After Mu Feng finished, he gave them the blood medicine he brought. The blood medicine was given to the mad cow and the low-key magic medicine was given to three beautiful women, especially Ji Yue Mu Feng. Because he wanted Ji Yue to have magic to give him back blood, Mu Feng didn’t worry about his death. In case of death, Ji Yue also had resurrection skills.
Listening to Mu Feng’s words and adding blood medicine, the low-key battle in the front row with one hand is also worthwhile. The mad cow snorted and rushed to "minions!" Low-key God released a skill with a swing of his hands, and then rows of illusory minions appeared in the low-key God’s body, and then he rushed to the evil ghost king Kadas with his minions, and then he saw a row of injuries floating from Cadas’s head. Although the low-key God also lost a lot of blood when he approached the evil ghost king Kadas, Cadas’s attention and hatred were not in the low-key God’s body, and he did not pursue low-key.
Due to the release of the minions and the phantom pace, the low-key god has stepped on the head of the evil ghost king Kadas. Cadas is five or six meters tall, and the low-key god is now in five or six meters and a half, and it seems that the low-key god is not coming
Fang Mufeng and Mad Cow are still releasing a series of blows to the evil spirit King Kadas, and two remote beauties, Xiaoxue and an arrow through the heart, are not to be outdone. They are learning the same deadly release skills as Mu Feng, and Cadas, a ghost knight, is deadlocked. The purple monster’s positive life is downhill. It took them 2 minutes to abort 6% of the blood, while Mu Feng beat the blood of the evil spirit King Kadas soon as he came for about 3 minutes.
Chapter 29 Jiao Yu Ji Yue shouted the wrong skills
"I can’t go to work in the trough." Just when everyone was locked in a fight with the evil ghost king Kadas, now it was a low-key god, but it shouted angrily that the soft head of the evil ghost king Kadas was almost trampled to the ground by the low-key god, and the evil ghost king Kadas did not attack the low-key god at last.
Of course, the low-key god also dare not really attack to provoke him, otherwise, don’t say whether you can go or not. I’m afraid going is also a reply. Fang Mufeng and the beautiful women looked at the low-key god stepping on Cadas’s head and felt that it was also a good laugh. After that, Mu Feng said to Ji Yue, "Pull the low-key on the circular line every month."
"Well … it’s too far away to release teammates in ten meters." Ji Yue looked at Mu Feng and said with resentment.
Cadas, the evil ghost king, is as tall as five or six meters. Unless Ji Yue is in a close position to it, it will be thrown into the circular line, and it will be a pity that the low-key god will not be able to catch it.
Mu Feng shrugged his shoulders and soon thought of a way. Then Mu Feng took Ji Yue’s hand and slowly approached the evil ghost king Kadas. Seeing that Mu Feng was getting closer and closer, Feng Hua Xiaoxue said in detail, "Where is the danger?"
"Thank you, but I will be fine with you." Mu Feng politely refused Feng Hua Xiaoxue and then continued to approach along the evil ghost king Kadas. Then Mu Feng measured the distance between the map and the low-key god and learned that it was about meters before Mu Feng dropped the map.
"Month is here to pull a low profile." Mu Feng attached to Ji Yue’s ear gently said that a pair of hands unconsciously put their arms around her lower abdomen, and then released the ring line of the skills of the savior.
When the ring line is released to the enemy, it will bind the enemy for 3~6 seconds. Releasing the teammate means pulling the teammate to his front or pulling himself to his front. It is the only skill to save lives or limit monsters.
However, just as Ji Yue confidently threw the circular line, a circular line hit the head of the evil ghost king Kadas, but it was not thrown to the low-key god. Then the circular line became a very long rope and bound the evil ghost king Kadas for five seconds.
"Ah, I didn’t miss …" Ji Yue called me unhappy. She usually made the circular line very accurate and made this mistake.
Mu Feng grinned, and then he retreated with Ji Yue and attacked the evil ghost king Kadas. Then this guy will definitely release Mu Feng from Ji Yue or take him to run first.
During this period, the ghoul knight and the mad cow attack have already hit the evil ghost king Kadas, and his life has fallen to 76%. However, this monster is still very powerful. Even if it triggers the hidden ability, the ghoul knight is no match for it. He has fallen to 76%, but the ghoul knight has 4% life left.
In addition to being able to attack half of the evil spirit king Kadas, the ghoul knight has a skill of inserting a halberd into Cadas’s body, which is a common attack. It can act as a big meat shield and is not evenly matched with the evil spirit king Kadas.
The camera goes back to the evil ghost king Kadas, and when he sees that it has been released from the bondage, he wants to attack the target, which is not always hindering it, nor is the ghost knight always cutting his mad cow and shooting arrows and magic at a distance. 9. Hit it, beautiful player, but keep a low profile on his head.
As soon as the evil ghost king Kadas roared, he reached out to the low-key god above his head and grabbed it. The low-key god jumped vigorously and successfully avoided the big hand, while the evil ghost king Kadas still kept on grabbing him. Cadas waved slowly, and every time the low-key god could hide, but the low-key god just couldn’t get away from it.
It was fun to keep a low profile until Feng Hua Xiaoxue laughed in his face. He also sent a private message to him to keep a low profile, and then he got angry and jumped to the ground.
"I’ll go …" The mad cow looked at it and jumped to a low profile, and suddenly burst into a thick sentence. It’s five or six meters high, and it’s still bloody. It’s okay to jump to a low profile, but as soon as he escaped, he saw that his eyes were covered with poisonous fog. This is the evil ghost king Kadas’s best at attacking it and killing the low profile god.
"Ha bully old didn’t recruit? Look at my new skill-Lei Ying ruling! " In the middle, the low-key god shouted this sound, and then the low-key god’s body immediately hung in the middle as if flying. Then the golden light splashed and the low-key god disappeared, but there was a golden light in the place where the low-key god disappeared. This golden light passed through the poisonous fog like a thunder and struck Cadas, and Cadas was briefly hit in the middle.
"2339267" two good injuries floated from the head of the evil ghost king Kadas, and then the golden light fell to the ground with a swish, and then the golden light disappeared, and the low-key god slowly got up from where the golden light disappeared.
"Wow ~ ~"
There were two or three beautiful women cheering in the ghost tomb. Just now, that golden light passed through the poisonous fog and hit the evil ghost King Kadas and flew to Cadas. Now it has become a low-key god. Is that golden light or a low-key god? This attack is too dazzling
"Low-key, is this the Thunder Shadow ruling?" Mu Feng didn’t admire the low-key but asked lightly about the skill of "Thunder Shadow Ruling". Mu Feng had seen it in an online game. Although the power and effect were average, the low-key god released this and that and Mu Feng didn’t know how to spit it out.
"ah? This is a sabotage dance. I shouted wrong. Lei Ying ruled that the skill can only be achieved in thunder days. "Low-key God was embarrassed to catch his head when he heard Mu Feng’s words.
No wonder Mu Feng feels that this skill is nothing like the Lei Ying ruling. It turned out to be misplaced, but it takes thunder to release the Lei Ying ruling. It is the first time that Mu Feng has heard it.
Of course, Mu Feng won’t tell the low-key god how to release the thunder shadow for the time being. Mu Feng glanced at the ghost knight and it seems that the ghost king Kadas still has more than 7% blood. It seems that there is still a big difference between the ghost knight and it, but it is not because Mu Feng’s ghost mourning armguard has accumulated more than 50,000 damage values. If this ghost knight dies, Mu Feng can summon a Mu Feng, so he can’t believe that the ghost king Kadas can beat his own ghost army.
Chapter 299 Necromancer of ghouls Legion
When Mu Feng once again summoned a ghost knight, a low-key god, a mad cow and three beautiful women all appeared and smiled happily. When Mu Feng summoned the ghost knight, it would take a long time to cool down, but he never thought that the original ghost knight had just died. This new one appeared with this thick blood, but the ultimate ghost knight went to fight against the evil ghost king Kadas. Whether it was long-range or melee, they could all rest assured to attack.
However, things didn’t go as Mu Feng thought. This ghoul knight didn’t have the ability to trigger and hide, and his life has 20,000 attributes, so that the ghoul knight can’t last for three minutes in front of the evil ghost king Kadas, but Mu Feng didn’t dare to tell others the truth because everyone was crazy about exporting Mu Feng at this time. If this ghoul knight wasn’t as powerful as the previous one, they wouldn’t run far one by one.
With the life of the evil ghost King Kadas drastically reduced, the coverage of the poisonous fog it sends out is also getting bigger and bigger. This poisonous fog can’t do anything for Xiaoxue and an arrow in the back row, but it is fatal to the mad cow and the ghoul knight. Seeing this situation, Mu Feng also had to let Jiyue return blood to the mad cow.
Mu Feng, on the other hand, relies on its own flexible pace to avoid the attack of the evil spirit king Kadas. In fact, Cadas has never given up its attack on Mu Feng since the battle. After all, Mu Feng is the one who attacked it the most, and people have been pulling it. The hatred is that Mu Feng does not get close to the evil spirit king Kadas, and its roots can’t attack Mu Feng Cadas. There is also a long-range attack that spits venom, but when it spits venom, it moves too much. Mu Feng can flash over at a glance, even if it is occasionally hit, it won’t do much harm to Mufeng.
Six people in the team are behind to output and treat Ji Yue, an arrow through the heart, and Feng Hua Xiaoxue. The three beauties are the best. Mad cow and low-key gods are uncomfortable to death. Mu Feng is also having a hard time. Now his consciousness is at its extreme, so he must tighten his head to fight, or he will be wiped out in minutes as soon as he relaxes the team.
"First-class call!" When the damage accumulated to 50,000, Mu Feng released the additional skill of the ghoul’s mourning hand guard again. However, he released not the third-level summons, but the lowest-level summons ordinary ghouls, but the number was five. If the ghouls knight did not trigger the hidden ability "the will of the undead", then it would be more cost-effective for Mu Feng to summon ordinary ghouls. Even if each ghouls attacked the evil ghost king Kadas ten, it would be worth it.
Looking at five circles in front of Mu Feng and summoning five heads, which are much smaller than the ghoul knight and have no riding ghouls, the remaining five people gaped again. After keeping a low profile, God even flickered away from Cadas venom and asked Mu Feng, "Mu Feng, are you the summoner of the undead? This is too much. "
"Undead summoner? It’s a good professional name. "Mu Feng sighed and he liked this profession, but it would be a pity if this profession was really in Mu Feng, because he relied on accumulating damage values to summon ghouls. If there were no monsters to hurt him, Mu Feng would not be able to summon them.
However, when an arrow pierced the heart and Feng Hua Xiaoxue asked herself, Mu Feng smiled funny and did not deny or admit that the low-key god and the mad cow asked her, so did Mu Feng. There was no movement of Ji Yue, and she rolled her eyes and didn’t talk silently. In this game, who knows Mu Feng’s career? There is Ji Yue alone.