In Gurdurr, Qiu Yuan was led through a narrow passage into their residence.
This is a residence built by an old craftsman. It looks a bit like an earthen castle, but it is made of concrete and is very strong.
But now Qiuyuan sees two intact earthen castles, and the rest Qiuyuan counts a little. Seven earthen castles were destroyed by meteorites, and almost all the ruins were left in broken walls.
This situation is true. It’s a little tragic …
After Gurdurr led Qiuyuan into their territory, one Gurdurr Qiuyuan continued to lead the way and the other two ran to tell other Gurdurr about the accidental injury.
Qiu Yuan leads the way. Then Gurdurr suddenly thought of something and shouted at Qiu Yuan for two times. Then he hurried to pull Qiu Yuan to walk in the crater.
Qiuyuan still had some doubts about what it was going to do, but it was only after the crater that Qiuyuan realized that Gurdurr wanted him to take away the meteorite.
In Gurdurr’s mind, Mid-Autumn Festival should have a way to take away this annoying stone.
If Qiu Yuan can’t do it, they may consider moving.
Without knowing it, Gurdurr wanted to move the meteorite, but before he got close, he was seriously injured by the energy emitted by the meteorite, and even Chalem could not help it.
The radiation energy brought by meteorites needs special chemical protection to be isolated. Although it is sold in shops, the price of millions of dollars is not affordable.
Chemical defense is to give people a chance to get close to meteorites, but to eliminate radiation energy, special meteorites are needed.
This thing is expensive, too. It’s a yellow prop. You have to buy points.
However, it is very cost-effective to buy a meteorite device compared with the value of a meteorite.
Life can’t approach the meteorite rashly, but Qiuyuan can make Xanadu grasp the meteorite and put it into the meteorite device, so that the meteorite device will slowly consume the radiation energy and finally reach the weak radiation level.
I found a meteorite before I left for a long time, and Qiu Yuan was still very happy.
Look at Gurdurr. They are obviously not interested in this meteorite full of resentment.
Even if they can, they want to smash this meteorite and vent their anger.
Let Qiu Yuan take away the meteorite, and there will be no problem.
Chanel can feel a repulsive force when she approaches the meteorite, but she can catch the meteorite after increasing the intensity of her mind.
The meteorite was grabbed by the mind and flew in the sky for a certain distance, and then it was put into the container by Chanel.
Qiu Yuan took the receiver and set it to eliminate radiation, and then took it back to the warehouse.
Without meteorites blocking Gurdurr, they can finally begin to reshape the earthen fort.
Although the old craftsmen were all injured by meteorites to varying degrees, the repair is relatively simple for Gurdurr.
In order to thank Gurdurr, they gave the meteorite to him, and Qiuyuan and Shanaiduo worked together to treat the old craftsmen and iron-clad people who were injured by the meteorite wave.
In the course of treatment, Qiuyuan met a lot of Charem, both females and males, but the strongest was that Qiuyuan met the blue-qualified king Charem at first.
Charem and the old builder form a family, which is easy to understand and is a humanoid egg group.
However, Qiu Yuan is still full of doubts about why the trainer Chalem will live with the old builders.
To tell the truth, he has long wanted to take these poké mon to the breeding house, but they have always insisted on living in the wild, and Qiuyuan can’t help it.
After seeing this Charem, the idea was even more suppressed.
Not to be taunted, the farmer, the quasi-king of three fists, Charem, can be a world war I if Chanel reaches the strength of the quasi-king.
Now, if Chanel is forced to teleport twice in a row, she will probably be hit by a k for the third time.
Qiu Yuan is curious. If this Chalem has a trainer, where is it?
If this Charem was released by the trainer, then why did his trainer choose to release him?
As far as Qiuyuan is concerned, Poké mon wouldn’t have done such a thing if he hadn’t volunteered to be released.
From the trainer’s point of view, there is no reason for a trainer to release such a powerful Charem.
Moreover, it seems that this nest of Chalem and Gurdurr are bred by this quasi-heavenly king Chalem and the old craftsman.
That is to say, in fact, Charem has been here for a long time.
I can’t figure it out. I can’t figure it out
Qiuyuan and Shanaiduo together, Gurdurr and the builders left some good medicine after treatment and chose to leave and continue to leave.
Gurdurr and the old builder are both very strong, and they can recover quickly with the autumn moon treatment and wound-leaving medicine.
It’s also a good thing that no porter was caught in a meteorite wave, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to hold on so long.
"What will be in this meteorite …"
Qiuyuan can’t help but secretly expect to carry something good in this meteorite while riding a mounted goat to move on.
If the meteorite is really a meteorite, Qiu Yuan can take it to exchange things with Dawu.
The value of a meteorite is definitely less than that of a non-blue polar water stone Qiuyuan, so we have to find two pieces.
Walking in circles in the forest, the sun slowly passed away and soon the sun was already rising.
After the dawn of the day, the light became enough, and Xanadu could fly a little higher to find the crater trail.
Because I have seen the crater in Gurdurr’s home, I can find it more accurately when Xanadu comes to look for it.
However, the second meteorite was not found in the crater, but a meteorite that landed in the lake in the forest was perceived through Chanel’s perception ability.
Because the lake blocked the meteorite fluctuation, it was not very obvious, but it was also a loss that Xanadu saw the lake Magikarp constantly leaping and seemed a little restless before landing and carefully sensing it.
This lake is not deep and shallow, but it was abruptly hit by meteorites.
Xanadu skillfully read the mind to catch the meteorite buried in the sand at the bottom of the lake, remove the meteorite water, and then put it into the meteorite device to eliminate the radiation energy.
Chou-won looked at the splashing water all over the lake, and Magikarp pinched it and thought about it.
Magikarp is so close to the meteorite that it won’t become a radiation fish, will it?
"Chanel brought that Magikarp to the shore to see one."