Don’t 5 Rockets players in blue also called out Poké mon-Golem came into Aaron’s eyes, which Golem Aaron saw twice and naturally recognized.
"Give me this guy!" Aaron said mantis with giant pliers blocked Golem.
"It’s lobular, isn’t it?" Aaron said. The man across the street didn’t answer directly. One finger of Golem rushed to Aaron’s giant pliers. Mantis didn’t even speak. Aaron thought it was because he was afraid that he would recognize her from the sound.
Don’t be naughty, Xiao Yi played against the elite members of the Rockets-Machamp Xiaoyong Duckbill Fire Dragon against a big sparrow, Ah Hao, Gengar against a fire-breathing dragon, Akang Armored Tyrannosaurus rex against Abilene.
"Why don’t you talk? You can’t beat me if you don’t make a serious order," Aaron said. "The giant pliers mantis used the rainbow cannon!" Aaron ordered
Golem rushed to the giant tongs mantis, and the giant tongs mantis flew up, and then two silvery white rays were emitted from the two tongs, which hit Golem and exploded.
Opposite, the elite members of the Rockets wore gloves, clenched their fists and still didn’t talk.
"The giant pliers mantis makes a flash of light and adds alloy claws to attack!" Aaron ordered
Flying mantis quickly rushed to Golem, Golem, and turned into a ball. It rolled on its own and rushed to the giant pliers mantis. At the moment when it was about to touch Golem, it suddenly accelerated and flashed to the side of Golem, making a continuous attack with alloy claws! Golem’s rolling was interrupted, and he was knocked to the ground and suffered great damage, panting violently.
"How lobular you are not ready to make? If you go like this again, Golem will fall, "Aaron said.
The man opposite still didn’t talk, took Golem back and then walked directly to the venue. Aaron didn’t chase him, but Ma was going to help Officer Jenny and others.
Aaron just wanted to see Xiaoye and called Cassidy. He gave him a Poké Ball and pointed to himself …
"The kid touched me again. Our young lady asked me to take care of you!" Cassidy said savagely.
Hearing that Amador said that it was Miss Aaron was even more certain that she was Xiaoye.
Aaron took back the giant pliers mantis. Although the giant pliers mantis was not badly hurt, Lobular Poké mon was not easy to win against Golem because Lobular didn’t make the Cassidy dialect command worse. Aaron thought it should be better than not making it.
Cassidy released Poké mon, a big rock snake.
"array of big rock snakes!" Aaron also called out the big rock snake, which is much bigger than the big rock snake with small leaves on the opposite side.
Many rockets players were scared to retreat when they saw Aaron, a huge rock snake. Some elite players also looked at Aaron and the rock snake in surprise.
A few hundred meters behind …
"Oh, that’s the biggest rock snake in Chashan, the rice industry. It’s really imposing." An old woman looked out through a telescope and said, "No wonder that guy wants this rock snake."
"I remember that guy said that the big rock snake was taken by a trainer named Aaron. Since the big rock snake is there, so is the kid." A man also said with a telescope.
"That kid said that my old man spoke highly of him," the old woman added. "My grandson and he seem to be friends now."
"Yes, my brother also arrived in his letter to me. He said that he is a very good trainer." The man added, "By the way, we should go to help, or the people on the Committee should bother us again and say that we didn’t finish it seriously."
"I didn’t wait and see again and again, but look at my grandson’s strength now," said the old woman and picked up the telescope …
The scene …
"The big rock snake made a sacrifice attack!" Cassidy ordered.
"Let the big rock snake show it the gap between its sacrifice attack and your sacrifice attack!" Aaron ordered
The big rock snake with lobules was faster than the big rock snake with aaron’s head, and it sent out white light, making a sacrifice attack and hitting the big rock snake, which caused damage to the big rock snake with aaron, but it didn’t have any significant effect. The big rock snake with aaron began to counterattack and directly hit the big rock snake with lobules. In aaron’s view, if it hit the big rock snake with lobules, it would have to be broken. The big rock snake with lobules flashed nimbly to the right, avoiding the big rock snake with aaron’s skill and failed to hit its opponent, so it tied up the big rock snake with lobules.
A few black balls suddenly flew over and hit the hair of Aron Rock Snake and exploded. It was the shadow ball of the Rockets Gengar! The rock snake shook its head and began to shout.
Aaron took a look at the surrounding situation. Xiao Yi Xiaoyong and others had no problem in suppressing the five elite rockets players on the opposite side, but they could not relax at all. If they miss, they might lose everything. Many trainers Poké mon were also taken away. Officer Jenny were still strong and still fighting, but because more and more rockets players were besieged, they also appeared to be weak. Then they saw a group of black rockets coming in from the right. In Aaron’s view, their fight against crime was almost enveloped by crime.
"Leave first or we will all be in danger," Aaron said to those who were still fighting around.
"No, it’s dangerous to withdraw the flame now!" Akang said
"Keeping the green hills is not afraid of burning the flame without firewood. In the final analysis, it is a flame. We can’t burn the flame and our own poké mon are joking." Aaron said and then released the giant pliers mantis Pikachu Gengar to cover Kang, who also nodded heavily.
"Well said! However, it is still a little early to withdraw, and the drama has just begun! " A voice came from behind Aaron and them. Aaron looked back and saw a man with red hair flying quickly on the back of a yellow Poké mon …
One hundred and eleven dragons make the crossing! Ghost chrysanthemum!
"You … you are …" Aaron was surprised to recognize the man at a glance.
"Hi, hello, but kill these guys before you say hello and introduce yourself," said the man. "Make the dragon angry!" The man ordered that a fireball appeared in his fast-footed dragon’s mouth and then hit the rocket team. Poké mon fell in response to the explosion.
"I knew you’d come to Dragon Messenger!" From the Shi Ying sports ground, a man with green feet and Skarmory flew out and said to the man who drove the dragon, that man is the Four Kings Crossing!
"Oh, it’s you, Joe," Du replied. "I didn’t expect to meet you here again. It’s a narrow way to go." Du Nai said, "But since I met you, come back to the court with me!" Then he drove the dragon to that Fei Qiao.
"I am. I want you to repay my right face!" That Joe said and then pulled the mask. His right face was burned and scarred.
The two Poké mon fought in the middle of the battle, and crossing the fast dragon was dominant, but the opposite Joe Skarmory was also very strong, and the rainbow cannon also brought a considerable threat to the fast dragon.