Ok, now let’s take a look at what I have taken over. The blacksmith master entrusts the ordinary to kill the mutant wolf, take 1 wolf tooth and give it to the blacksmith master.
The master of pharmacy entrusts ordinary people to kill cannibal flowers, take a fruit of cannibal flowers and give it to pharmacists.
Master tailor entrusts ordinary people to kill the demonized tiger and take a tiger skin to master tailor.
The jewelry master entrusts ordinary people to kill humpback goats and take a goat’s head horn to the jewelry master.
The only hidden item is sharingan’s revenge. The only hidden item is to find the three great artifacts of Uchibo clan: the blade of grass, the jade hook of Chi Qiong and the mirror of Zhi Jing.
According to official website, there are all kinds of things that need players to explore because of the absolute wealth of rewards.
Ordinary people can pick up the hidden need to explore, but there is no limit to the number of * *, and only one person can finish it. Once this is completed, it will be closed directly and will not be opened again. The only hidden item is SS level, in which my revenge in sharingan is a freshman.
Since the village has finished the task, it’s time to fight monsters and upgrade. Since it’s a game to fight monsters and upgrade, there is no choice.
Village mouth is really a shura hell place. Naturally, we players are shura, and those rabbits that are refreshed are people killing fish. A group of players keep their eyes open for opportunities to see rabbits refreshed and horses swarming. Rabbits are divided into experiences before they come to see the wonderful world.
Sharingan’s rapid rabbit-opening data immediately showed that there was nothing strange about rabbits common in the wild. The physical destructive power of Level 1 2HP was extremely low, and the physical defense was extremely low (extremely low here is for players of the same level. Most monster bases are medium, so the attack defense is much lower because rabbits are the most rubbish monsters). At this time, a red blood groove appeared on the top of the rabbit’s head, showing the percentage next to it.
Generally, players can know the monster’s name, and nothing else can even be seen by HP, so some brain players will rely on the number of attacks and the amount of blood loss to estimate the wild monster HP. However, I naturally don’t have to go to so much trouble that sharingan can see through things, so all the information of the monster should be clear at a glance with his left eye running.
There are too many players who kill rabbits, and I have no chance to get involved so as to abandon rabbits and walk slowly towards the periphery of the village.
To the east of the village, it turned out to be the site of the mutant wolf. You know, the blacksmith entrusted the master to kill the mutant wolf and take the wolf’s teeth to the blacksmith. When sharingan explored the mutant wolf’s attributes, the mutant wolf was originally very greedy. Because of the curse of Monty, the wolf became a fierce and hungry wolf. HP’s physical destructive power is slightly high, and its physical defense is medium. (Comment on the destructive power and other attributes from low to high, respectively, extremely low, moderately high and extremely high.)
(sharingan doesn’t start. From the outside, it emits a slight red light, but when it starts, there will be a corresponding hook jade rotating quickly inside.)
The third chapter novice village BOSS
Looking around a pack of wolves, many players have teamed up here to kill the mutant wolf. Look at their postures. It can be seen that the mutant wolf is still more powerful.
Since I came to the mutant greedy wolves, I have to finish my teeth before I go! When a team of three players who are killing mutant wolves is identified, they are sent a team application. The names of these three players are all very funny. The captain calls you play dead and you don’t pay for it. One of the other two players laughs and you don’t pay for it. The other one dies and you don’t pay for it. It seems that three friends are playing "Say" together.
You don’t want to die. You received my team application, but you agreed to my team application without saying anything. But when he saw that my left eye was slightly red, he couldn’t help but be curious and asked. I couldn’t tell him that I had acquired the artifact, so I just found a reason to prevaricate.
In this way, I joined the three brothers’ team, killing the mutant wolf and accumulating the wolf’s teeth
The experience of mutant wolf is not bad. After killing seven, I was upgraded. Because I intend to practice melee, I got 5 distribution points, 4 strength and 1 body plus, which not only strengthened the attack, but also increased my defense and health.
After playing for nearly two hours, I was promoted to level 4, 15% away from level 5, and I still had 15% experience. However, at this moment, the captain said to me, "Dragon Soul, we have to go back to the village to have a rest and get something to eat by the way." When the three of us added friends to each other, we said goodbye.
I looked at my own state. Physical attack power 455 physical defense power 3637 agility and accuracy are all 33. Now the attribute theory is to train soldiers or thieves. The attack and speed are not comparable to mine. After all, the attributes strengthened by sharingan are abnormal to far superior people.
Since my attributes are very good and my wolf’s teeth are full, I might as well go to the depths and see if I can meet three other monsters.
The wolves passed the wolves in the east of the novice village and then went east to a suspension bridge. It was a very ordinary suspension bridge, but I was stunned by the monsters in the suspension bridge. It turned out to be a drugstore monster cannibal. It seems that I am lucky to finish it early and get a reward early.
Sharingan’s operation immediately looked at the property of man-eating flowers, which can devour raw meat and exotic flowers, and their fruits can be used to make medicines. Therefore, they often become pharmacies to hire targets. Level 5, 15HP, medium physical destructive power, and slightly low physical defense.
Hey hey! Physical defense seems to be relatively low, just to brush with you
I immediately took out my novice sword and stabbed the man-eating flower. The man-eating flower was not willing to lag behind, and the cane whip whipped me immediately.
32, 27, this is the damage I caused to the cannibal flower. It is agile and the attack speed is fast. It takes 15HP to solve it.
3, MISS, this is the damage caused by man-eating flowers. It is an agile wild monster, and its attack speed is not low. Two rattan whips have reduced three points of life, and the other has been evaded. It can be seen that my evasion is still relatively high. I am now as high as 9HP, which is more than enough to deal with man-eating flowers.
I cut down the man-eating flower four swords, three swords or so, and the man-eating flower can fall down unwillingly and become my own experience. Wow, a man-eating flower has more than seven experiences. It seems that killing monsters here is faster than mutating wolves. It seems that it will soon be able to break through level 5. Haha, the man-eating flower is not bad for me and even gave me a fruit.
Huh? How can there be peach trees here? I remember there were no roots when I was just fighting monsters.
Just when I was about to attack a man-eating flower, I suddenly found that there were traces of peach wood on the bottom of the monster who had been killed before. Curious, I immediately picked up the peach wood and saw that it was actually a peach wood sword. I just almost lost my arm with this sword and checked an attribute. The whiteboard of the peach wood sword is equipped with an exorcism effect, which requires a level of 5 physical attack power 51 lasting 6/6 weight 4.
Yeah, it’s good. Compared with novice swords, the attack power is much higher. Hurry up and change peach swords as soon as possible.
With the peach wooden sword, I immediately killed a man-eating flower.
"ding! The man-eating flower has poisoned you, and now you are poisoned, and you lose 1HP per second for 15 seconds. "I just cut the man-eating flower with my novice sword, and it didn’t give me any venom, and painted me green. The hole in the cage lost 1 HP per second for 15 seconds, so the total is 15HP. For a novice, if he is not careful, he will die in his hands. No wonder people here are interested. That’s the way it is.
Fortunately, my life value is still high, but cannibal flower poison can’t die. I think we should solve it quickly
Quickly solved the problem of cannibalism. Looking at a loss of half HP, I immediately took out a bottle of Xiaohong and drank it. (When I was greedy for wolves, I exploded a total of 15 bottles of novice baggage with one box, but all kinds of consumables could be superimposed in the baggage box to 5, so Xiaohong recovered 2HP per second for 1 second.)
As soon as life was full, I immediately slashed my sword at the cannibal flower again. After killing the monster, I immediately retired and drank red. After HP added my sword, I stabbed the cannibal flower again. From then on, a green figure often shuttled among the cannibal flowers. Every time I killed two cannibals, I had to drink Xiaohong to restore my life.
I don’t know how long it’s been since I played, and the aura of upgrading has enveloped me again. Finally, I’ve reached level 5. Add 4 points and 1 body, and immediately change the peach wooden sword to test the effect of a new weapon.