Contra is dizzy. Steamed bread can also make you grow cavities. Why do you eat those teeth?
Chapter 21 Set sail
Contra’s so-called "buying and selling" is his own bootleg.
Since he was abused by the "Lanxin Family" beauty bow and arrow team in Qinghe, Li Dalong helped him to get out the earth cannon, which is very simple. Tie the earth cannon to the arrow and shoot it with skills!
For their more than a dozen people, this thing really worked wonders, because local artillery belongs to the category of scientific and technological damage, not to mention that even players with more than a dozen levels may not have the attribute of "scientific and technological defense". After shooting several arrows in a row, the other party directly peed.
Contra found a field and naturally became interested in this thing, but after a few days, he discovered many disadvantages of soil artillery.
First of all, this thing can’t stand the tide, because the gunpowder is a straw knife paper package in the grocery store, and it will be wasted when it gets wet.
Secondly, in rainy days and foggy days, it is also possible to make another encounter with the arcane water mage, so you will be suspicious.
"You’d better design something that can burn when it is shot in the water." Contra is looking forward to looking at Li Dalong.
"This is very simple!" Mad dog dragon slaps his chest. "If you change gunpowder into phosphorus powder, it’s over."
Contra said for a while that his expressive ability is poor, which is easy to misunderstand.
Dude, I mean, this thing can explode in water.
"Oh?" Li Dalong naturally took out a chrysanthemum thunder. "How about this?"
Contra’s eyes lit up, but after studying for a while, he had to smile bitterly. "Brother, is this thing good? It’s my archer who wants to tie this stupid big black thing to an arrow and shoot it for 20 or 30 meters. Do you think that’s realistic?"
"That’s true!" Li Dalong thought that the range of chrysanthemum thunder tied to the arrow shaft would be greatly reduced
Contra mused, "I don’t ask for much. If this thing can be smaller and lighter, it can be fried in water, and it is better to ignite it without flint."
Li Dalong also mused, "OK!"
"really?" Contra was overjoyed. "How long will it take?"
Li Dalong said with a wry smile, "Brother Soul, what do you want? Honestly, I can’t do it now … At the very least, the Aegean science and technology box is even higher."
"Well ….." It’s contra’s turn to slip the wax. "That kind of thing is common in grocery stores in big cities, but it needs to be higher. To be honest, I don’t know how to do it yet. I rarely go into the field of science and technology in my profession."
"All right!" Li Dalong Naitan hand "even if there is a higher end, the material should be higher end pig iron. It must be soft white iron magic crystal. There must be springs, firing pins, hoses, adhesives, coils …"
He jumped out of a lot of technical terms casually, and contra was dizzy. He felt that Brother Dai was really beyond the reach of the almighty.
Of course, he also knows this. Li Dalong said that these things can no longer be obtained by mining. Sulfur, saltpeter and charcoal dug up by mining are all raw materials. What kind of firing pins and springs are half-finished? They may not be all in the store, but they must be bought in the red market or the black market.
"Red market? Black market? " A dragon is curious.
"It’s too much trouble to explain this," contra said quickly. "I’ll tell you simply that these things are not sold here anyway. Even if there are bigger towns nearby, you don’t have to go to the big city or the central main city. The nearest place is Decheng, Stefan Maierhofer, but my horse has something to do in the east. Brother Christa, can you go to Decheng, Stefan Maierhofer for me?"
"Well ….." Mad dog dragon hesitated again. He definitely wanted to go to the farmers’ town. Who wouldn’t be happy? He once dreamed of going to the world with a sword to see the prosperity of the world. He didn’t even know the way.
His classic hard expression is that Contra will be wrong again if he deceives the dead and doesn’t pay for his life. "Hehe, brother, don’t worry, count me in."
Then he hit the trading bar.
Holy shit, what happened today? Why am I so fucking lucky? Is it true that I am too handsome?
Mad dog dragon saw a gold coin lying on the trading bar, and this gold coin was collected. Now he has 15 gold coins to exchange for liquidity, and there are more than a dozen trust points in the real world, which is enough to buy some pieces of wheat bread. Mm-hmm, this is no small achievement.
In fact, both he and Contra Rogan are wrong. Contra Rogan doesn’t know that Li Dalong’s upgrade progress is very slow now. After a few days, he still stays at level 2. The novice at level 2 has to walk from Maomao Village to Decheng, Stefan Maierhofer. This is simply an idiotic talk.
Along the way, it’s like going to the West to learn Buddhist scriptures. It’s a long way to go, but it’s also a long way to get rid of evil spirits, and it’s also necessary to withstand the test of fame, fortune and beauty temptation.
Hmm? Beauty temptation?
Mad dog dragon still wants to accept this kind of test. The final test result is the truth. I don’t want you to play with eggs yourself. Dude, you have to settle down in Gaolaozhuang.
"So that I can get ready. I will leave for Decheng, Stefan Maierhofer tomorrow!" Mad Dog Dragon made a promise.
"Good brothers are straight!" Contra is overjoyed. "As soon as you have the result, please inform me to share the goods. I will never treat my brother badly."
Of course, Li Dalong should be prepared. After all, it will arrive in three hours, and it is necessary for him to bring enough dry food and water beforehand.
After one night’s dream of spring, Dalong’s classmates made a loud noise and labor made their debut.
The first thing Mad Dog Dragon did when he appeared was to summon Xiaodingding’s classmate "How to get to Decheng, Stefan Maierhofer?"
"Are you going to Decheng, Stefan Maierhofer?" Xiaoding was obviously shocked. "You’re not sick, are you?"
Mad dog dragon disdain "what? I can’t go? "
Ding Ding fish said, "Do you know how far it is from here to Decheng, Stefan Maierhofer?"
"How far is it?"
Ding Dingyu said every word, "There are more than 36 kilometers."
Huh? Fuck! Sure enough, the so-called true sutra is in the Western Heaven Lingshan, where my Buddha comes from, which is thousands of miles away.
Don’t go?
Then practice the flesh!