The old monster secretly smashed his mouth and shook his head repeatedly, but he dared not show any dissatisfaction.
Meng Fei can get this courtesy because he is qualified.
If he is a strong and eternal country, the Chinese Emperor will treat him the same way.
I don’t care about myself, but I can’t envy you.
Nearly Shi led the three men all the way through the heavily guarded Imperial Palace to Donghua Hall.
Although it is a partial temple, it is still built in luxury, grandeur and majesty.
From time to time, there flashed a series of flashes at the eaves of the tiles in the corner of the palace, which seemed dim but faintly exuded a heart-rending and forbidden fluctuation.
Xuanyuan Wang’s family will take you here. When you two adults enter the temple, you will send someone to summon the attendants, respectfully salute and turn around to push one side.
Meng Fei nodded slightly and stepped into Donghua Hall.
Lin Weiyuan evil wind bodhi old zu two people follow behind.
The Chinese emperor has obviously given orders to Meng Fei to come to the palace to wait on the palace maids and salute them at the same time, and brought them to the first seat, where they brewed good fragrant teas and served all kinds of exquisite snacks.
Wei-yuan Lin reached for a piece of bright green round cake with delicate patterns and sent it to the entrance. He took a sip of tea light and slowly closed his eyes for a few minutes before he was surprised.
See Meng Fei evil spirits bodhi old zu eyes don’t understand his low mouth Meng Xiong evil spirits bodhi old zu might as well have a taste of this fragrant teas and cakes, but you will know the meaning. Chapter one thousand three hundred and thirty-three Soaring pool.
Meng Fei has seen something from his reaction. Smell speech can’t help but make him curious. Lin Weiyuan is far from the immortal spirit of death. It can be seen that this tea is extraordinary.
Take a sip of tea at the entrance of pastry.
At the entrance of the cake, it turns into sticky juice, and the tea is mixed together to form a French flavor, which makes people’s pores seem to relax.
Falling into the belly suddenly turns into a completely different breath, and it turns warm and cool in the body, but it gives people a very comfortable feeling.
In this period, the cool breath that is integrated into the body temperature can warm and nourish the Yuan God and refine the flesh, and even the immortal monks can get a lot of benefits.
It seems that ordinary tea cakes are as effective as some first-class Dan medicines, and it is the kind of strange Lin Weiyuan who is expensive.
Evil wind bodhi old zu has tasted the face at the moment, showing a little shock. Looking at a cup of tea and cakes has become completely different.
A famous leaf of tea leaves is living in a sacred place in the extreme south of China’s celestial dynasty. Due to the harsh living environment and the influence of the terrain, there are very few non-transplant and non-culture worlds.
The place of growth is bitter and cold all year round, but the tea tree is extremely developed. The roots are deeply rooted in the ground and absorb all spiritual nutrients to give a piece of tea.
One leaf, one tree, one leaf is more precious than no tea. Tea contains more powerful spiritual power, which is good for monks in the realm.
If you drink it for a long time, you can refine your body in a subtle way. Yuan Shen belongs to China’s heavenly dynasty, and the emperor of China drinks it or gives it to me. I have tasted it once in a while at the teacher’s place, and I have never forgotten the fragrance of this tea.
This cake is also made of many treasures. It is also a rare treasure that a leaf can complement each other perfectly. Lin Weiyuan slowly said here that his eyes are on Meng Fei’s body and he enjoys a leaf. It is rare that you and I can enjoy a leaf today.
Lin Weiyuan knew clearly in his heart that this was the Chinese emperor’s kindness to Meng Fei to attract his evil bodhi old zu because he followed Meng Fei’s side to enjoy it.
It’s the pursuit to attract Meng Fei. It seems that he moved his love before he read it.
If Meng Fei stays, if he still leaves, it will be very troublesome.
Thought of here, he slightly lowered his head and flashed a little worried in the depths of his eyes.
Evil spirits bodhi old zu thought micro turn has to react to look at Meng Fei eyes can not help but envy much a few minutes.
It’s a matter of time to make the Chinese Emperor pay attention to it and Meng Fei show his super-strong cultivation, even if he worships the king.
Meng Fei eyes flashing thoughts in the heart has turned elsewhere.
From this tea and cake, we can see that the emperor of China can enjoy all the resources of monasticism, and the fate of China can not achieve the road
This is the imperial interest
If one day he can hold such a vast empire and climb to the top of the avenue.
A read this mind slightly agitated Meng Fei slightly bowed his head and remained silent.
Lin Weiyuan, the bodhi old zu, the evil wind, when he was thinking about dealing with the Chinese emperor’s solicitude, he shut up and stopped talking, and he did not care about the jokes. After all, this kind of opportunity to enjoy imperial tribute is rare, but he can’t wave.
When bit by bit in the past, Meng Fei’s face suddenly changed, and he got up and strode to the layman.
Wei-yuan Lin evil wind bodhi old zu two people dazed immediately return to absolute being quickly followed behind him.
But at the moment, the Chinese emperor Luanjia has already gone outside Donghua Hall.
One hundred people carrying a chariot is the highest order of ceremonial ceremonies in the dynasty. The Chinese emperor wears a Chinese celestial dynasty and sits high in the chariot, bearing the dignity of an ancient emperor. His eyes are arrogant and controlling the world.
Meng Fei three people respectfully salute to pay a big gift to pay homage.