At noon, although thirteen people simply ate together, the four of them spontaneously made a table with chenchen, who was very accommodating.
"Without documents, there is a record of what you bother to do." chenchen explained to Yinger and Su Li and immediately looked to one side without blinking. Su Orange and Zuo Tangtang said some words, "You shouldn’t bring them, too?"
"Right?" Zuo Tangtang looked back at an orange with some doubts. "Isn’t it better to bring it?"
"It’s safer." chenchen nodded his head and said yes. "But these are not like ID cards and other necessary things. Do you need these after all?"
"But … I feel that, hey, hey, we seem to be too easy to recruit. No, no,no. I don’t mean to interview those conditions. It seems that we haven’t been screened." Zuo Tangtang hurriedly asked out his doubts. "Especially it’s too believable to know that our training is conducted alone and not with external recruiters for pre-job training."
"Yes, yes, yes." I quietly took out my mobile phone from the bottom of the table and read the doomsday novel. Su Li also looked up and was very sure. "My former internship unit is not so easy. It depends not only on so many hardware conditions, but also on the soft ability. Will S trust us too much?"
Chenchen, who has been familiar with girls for a long time, is staring at four girls. How can he learn to keep quiet like other supervisors?
"Are you really qualified to participate in that interview because you are recommended by the directors of the Ministry?" He asked mysteriously.
"That’s what my senior told me."
In this respect, Zuo Tangtang is nodding his head with Su Orange’s thigh.
"Do you think so? Where did you put your friends in the human resources department?" Chen Chenlang laughed. "At that time, they comprehensively evaluated you and worked overtime for two nights. I can still remember that I helped them buy snacks."
Hearing this, the four girls looked at each other without knowing anything.
"Well, the girls will be at ease! You will be reassured in the future, and your qualifications are absolutely sufficient. But now, you should have a good training. You can also regard this as an opportunity to improve yourself and relax yourself, because you will need to take exams later. "At last, chenchen looked around and said quietly and blinked." Let’s work hard! "
With these words, chenchen got up after dinner, and the four girls who had already finished eating also got up and prepared to go back to their rooms first.
Just as Zuo Tangtang walked forward thoughtfully with her mobile phone, she heard the familiar but unusually sensitive sound, and suddenly found that Su Orange didn’t follow her.
"chenchen, let me ask you something …"
Turn your back on Zuo Tangtang, who is about to go far, and look at the front, which has already gone to Ladder Yinger and Xu Li, and stop.
[457] Chapter four hundred and fifty Outside voice]
"Well, what is it?" No, chenchen didn’t seem mysterious like Su Orange. He was very frank and asked.
"… the sound is too loud!" Sue orange glanced at the corner in front of her and stared at Zuo Tangtang curiously. She hurriedly turned her back and took small steps.
Found that there was nothing unusual. Su Orange looked back at her eyes and looked straight higher than herself. She didn’t cooperate with chenchen’s black line at all. She was naturally invited to pull his arm. The simple guy was very surprised.
"Is that I asked the boy who was with you in the interview …"
Turn your back on your ears and spy on Zuo Tangtang, frowning. Su Orange is talking too little. She can hear some words here and still don’t know what to say.
"Ah ~" Listen to the white question. chenchen took one look at himself. It seems that Su Orange is very white. It is an epiphany and said, "You say so …"
I have to say that compared with Su Orange, Chen Chenyin is really magnanimous, making the front look like Zuo Tangtang habitually looking back.
At this time, I heard that the name seemed to be so concealed that I had to say it from chenchen’s mouth. Su Orange just saw Zuo Tangtang turn around and completely scared. Before I covered chenchen’s mouth, I was not only stunned. At this time, I already stared at him, full of koos, and chenchen was shocked to look back at Zuo Tangtang.
"I didn’t mean to!"
Although he is a good friend of his own, it is really impossible for Zuo Tangtang to look straight at him like catching an affair.
Like a gust of wind, Zuo Tangtang ran away with a small motor.
Afternoon training is on the right track.
However, it’s the first day, and most people don’t look like Zuo Tangtang Yinger. The four of them finished their training the day before, saying that it was dinner, so everyone would get together for dinner and then go back to the hotel to rest early.
From noon to now, Sue Orange has explained how many times by gesturing, half explaining and half saying-she really didn’t look at chenchen, but Zuo Tangtang’s "I know you don’t say I understand" almost made Sue Orange want to be angry and pulled up a batting practice expression, which directly made her full of frustration.
This left pig doesn’t know who she did this!
Looking at one side and eating happily, Zuo Tangtang Su Orange thought indignantly.