no other reason than my husband. My husband …"
Speaking of which, the vocabulary choked up and said no.
Gui-hua wang urgent way "your husband zha? Dead? "
Shao Wei stared at him before he shut up and cried for a while, but suddenly turned up his left arm sleeve and then turned over his right arm sleeve with his left hand to show his meat.
Our arms stretched out side by side, and we were all shocked!
Because that arm is covered with scars!
Scratches, knife edges, smoke scars, bruises ….. from dense to black and blue, red and purple, it’s hard to look straight!
"This is all people playing?" Wang Guihua’s eyes widened. "Who is so shameless and cruel to women?"
"It’s not just that." The vocabulary put the sleeves away and said sadly, "I have more scars on my legs and back than here, but I can’t show them to the master. He scratched me, pinched my razor, cut cigarette butts and burned them. It was more direct punching and kicking …"
"You tell me who did it!" Wang Guihua jumped up with indignation and said angrily, "You lead me and I will kill him!"
"Stop yelling," I pulled Wang Guihua to say, "It was her husband."
"Ah?" Wang Guihua was dumbfounded.
Uncle De has just made it very clear that the vocabulary is different from that of her husband, which is strange bedfellows.
Vocabulary: What is it that wants to die? Isn’t it because my husband beat and scolded me that I can’t stand it?
The vocabulary says, "My husband did it. He did it all."
Gui-hua wang surprised way "what? Why did he hit his wife so hard? Has he lost his mind? "
The vocabulary says, "He is a normal person, who is normal to everyone, who is like an enemy to me. He is suspicious of me every day. He suspects that I have done something sorry. If he suspects something, he will defend me. He will also try to beat me to death when he sees me talking to others! He never believes me! He also told people everywhere that I had something to do with someone in private, and all the neighbors knew that when they met, they all pointed at me, and even my parents-in-law gave me a dirty look. "
"What do you mean by suspecting that you are sorry for him?" Wang Guihua said, "What’s the matter with you in private?"
I rolled my eyes and said, "I just suspect that she is having an affair with another man."
Wang Guihua added, "What do you mean by having an affair?"
"It’s just intimacy!"
"Oh," Wang Guihua finally suddenly realized and nodded, "adultery! Take the thief, take the stolen goods, catch the rape and catch the double. Did your husband catch it? "
I looked at Wang Guihua in disbelief. He didn’t even know what "having an affair" meant, but he knew "adultery" and said "catching a woman and catching a pair" with experience. What did he really teach him to learn from Taikoo real people?
The vocabulary says, "I don’t have him at all. I just doubt him!" "
"That man is sick," said Wang Guihua. "Why are you still following him?"
I couldn’t stand him for a long time. I wanted a divorce. He wouldn’t let me run back to my mother’s house. He came to the door and beat me not only, but also my parents. My parents are all elderly and childless. My daughter couldn’t stand my husband’s ordeal. Later, I didn’t even dare to go home.
"The reverse! Reverse! " Gui-hua wang cried "the day! There is no law! Is anyone still in charge? Why don’t you sue the official! "
"Why didn’t I sue?" The vocabulary says, "But what if you sue? Anyway, beating my daughter-in-law can’t get the death penalty. I called the police and let the police arrest him. After ten days, I was released again. After I was released, I could be beaten harder by him. "
"Fuck his grandmother!" Wang Guihua thumped his chest and gasped, "You, you take me to your house and I’ll kill that king egg!"
"Didn’t you kill him to go to prison?"
The vocabulary cried and cried, "This is my own business. How can I bring others into trouble? Blare … I had a nightmare last night. In the nightmare, a young woman said that her name was Yuzhu and that I was her former enemy. I had hurt her for generations. This is debt repayment … "
Speaking of vocabulary, Uncle De and Shao Wei and I looked at each other and said in our hearts, "The bearer really is the one we are looking for!"
Look at this situation. More than 200 years ago, my mother-in-law Ji was suspicious.
Ji’s mother-in-law, Ji Xiucai, framed Yuzhu and was hated by Yuzhu. Before she died, Yuzhu cursed and cursed. Ji’s mother-in-law has been a woman for generations and has been wronged by her husband’s family for adultery. She has been beaten and scolded by her husband and in-laws for generations and reviled by the world for generations! It’s impossible to avenge the wrongs forever!
Nowadays, it seems that this vocabulary has really come true. Besides, the local dog just now behaved abnormally. It didn’t lose Ji Xiucai’s memory. It must have recognized the woman in front of her when she was still a person. Her mother-in-law didn’t recognize it and called it dirty.
It’s really embarrassing to think about it
Shao Wei, Uncle De and I both know whether the vocabulary is Ji Popo’s Wang Guihua or listening to the vocabulary crying.
Listening to the words and tears, I said, "I’m so scared after waking up. What did I do in my previous life to suffer like this?" If the dream is true, then my generation is not going to pass like this? Then it’s meaningless for me to live. I’ve been in a trance all day today and want to die … I didn’t dare to disturb him when he was playing cards at home in the afternoon, so I wanted to jump into the moat while it was dark! Blare … "
"Don’t cry!" Gui-hua wang anxious way "the most ugly people repeatedly attempt suicide I also look down on cowards! You are going to die. Why don’t you kill your husband before you die? "