Stacks of damage per second once again floated from the top of Lei Qilin’s head, which made Lei Qilin, who was already slightly injured, even more overwhelmed, and finally naturally hung up directly! However, because Lei Qilin is the guardian of the Temple of Thunder, he didn’t burst out with any valuable equipment!
"moo moo!"
The extremely wide sound thunders, and the gate of the temple is slowly being beaten!
Chapter two hundred and twenty Ray Temple ()
The Temple of Thunder is a vast hall. In the center of the hall, it is like a flashing wand. Thor is standing there and watching Coca-Cola, but his heart is beating! However, because the dragon soul boss didn’t know in the past that this place was not good, Coca-Cola naturally didn’t dare to be careless!
After all, the dragon soul boss resurrected himself and gave up the crystal Crysal! Therefore, at this moment, in the Temple of Thunder, can you touch any machine because of the heartbeat of Raytheon, which has caused everyone to be too tired to lose their level when the army is resurrected here!
"It’s that simple? Isn’t teleportation directly achievable? " Doubt about the dragon soul will make a teleport to send! However, it was soon sent to the special area of the Temple of Thunder, so all skills of sending classes will be banned!
In order to prevent the teleport from being blocked by sending it directly!
"Everybody wait here! I’ll let my doppelganger pass by! " Can’t dragon soul good foot drunk fairy Mochizuki Ayumu and fairy Fengyun vitality will be twelve busy to call out! Therefore, when you directly control one of the two places at once to test whether there is a machine trap in the thunder temple!
One step!
Two steps!
Three steps!
"Brush!" "Brush!" "Brush!" "Brush!" ………………
Several bows and arrows were immediately shot from both sides of the thunder temple, and they were severely stuck in the dragon soul! And two places at once inherit 1% strength, which is actually killed directly after eating five arrows. This shows that the power effect of the bow and arrow just shot out is extraordinary!
"What a terrible arrow! If it is unfortunately hit, I am afraid it will die!"
"well! Very powerful! "
For such a sharp bow and arrow, everyone is frightened! After all, on defense, on life, no one is a dragon soul opponent! But it happened that the strength of the dragon soul can only support five arrows, so wouldn’t other people’s fields be able to survive even three arrows?
"Surprisingly so badly? It seems that the other eleven members must also be sent out! " The first doppelganger sacrificed the dragon soul gloriously, and naturally sent out the second, third and fourth, and it was in the eleventh doppelganger that he tried to find a way out!
Therefore, one thing at a time is another, and the dangerous journey of death appears one after another! An hour has passed in a blink of an eye, and the dragon soul has relied on twelve busy people to detect a total of seventy-two dangerous points, so as to find a flash road leading to the central Raytheon!
"Coca-Cola, you don’t have an offensive artifact here!" Now that Anlu has found out the dragon soul through twelve busy places, Coca-Cola naturally has to get Raytheon flash quickly! However, when Coca-Cola was so happy that it was going to rush over, it suddenly changed!
The floor tiles were quickly exchanged back and forth, and it was only in an instant that 72 dangerous points were exchanged! So it took an hour to find the way just now, which can be said to be almost in vain.
"One hour when the machine changes! 》
"Do we have to look for it again?" Coca-Cola is bitter! After all, there is a step difference between before and after, which makes him very depressed! -what luck is so bad? If I had just been able to get the Raytheon flash back and forth even a minute earlier!
Coca-cola as expected!
"Coca-Cola, come again!" Looking at the depressed Coca-Cola Dragon Soul, he said faintly, "This time we want to do it quickly! Therefore, it is impossible to rely solely on the twelve avatars! So I’m going to make the magic weapon symbol seal and rely on the number advantage to find out all the security points! "
"Magic weapon soldier symbol seal! 」
(Crystal Crysal is not very linear, so I have already given the magic silver crystal to the dragon soul! )
Summon 7,500 imperial guards in the magic weapon symbol seal to appear directly in the dragon soul to find the way out of the thunder temple! Therefore, it is natural that many Qin Huang Guards stepped forward to help the way to Raytheon!
"Thank you, Qin Huang Guards!" Dragon Soul fuels some guards who came to help Qin Huang, and then slowly said to Coca-Cola, "Now I have found out the safest way, depending on whether you can get the approval of Raytheon Flash, then you can see your own strength!"
"Boss, rest assured that I will definitely let Raytheon flash and recognize me!" Coca-Cola immediately came to the center of Raytheon’s flash along the road paved by Qin Huang’s guards, and his hands slowly reached out to Raytheon’s flash and directly grasped the flash handle!
Almost instantly, the strong current immediately moved in the palm of Coca-Cola’s hand, so that he almost wanted to let go! But just when he was about to let go, he remembered that he had promised Dragon Soul Boss that he would definitely get Raytheon’s approval!
It is precisely because of this determination that Coca-Cola insisted on gritting its teeth, but it didn’t flinch!
The strong current continues to corrode the palm of Coca-Cola, and everyone is scared in the distance! At the same time, they all sighed that they didn’t get such a felony when they got the artifact! Alas! Think about it, let the high pressure flow in your palm and you can’t retreat without thinking!
It’s scary to think about it!
Ding! Player Coca-Cola gets Raytheon Flash! 》
God pays off!
After touching Coca-Cola for more than half an hour, it was finally recognized by Raytheon Flash and won Raytheon Flash!
Raytheon flash artifact! The powerful artifact condensed by pure thunder power is the most destructive artifact! And because the appearance flash is very similar, it will be called Raytheon flash! Additional skills Upanishads, Rage, Thunder and Thunder!
Rage Thunder Raytheon Flash Incidental Attack costs 2 mana! The effect of violent thunderbolt attack on the target through Raytheon flash is superior and not much weaker than Kirin! But the only flaw is that the single attack method kills in a large scale! 24 hours when cooling!
Raytheon flash Raytheon flash with the same name Upanishads consumes 9% of its mana! Concentrate 9% of your mana on Raytheon Flash to flash the shape to attack and kill! Therefore, no living thing can survive where nothing grows! 7 days when cooling!
Looking at the attributes shared by Coca-Cola, the Dragon Soul knows that the last of the twelve artifacts is currently lacking! -light and dark Excalibur! -and I don’t know how God eats them! Is the acquisition of light Rapier smooth? Can Forever Fairy Sword successfully merge two weapons?