Although her temper is now several times higher than when she first entered the Jianghu, she is still cautious in front of this recognized sea king in Heifeng Village.
as expected
"And although I think it’s nothing, I didn’t even move at such a short time!"
Zuo Tangtang …
Move here … Can she understand it as a compliment?
In fact, going around such a big circle to discuss whether kelp makes her blame or wear flowing clouds is actually protesting that "although he doesn’t care, he still cares that no one is paying attention to him?"
"I was wrong." Zuo Tangtang readily acknowledged his mistake.
Zuo Tangtang is wise to avoid the sudden tantrums of children.
Children are the most troublesome, especially this "child" is a mountain king in his bones.
Although it took a long time for two people to fight, it took less than ten minutes to kick the pavilion.
I have to say this mask is really very good.
Zuo Tangtang saw that after kicking less than two gymnasiums, he brushed his unruly value and saved a lot of time, and the effect was all kinds of satisfaction and …
Looking at the sight of taking back the double swords, Zuo Tangtang, the scabbard of kelp, also has to admit that the fighting capacity of kelp is really strong. He has achieved the effect when she usually sets up a team alone, and the speed of kicking the pavilion is so fast that it usually takes less than three hours to add a mask …
Why don’t you … bring the sea to mop the water at ordinary times?
It takes a short time to learn how to kick the pavilion with one brush, because she doesn’t know how to get to know him halfway, so she can be comfortable and calm.
Think about this is the rhythm of hugging thighs!
"I told you to go to bed early" and "thigh" told Zuo Tangtang when he planned it.
"Ah ah! Ok! " The bartender answered Zuo Tangtang assiduously and offered his knees obsequiously.
Three minutes passed.
The characters representing kelp characters also dissipate little by little because of the line.
Zuo Tangtang stayed where he was for a long time before he slowly walked to the Tea Forest to Qiandeng Town.
Today, one of her big problems has been solved. With this carefree mask, it is much easier for her than calling for a team to form a team on various channels all day and spending a lot of energy to lead the team to kick the pavilion. Even if kelp is not there when kicking the pavilion, she can pull the cat’s ear or anyone can solve the output problem. It is really not good. She can spend a little more time on her own for a one-on-one fight.
In this silver …
Without much thought, Zuo Tangtang mailed out the perfect amount of silver just when the transaction was made-she had some things that even if both sides probably wouldn’t care about, she couldn’t feel at ease.
Zuo Tangtang was still full of gratitude for what kelp had done, so he wouldn’t have expected that kelp, a mask that only a third-order peach blossom island brother could do, had long known that it was to be continued before the Jinyiwei Mountain.
[42] Chapter four hundred and twenty-nine Day first crazy]
Zuo Tangtang felt something was wrong. She found that she seemed to be completely released.
On the first antenna, the Qiandeng Town Line ran from the hill pavilion outside the town in the northeast of the map to the west of the map. The dagger "brutally" stabbed a group of small wild boars and got the pig’s head to prepare ingredients, so there was nothing to do.
Why didn’t anyone come to see her?
Zuo Tangtang, who has been looking for "quiet", looked at the list of friends sadly for a long time and found that he didn’t know who finally sighed and closed the list.
Gai Hua doesn’t know if the bottle is helping her now, but she hasn’t come back yet, and their position …
Pikachu, the cat-eared girl, seems to be very busy recently. In Heifengzhai, on weekdays, everyone has their own needs, and now the requirements are even heavier. Compared with exercising from the inside, she really has something to do now …
Do you want to make soy sauce? That’s even more strange. I played with her every day in the first paragraph, but in the last two days, I disappeared. Although they used to be like this, this time is really interesting …
You haven’t practiced for so long. Why don’t you go to the battlefield?
And angrily stabbed the little wild boar several times. Zuo Tangtang did not think calmly.
After all, I heard that the ladder race will be put on soon, even if you don’t have to prepare for the martial arts, you have to be familiar with a battle.
Thought of here, Zuo Tangtang directly made up his mind to go to Suzhou to find a battlefield to send people to pick up the daily.
As a result, Yizhuang in Suzhou has just come out and is preparing to walk to the city. If you go, you will see the bustling city gate.
Today, there are still quite a lot of participants in the tournament. Zuo Tangtang looked around and found that there was no scene where the major gangs were fighting together as he imagined.
Is this … Is that melee over?
Observing the situation, Zuo Tangtang guessed that he tried to recall the information in his mind when he talked with Pikachu earlier, but found that he could not remember their progress at all.
Without riding a horse, Zuo Tangtang wandered directly into the crowd. Nowadays, the Heifengzhai people don’t know what is going on. It seems that the body rate is reversed. Usually, every time she talks about whether it is a crooked channel or a friend list, there are only a few people. At this time, she can also see in the crowd whether the people who always like to make soy sauce are here.
But I didn’t expect it to be as lively as the original area. It was rare to see no vendetta at the gate of Suzhou. At this time, there was no soy sauce, but I saw a lot of moving palace sisters here
But how strange is this posture?
Zuo Tangtang to one side and looked at the front muttered in his heart.
Sister Hua Gong stayed together in twos and threes, motionless, without fighting or challenge. It took a long time to change her position, and this position became very strange, as if she had just exchanged one left and right.
Is this stepping on feng shui? Still doing something?
Because there are so many people here, the news on the nearby channel is very fast. Zuo Tangtang doesn’t know if they are saying anything.
Just before Zuo Tangtang’s question was prepared, I didn’t expect Yu Guang to see not only Hua Gongmei in front, but also a dozen roots on their opposite side.
This is a confrontation? !
Is something wrong?
Zuo Tangtang’s first reaction was that those cheerful grandfathers at Genmen must be learning from each other or bullying Hua Gongmei in the ring. The second reaction was that Mao Erniang had to try her best to stop the customized alliance plan.
Pulling out the broadsword behind him, Zuo Tangtang rushed angrily. As a result, he almost walked to the front and stopped when he saw the scene before him.
[Nearby] Chicken is crunchy and peachy! Next to me!
[Nearby] Tao Yaoyao doesn’t want you to be too stupid. I will lower my IQ next to you.
[Nearby] Tao Yao Yao Xing Yan/I want to be with Mo Xiang!
[Nearby] Bamboo and Moxiang are disgusting/~ ~ ~ ~
[Nearby] Chicken is crunchy and peachy! Your IQ is not high!
[Nearby] Come here, Xiong Dada, Xing Shuang. Don’t just stand there.
[Nearby] TaoYaoYao lift the table/Your IQ has lowered the overall level of Suzhou City!
[Nearby] Star Frost is lovely/Well, thank you, sister ~
[Nearby] Don’t argue about Xiong Dada Taoyao chicken! The pig with low IQ didn’t come today!
[Nearby] Chicken is crunchy … It’s so reasonable to say that I’m right.