"Well, Xiao Yu, you are me. I will never let you go. No matter what difficulties there are, I will go to Keke little by little." Listening to Xiao Yu’s words, I was deeply moved and hugged Xiao Yu tightly. "Go to sleep for a while. When you wake up, we’ll cook later."
"Well," Xiao Yu gently closed his eyes for a while and then fell asleep. I watched Xiao Yu fall asleep with a happy smile on my mouth. I gently stroked Xiao Yu’s face and brushed my hair to my ears before I knew it, and I slowly fell asleep myself.
Chapter 55 Wipe the gun off accidentally
I slept soundly and felt at ease. When I woke up, I was surprised to see that the light rain was no longer around me. I immediately heard the message that it had been ringing. After seeing it, I couldn’t help but feel guilty. Xiaoyu said that when I woke up, I would go online to cook first. If I didn’t have the line after I woke up, she would call me. I was secretly moved by this girl. It was so good for me.
Ya, I also said that I went to cook. That’s good. I fell asleep, but Xiao Yu went to cook.’ Bastard’ I secretly scolded me. It was already past twelve o’clock, and I didn’t know when Xiao Yu hurried to take his helmet. Xiao Yu was not in the bedroom. I rushed out of the bedroom and ran to the kitchen. Xiao Yu was wearing a tight shirt and a short skirt. I was still happy to hum a song in my cooking mouth. I gently walked around Xiao Yu’s waist from behind and sniffed Xiao Yu’s fragrance.’ Xiao Yu, I’m sorry that I said that I fell asleep
Xiao Yu leaned in my arms and looked at me with a happy face. She gestured with a shovel in her hand. "I think you slept so soundly and didn’t want to wake you up anyway, so you came first. Well, you go to the living room to cook. Don’t interfere with my cooking. If you hold me again, the food will be burnt. Don’t blame me for my poor cooking."
Feeling the deep love of the beautiful woman in my arms, I couldn’t bear to leave my horse and said with a smile, "Then you cook and I’ll watch the thugs wash the dishes."
"Then you let go first. How can I cook like this? You go to the side." Xiao Yu looked at my expression and said.
"Yes, my wife wants me to be where I am," he said, letting go. I smiled at Xiao Yuhong and gave me a white face. "Hum, who is your wife?" I turned to greet the dishes in the pot. Hey, hey, I smiled and said nothing. I giggled and thought that I had done everything. Is this girl still blushing and embarrassed?
Soon after, I helped Xiaoyu to make three dishes and one soup, and they put the dishes on the table together. I went to fill the meal, Xiaoyu took out the chopsticks and set them up, and then the two of them slowly enjoyed the warm dinner. Of course, it was too late to count the food taken late at night. I ate a lot of this meal. This is the first time I have eaten Xiaoyu’s cooking and the first night I lived with Xiaoyu. Last night was not counted. That was when she sent me back.
After dinner, I rushed to wash the dishes and let Xiao Yu rest. Xiao Yu listened to me and blushed and stared at me. It was strange that this girl was so fond of blushing. Why didn’t she find out that she always flirted with me before blushing? Now they are all together. Instead, I always blushed happily and washed the dishes and cleaned the table. After finishing, I quickly ran back to the bedroom. Xiao Yu was looking at the forum face in my brain. I could see that I was excited and stupid. I quickly waved to me and said, "Liu Yang, come and see that we are famous" and kept pointing at this brain.
I took a closer look at a piece titled "The First Man Leaps Forward? ? The video of "Class Monsters" is attached to the video. The video immediately shows that I took a light rain to kill the mole in the big stone for ten minutes. The video is followed by several players who left messages after watching it. These guys can’t eat grapes at will, saying that grapes are sour, and they actually said that they are disdainful of my upgrade method! You’re stupid, your garbage doesn’t have a chance to rise like that, and you’re jealous, and you say you don’t care about it. At the same time, I hate it. How can you take pictures casually? You’re careless. After being discovered, that place won’t be picked up cheaply
After reading these light rains, I pointed out another post called "Yu Feiyang and the light rain blew speculation". I couldn’t help but feel strange at first glance. Who does this ya feel so keen? After reading the post, this guy finally came for nothing. He saw the light rain change from the last 11 levels in the ranking list to the second 16 levels. I rose to the 19th level, guessing that the first priest’s light rain is very likely to be abnormal. It is definitely a special way, and it may be possible to upgrade quickly. Playing boss or completing hiding in the way is instantaneous accumulation of experience. We can rule out that the final recognition is continuous and difficult, but a priest can do it by himself, so absolutely others have it, and others must be high-output super talents. Look at the ranking list, others haven’t changed much. Only the first person’s flying level has risen from level 1 to level 19, which is equivalent to the level 11 to level 16 of the drizzle. Finally, it is concluded that the two of them have teamed up to train ~ Plus that video, it is concluded that the first priest’s drizzle is the beautiful girl who stared at the flying from the end to the end and finally concluded that the two are either lovers or flying in pursuit of drizzle! Because both of them look very young, generally speaking, a man works so hard to kill monsters and bring a woman to please each other or have deep feelings!
After reading this post, I have to think that there are quite a few associations and analyses in this world! It’s too wasteful for m not to be a commander in the army or engage in politics in zf. It’s too wasted to be a dog with divinatory spirit! I hate that there are still several people following the post! What’s even more hateful is that many animals actually say a good sentence of cabbage, which was arched by pigs, and I almost smashed my brain! I kept talking about a group of animals while Xiaoyu was laughing while covering her mouth, so I was surprised. What does this girl mean? If you are happy to see others say that we are lovers, forget it. How can I miss seeing others bury me?
"Ah ~ Chinese cabbage, I have to arch you today." I rushed to throw myself on the bed with a charming smile, tearing at her clothes. Xiaoyu was thrown down at first, and then I was surprised, and then I saw my cooperation, stretched out my hand and slapped my chest and mouth, and gently shouted, "Don’t ~ Don’t, please leave me alone." My face was a clever smile, and I almost really gave her the spot.
However, although we don’t want the horse to eat her in reality yet, a small punishment still needs me to turn Xiaoyu over and let her lie prone on the bed, raise her hand and slap it on her ass. Xiaoyu exclaimed with a rebound force. I am feeling the flexibility of my backhand to block my ass. Where will I let her go and slap her again? I also said with a hey hey smile, "See if you dare to laugh at my husband? I see if you dare to laugh at me, Xiao Ni."
Xiao Yu kept begging for mercy until her voice actually became a little shaky. I was shocked. I didn’t pay attention to hitting her too hard and made her cry. I quickly stopped and leaned over to see Xiao Yu’s expression. But when I saw it, I was suddenly startled. This girl blushed like a hen’s face, her eyes were slightly closed and her mouth was slightly open. It was not crying, but something! I straightened up and looked at the place where I had just slapped, and gently lifted the girl’s short skirt. Inside it was a pure white small one, which was soaked by the tide.
I gently put a wry smile on my skirt. I didn’t expect this girl to be so emotional besides being shy. We’re completely distracted! I’m not going to want this girl now. It’s the first time in the game today. In reality, I would never just turn my head and say to Xiaoyu lightly, "Xiaoyu? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to you. Don’t be angry. I was just joking. I’m going to take a shower first. "
Looking at Xiaoyu, I didn’t respond. I quickly dug out my clean clothes from the closet, escaped from the bedroom and rushed into the bathroom. After I left the bedroom, Xiaoyu struggled to sit up and pouted and looked at the door. She pulled her skirt shyly, flushed and slightly lost.
When I get back to my bedroom from the shower, Xiaoyu has gone back to my room. I dare not look for her now. It’s better not to mess with this girl now, or something will happen sooner or later. Alas, brother, it’s a hard day. I can’t really eat a beautiful and emotional girl who lies in bed and wakes up. In my opinion, I can let this girl swim in the play, have more rest and hygiene, and take a shower. I think that this girl’s body is hot and md is too uncomfortable in the game. I shouldn’t agree to let this girl come and live together. Isn’t it a torment
Chapter 56 Light rain teasing
Lying in bed for a while, listening to the sanitary water has stopped, I know Xiaoyu has finished taking a shower, and there are two helmets next to her eyes. Do you want to take the line tonight? I wonder if this girl will come again.
I just thought that the light rain had pushed the door and came in. I looked at the door and my eyes were straight. I kept waking up that I was an illusion. It must be an illusion. I put it in my thigh and felt severe pain. Tell me what illusion this m is. Is it true?
Seeing Xiaoyu blushing but firm at the door, there is a black cover and a pair of black pants. The perfect figure is displayed in my sight. "Xiaoyu, you, you, how did you come over?" Well, do you want to play this game? " I said it again and again. The backhand door of Xiaoyu slowly came to me. The perfect posture swayed and kept pounding my nerves. I couldn’t react. Xiaoyu climbed into bed and knelt down next to me, almost running out of water. His eyes stared at me shyly and said, "Lu Yang, am I beautiful?"
"ah? Beautiful, "I replied blankly." Does Lu Yang like light rain? " Xiao Yu stiff raised his hand and rubbed his jade peak and asked "like it"
Xiao Yu leaned over and held my shoulder and chest firm, pressed it against my chest and said, "Lu Yang, you want me." I was all tight and my little brother was in a stand-at-attention posture, but I really don’t want Xiao Yu now. In reality, I am still a good girl like Xiao Yu. Although I won’t give up, I can’t be selfish. If I want her now, her family will definitely think that I am not responsible for it. In that case, it will be difficult for me to be with Xiao Yu, although I don’t know what the background of Xiao Yu’s family is, but I know
Now I’m still far from their standard. I grabbed Xiaoyu’s shoulder and gently lifted her up, let her lie on my arm and fight back the evil fire. I seriously said to Xiaoyu, "Xiaoyu, I love you and I really want to have you, but I can’t do this now. We can always be together in the future. I can’t do this until I get your family’s approval. Xiaoyu, do you know that you are too attractive to me? I don’t want to hold you in my arms all the time to comfort you, but now I really can’t be so selfish and possess you." I will try my best. I will let your family recognize us as soon as possible. If one day your family recognizes us or I have enough emotional strength to protect us, I will definitely not let you go. You still don’t seduce your husband now, otherwise it will be easy to suppress illness. "Finally, I smiled and teased with a light rain face."
"Liu Yang, if you don’t do this, I can decide my own affairs. No one can control myself. I always listen to my parents’ words, but I must make my own decisions on this matter. Don’t think too much. My parents don’t care about any status, status and wealth. If they know you, they will definitely recognize us." Xiao Yu heard my words. Ma said with relief, "Well, don’t think too much about my good wife and stop playing with fire. I can’t stand it." I smiled bitterly. "I’m not finished because of the pressure from Now my husband, I don’t have insurance. "I stared at Xiaoyu’s lower abdomen and said with a malicious smile.
Xiao Yu was so ashamed, but he still gave me a white look, saying, "What a coincidence?" But instead of teasing me again, he was clever and stopped touching his head and gently buried it in my chest.
"Hey hey wife next to the room is redundant? After that, you can sleep here. I like to sleep with you. "Seeing that Xiaoyu doesn’t continue to tease me, I sighed and said with a smile," No, you won’t give you another chance after you don’t want others. "Xiaoyu looked up at me slyly." Well, do you really want it? " Look at this girl’s expression. If I don’t show some courage, won’t I say we really dare? I instantly reached out and held Xiaoyu’s hip flap and squeezed it, which provoked this girl to let it go. "Let’s sleep here after my wife. Anyway, I also looked at it and touched it. It’s okay for my husband to sleep with you. I like to sleep with you." I said cheekily.
"Well," Xiao Yu heard my words with a shy face, and agreed to my reasonable request.
"Light rain into the game tonight? The 12 hours a day can be divided into two sections: from 12 pm to 7 am, seven hours from 6 pm to 11 pm, five hours from 11 pm, one hour for supper and then entering at 12 pm. In this way, we can sleep and rest during the day, and occasionally go out for a walk, and we have to take classes during the day after learning. During this period, I will make the advantage as large as possible while others are not well adapted to the game environment, so that it will be more beneficial in the later stage. Now the gap between several levels may be pulled to the same level, and there is no grade advantage. Advantages are much less, then many of my advantages will disappear, and after the establishment of mercenary groups and guilds, lone players without grade and attribute advantages will be driven to find no leveling points. "
I remember that there were a lot of waves in the 12-hour game yesterday. I still want to get into the game. Although we are ahead of other players now, it will be more advantageous in the later stage if we can continue to expand our advantages.
When I heard about the things in the game, Xiaoyu thought, "Well, it’s a good distribution, which can ensure a long continuous online time, whether it’s training, exploring new maps, doing something special or playing boss. There are also too many things to do after you. Many times it’s much more convenient to be alone, so I will follow you inconsistently. Instead, I will drag my feet. I’d better team up with others to train at ordinary times. It’s still very popular for priests to team up. I’m easy to team up. Sister Kuang Yun and sister Lingling are also in the game. You can
"Well, is it convenient for you to be with them? Didn’t you say they were going to form a women’s guild If you don’t join the guild in the past, it may be inconvenient. If it is inconvenient, don’t make it difficult for them. I will take you with me. "
"No, I just teamed up with them to train."
"Then I’ll call you when I need you. Will you come?" I was nervous and asked, "Of course I will. Don’t worry, I’ll come to you as soon as you call me." Xiaoyu definitely replied, "Hey hey, don’t forget to promise yourself when my wife is around when I need rest most." I smiled lewdly. Dead Liu Yang, you try your best to do bad things. Hum, "Xiao Yubai" I mean angrily, "My wife wants her husband to try to create opportunities in it so much, and we don’t worry about some problems." I am ashamed to blame Xiao Yu.
"Liu Yang is a sex maniac ~! Hum, people don’t want it. "Xiao Yu’s mouth shut and said," I grabbed a white rabbit with a bad smile and pinched a handful of Xiao Yu to surrender instantly in front of my eyes.
Pulled a blanket over Xiao Yu’s body. When they entered the game line with helmets, they were still in the lounge. I was still naked. Xiao Yu saw naked. I instantly exclaimed a "pervert" and then turned around. I was embarrassed when I was in a hurry. I didn’t wear equipment, but when I saw Xiao Yu, I made her run over and picked her up and put her on the bed. Hey hey smiled and looked at her.
"Dead Liu Yang quick wear equipment" Xiao Yu shouted with his eyes closed.
"Hey, hey, it’s not like I’ve never seen it before." I’m ashamed to say, but I still put a light rain on the equipment department and then pull it up to see that I’m already wearing equipment. The light rain has left me with a thousand kinds of amorous feelings, which makes me regret it. I shouldn’t have let this girl go just now, but now it’s impossible to take off my equipment and do bad things. "Let’s go out" and "Hmm"
I took Xiaoyu’s hand to the third floor. I’m going to see how Elena’s equipment is doing. Unfortunately, Elena told me it would take two days after she saw me, but look at other people. They have made a lot of things, such as medicines, cooking equipment and so on. Although there are no advanced things, Shihou Zhang is not in the store.
It seems that they have been busy since they came back from the outside, which makes me feel at ease. Then I went to the first floor and called Jeter to tell him to hang up the signboard now, and then the acquisition of Yekema Firm was scheduled for 6 am.
Chapter 57 Game Gathering
I walked out of the business and thought that the effect would be worse if I stopped. I should have a look. There are a little more than 1000 gold coins in my eyes, but after thinking about it, I decided to spend 1 gold coin in luxury.
"It is announced that the first firm, Gert City () Yuanyang Firm, will officially operate a large number of low, medium and high-end equipment sales and identification industries, such as pharmaceutical cooking and food consumption sales industries, equipment manufacturing industries, rare goods sales industries, etc., and will do everything possible to meet the needs of players. Please invite players to visit and buy. Another firm has purchased a large number of all alchemy, forging, tailoring, pharmaceutical cooking instruments, etc. Materials and equipment are reasonably priced and never cheated. We sincerely welcome all players to solve the problem of material backlog and exchange."