At this time, how much Ye Zhang hopes to have a super-large range of high-killing skills. Unfortunately, his skills department is shield-type, and Rapier can attack the single Grenade impact long before there are still more than three minutes to cool down.
When Ye Zhang saw that the number of living people reached 13, he knew that he was going to fail, but he had not given up yet. At this time, Anubis suddenly a soul curse microbial erosion hit the center of the group of human NPC.
The number of people alive dropped to 21, and the failure sign also appeared in the Ye Zhang news column.
Ye Zhang completely broke away.
When he was beheaded by a Rapier in Anubis, a backstab arrived behind Anubis, and the holy light was desperately put to work, but all of it was lost.
But Ye Zhang can’t consider other things at this time. At this time, something strange happened.
Ye Zhang found out that all his skills departments were hacked. This is …
"I was silenced?"
Ye Zhang’s heart was shocked, and he glanced at his attribute column. In the column of personality, the rage disappeared and appeared in this place, but his personality was completely different.
The God of World War II will never suffer any damage. If he is attacked, he will do 1% damage according to his highest damage skill. If he strikes back, he will hit hard and attack twice.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-six Kill a god of death
Ye Zhang knew his enemy.
The multi-player attack department hit Zhang Ye’s body in the controlled state, but when all the attack departments hit Ye Zhang, several huge Rapier swords were issued from Zhang Ye’s body at the same time.
There was no suspense and no unstoppable way. Four people were killed by Ye Zhang’s counterattack department, and the only one of these people did not fall, but the death Anubis was not much better.
His percentage of life hit skills is so awesome that Ye Zhang will release a damage of 20,000 Rapier to attack it every second.
Only when Ye Zhang lost the control effect of rage and epidemic did he understand how Vulcan gatling and Poseidon felt when facing this super BOSS.
Ye Zhang’s attack speed and movement speed have been reduced by 9%, and there is an ability to reduce the negative effect of death arrival by 55% because of fear in the status bar.
But Ye Zhang doesn’t care. The more his attributes decrease, the more frequent the passive effect of divine blessing will be triggered. At this time, Ye Zhang clearly saw that the blood volume of Anubis, the god of death, will drop slowly every second, and it has reached 94%.
Ye Zhang stubbornly doesn’t attack there now. Anyway, if he doesn’t attack, he will stick to Anubis. Wherever the other party goes, he will follow him. Anyway, every second, Rapier counterattacks and consumes the other party.
Anubis must be depressed at this time. He has been attacking the Ye Zhang shield for less than an hour, and his percentage of life damage is inherently passive.
As time goes by, the moon moves and the stars move. I don’t know how many times Takuya has cooled the sacred blessing of Ye Zhang. Anubis’s blood volume has dropped to 27%
He’s dying. Ye Zhang swore to himself that he would be killed.
You know, since Ye Zhang entered the glitz, no one has failed, and this old thing dares to break the tone elsewhere.
At this time, the flashy workshop is also a boiling scene.
An old man who looks very wise is sitting in a chair with several engineers beside him. They are also staring at the screen to broadcast the’ 94 Ye Zhang one-on-one hit live? ? ? Level death video
In the left corner of the monitoring screen, a warning message pops up from time to time. This is a detection plug-in engine. Obviously, a player has crossed more than one level to challenge the flashy ultimate BOSS, which has been classified into the blacklist by the flashy system.
"This is not bad, I am optimistic about him!"
The old man sitting in the chair showed a quite satisfied look, and he didn’t know whether he could challenge the death whirlwind or whether he was manipulating the whirlwind Ye Zhang now.
At this time, others talked about it before the old man set the tone, and most of them expressed their sincere appreciation.
Because they do all the flashy procedures, they naturally know most of the difficulty, and although the arrival of death is a level 13, they can get the odd, but the actual difficulty is as high as level 2, and even if it is level 2, there is a 70% chance that Anubis will die.
But there was still a programmer in the crowd who looked rather ugly. He gradually stepped back and left the workshop, then took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.
"Hey, it’s me!"
The man said with a pile of mobile phones, and there was no sound at the other end after answering the phone
"Small whirlwind thing I ability big BOSS is very bullish on him, after all …"
He suddenly stopped talking, and then his face was full of sweat. He knew that the man on the other side of the microphone didn’t like listening to nonsense. He wanted to say that the master planner had spent a lot of effort to make this game, and what he wanted most was a player who could pass all his tests. It was like a father and a child.
"Is there any way to replace him?"
There came a very old and steady voice at the other end, which sounded resolutely and without any verbal avoidance. He didn’t seem to be asking a question, but he seemed to be ordering.
Programmers wiped a sweat and then carefully tunnel
"Just changed the planning. If you move again at this time, it will have a great influence on the Ministry …"