"People have to leave a way out for themselves."
Father Cao suddenly heard a little slander.
He’s not afraid of cold hum at all. Just now, the amiable official said that he would take him back to the Grand Palace when these things were done. He also said that there was no eunuch in the Grand Palace. He went there, but the eunuch manager was so powerful that he could not be polite at first sight. If the eunuch also had a heart, he hoped to be a manager.
In a group of enterprising eunuchs who want to be a manager, they can manage a large number of eunuchs and ladies-in-waiting, or they won’t eat. They have been hungry for a long time.
One by one, the treasures are packed and moved out of the dark warehouse, and then the military vehicles and horses are moved. Of course, Xu Rongcun wants to count the cars one by one
"That’s quite a lot."
Xu Rongcun laughed. Hundreds of carriages were full, but they didn’t see the bottom. They scratched off a small part of the government inventory.
Cao Gonggong was very happy to be praised. "Thank you for your praise."
Xu Rongcun frowned. "I mean, there are so many things I can’t see."
When Tso Gong-gong’s cold sweat came, he knew that there would be such a thing. No one saw it and was not moved. Several little eunuchs quietly stuffed him with several objects, all of which were usually played with by the owners. The treasures were absolutely priceless.
Cao Gonggong, who takes people’s money to eliminate disasters, is a particular person. There are rules in the palace, and the rules are broken. There is no good place. He forms a good habit of talking about rules
All I can do is to say, "There are so many treasures in this deep palace compound that it is difficult to have an oversight. The old slave thinks that even the little eunuch who registered is mistaken in a hurry."
The things sent are not the same as the records of the Qing Palace. Of course, Xu Rongcun knows what’s fishy in it, even if he remembers it wrong, but what’s wrong is all small pieces of enamel snuff bottles. Why didn’t you see a jade screen lost?
But he won’t say anything. There are only some small pieces that don’t touch the water.
He laughed. "Well, it seems that the official is wrong about my father-in-law, but my father-in-law needs to be careful. If there are too many mistakes, I’m afraid it’s not good to tell the emperor in the future. It’s my great emperor."
Tso nodded. "I know."
I have moved hundreds of thousands of collections and carriages all day, but it’s still a long way from the Ministry.
All night long, Cao Gong looked for eunuchs and ladies-in-waiting leaders of all rooms, and they would severely reprimand them and tell them not to have too dark hands. But by default, on the first day, they were greedy for things. On the first day, everyone was too greedy to see the baby, and they were relieved to see the army not pursue it.
The next day, I was more energetic in my work. Of course, I didn’t do less work. When I entered the palace, there was no hope. What can I ask for without asking for money? Eunuchs are often greedy.
Xu Rongcun also turned a blind eye. He has indicators. Zhu Jinglun told him that the most important thing is not to destroy those good things. He would rather move slowly than break them. It is a pity that national treasures have been destroyed.
Xu Rongcun found out that Zhu Jinglun valued those antiquities and big snuff bottles, and the agate fingered these little things. Zhu Jinglun didn’t care
Think of it as a reward for working maids and eunuchs.
Wen Yuan’s soldiers are in charge of escort, but he is in the greatest trouble. A large number of journalists, especially some foreigners, have gathered outside the Forbidden City for a long time. They are extremely contemptuous of Wen Yuan’s line and threaten to rob the Qing Palace and publish it in the newspaper.
Wen Yuan feels that he has been ordered by the emperor. He doesn’t care about the threats of these reporters. He doesn’t even bother to be interviewed by them. They are noisy.
However, his indifferent attitude to reporters annoyed these pen-wielding guys, and soon it really brought trouble to Wen Yuan. They boarded a soldier of Wen Yuan and forced her to fuck a maid-in-waiting, which caused great uproar in the country for a while.
Wen Yuan didn’t realize the seriousness of the problem, but he sheltered his soldiers by himself.
Section three hundred and seventeen Marriage Agency
When Zhu Jinglun saw the newspaper, he couldn’t help cursing a "shameful thing" and "why can’t you control that thing in your crotch?"
It’s really impossible for Zhu Jinglun to kill people after such a thing, and he doesn’t want to interfere in the military’s own statutes. It’s a system. If the system doesn’t work, Zhu Jinglun will take care of it. When it is running, Zhu Jinglun won’t take care of it.
But this time the system doesn’t seem to work
Because the military court sentenced the soldier to crime.
"You must marry me or I will not let you go when I die!"
After the court closed, a maid-in-waiting of about 19 years old shouted angrily at a depressed soldier
"got it"
The soldier’s depressed answer is not to look up and secretly glance at a maid-in-waiting.
The maid-in-waiting is very beautiful, otherwise he wouldn’t have made a fool of himself.
He came out to relieve himself when he was on duty at night. The maid-in-waiting was stunned for a whole day, and he was also stunned and made a foolish thing, but the maid-in-waiting did not resist him. It just passed, but who knew that the woman in this palace was ruthless and went straight to the court the next day.
By this time, the Forbidden City had already released the results to reporters, and the reporters heard about it and reported it extensively.
The ladies-in-waiting in the Qing palace are suspected to be very beautiful. I dare not say that they are all beautiful, but at least they are in the middle level.
At the very least, it’s impossible to be ugly, so I’ve been sent away long ago
Another very important reason is that in this country with widespread malnutrition, ladies-in-waiting are generally not short of doctors and clothes, and the poorer some places are, the richer their aesthetics are. Men and women may like those who are fragile, but people still like women with big hips. According to this standard, the Forbidden City is full of beautiful women.
Add a soldier, one by one, who has never seen a beautiful woman. In the military camp for a long time, he has long been holding back an internal heat. Seeing that someone has got a maid-in-waiting, his mind will be active.
On the second day after the trial, someone asked the first soldier, "Niu Er heard that you made a small space."
Niu Er cursed "Fart Gege"
Staying in the palace really didn’t make Cixi more abundant for a winter when she was preparing to escape. She found that the soldiers could not be mobilized and could not fight. It seems that foreigners are unreliable and have been preparing to escape in the dark for a long time.
Suoniu’s second wife is really not a princess, but a poor girl outside the suburbs.