"Then blame me for my inability." Zhuge smiled before dawn, and his eyes narrowed into a crack. However, you can faintly see a rare light flashing.
"Ha ha ha, I like to make friends like Brother Zhuge." Summer grass is also very hearty laugh.
Zhuxian Town deserves to be an ancient city of tens of thousands of years, occupying an active and wide area on the ground, even more than Qianye City. But Xia Cao is familiar with the nature of Zhu Xiancheng, and nothing can escape his eyes. According to his words, even if he blinded his eyes and his knowledge, he could find all the fireworks and wine in Zhuxian City by feeling.
Finally, Xia Cao took Zhuge Liang and they came to the south side of Zhuxian City and walked into a spacious clause.
"This is my private residence. Usually, few people come, and several people will stay here now." Xia Cao said.
The yard is not too small, and it is full of flowers and plants, and the garden is full of fragrance. It can be seen that the person who takes care of this yard is a very elegant person.
After arranging the crowd, Xia Cao claimed that something had left.
Liu Mang leaned over to Zhuge Buliang and asked, "Boss, can you trust this grandson?"
Zhuge Liang said, "Don’t worry, I have a good idea. If anything goes wrong, I promise everyone to leave safely."
"This grandson said that his master is the brother of the East Emperor. I am always worried that he will do harm to us." Miao Xianji also has some doubts.
"Just be alert." Zhuge said before dawn, turned and walked into the room.
Liu Mang, Sheela, Miao Xianji and Guo Huai looked at each other, finally shook their heads and went back to their rooms.
On the other side, Xia Cao turned left and right in the city and came to a deserted place. He looked around and shouted, "Senior, senior, I’m back."
Exalting, a corner, silently out of a figure. The man was thin, dressed in a blue robe and carrying two bronze maces behind his back. Impressively, it is Qingyun.
"What happened?" Qingyun asked.
"Well, it’s arranged, and they have found a place for the time being." Xia Cao said, "Senior, are they your friends?"
Qingyun’s eyebrows are on his temples, and his eyes are disillusioned like stars. He said, "I owe that boy a debt of gratitude, and I need his help in a few days."
"Oh …" Xia Cao nodded, took a careful look at Qingyun and said, "Elder, my master already knows that you are here. Moreover, his old man said, I hope you won’t make a fuss about Zhuxian City like last time, otherwise he won’t be able to explain to the East Emperor’s predecessors. "
"Ha ha ha, that old thing knows me quite well." Qingyun said with a smile, "Go back and tell your master and let him rest assured."
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Chapter 500 Faerie (on)
At Qingyun, Xia Cao’s eyes were weird, and he said that the last time you said so, which assured us, but it wasn’t too much to kill Xiancheng, and even the East Emperor came close to using him. I can’t help it, even if I have thousands of complaints, I dare not say it. Even my master is afraid of this person, so I can’t judge others.
"What is that look in your eyes? Don’t you believe what the old lady said? Go for a walk and go home to your master. " Qingyun impatiently with the wave.
"Elder … did you forget that you promised me …" Xia Cao said carefully, gesticulating with her hands.
"Oh, well, what the old lady said is usually true." Qingyun said.
Upon hearing this, Xia Cao’s heart was "thumped". What do you mean "it’s always a promise"? Vaguely, Xia Cao realized that it was not good.
Qingyun smiled, and a green fruit of Zhan Qing appeared in the palm of his hand. He handed it to Xia Cao and said, "Take it. This fairy medicine is a treasure of the old lady, and I can’t bear to give it to you."
"ah!" Xia Cao opened his mouth wide: "Elder, you are bullying people. You promised me before that I would arrange your friends and send me a fairy medicine with one product, but this fairy medicine in your hand is not even three products. You are not fooling children!" ?”
"What nonsense!" Qingyun shouted, "You are still young, so naturally you can’t see the preciousness of this fairy medicine. Although it is a three-product fairy medicine, its efficacy is greatly reduced."
"Come on." Xia Cao rolled his eyes: "Last time you fooled me with a piece of junk, I will never be fooled this time."
In the vast fairy land, the grade of fairy medicine is divided into five products, of which one product is the most precious, and it is rare in the world. At the moment, this bright green fruit in Qingyun’s hand can be seen at a glance by Xia Cao, which is not even the doctrine of fairy medicine.
"Do you think yipin fairy medicine is rotten cabbage? I’m a little short of money recently. Take it first and consider it as my first debt. " Qingyun old face a slight red, said.
"Keep it for yourself, alas, this time I was fooled by your old man." Xia Cao curled his lips and turned away, muttering something like "old stingy" in his mouth.
It was not until the figure of Xia Cao disappeared that Qingyun sighed and said, "Young people nowadays really have no eyesight …" Generally speaking, the bright green fruit in Qingyun’s palm suddenly bloomed with a bright blue glow, which was fragrant and intoxicating.
Zhuge hid in the room before dawn, and seven stars appeared above his head. His divine knowledge directly entered the third star. Inside is a big lake, with stars and spots in the lake, as if there were a star map sinking under the lake.
The villain condensed by Zhuge’s ignorance sat on this big lake, staring at the map of Zhang Xingchen under the lake. The villain has become ethereal and ethereal, and seems to be integrated into this small world. At its side, there is also a little starlight.
In recent years, Zhuge Liang has entered this small world every once in a while and quietly felt the sky map under the lake. The deeper you understand, the more you can understand the mystery of this star map when Zhuge is not bright.
The next moment, the villain condensed by Zhuge’s ignorance moved. He stretched his fists, but his movements were very slow. There seems to be stars flashing in the palm of your hand. Gradually, around this little man with knowledge of God, a mysterious sky map emerges. The little man with knowledge of God opens his arms, and the sky map flies around his body, printing the past towards the lake below.
"Ding Dong ~ ~"
The sky map disappeared into the lake, but it didn’t produce any great changes. As a drop of water drops into the water, ripples spread out in circles.
"Hoo ~ ~ ~"
God knows the villain gently spit out a sigh of relief, and his body dissipated in the air. In the room, Zhuge opened his eyes before dawn, and his eyes flickered, like stars, and as if the universe was disillusioned, deep and distant.
He looked up at the seven stars above his head and sighed. I don’t know why, since he untied the fourth seal of the seven-star treasure body, it is reasonable to say that the gods should be able to enter the space of the fourth star. But no matter how hard he tries, the gods can’t go deep, and the fourth star seems to be rejecting him, which makes Zhuge have a headache.
"What is wrong? Is it because God’s knowledge is not strong enough? " Zhuge pondered secretly before dawn, but among the practitioners of the same realm, his own knowledge of god is almost invincible, after all, it is tempered by the breath of the avenue. Apart from the question of god’s knowledge, Zhuge Liang couldn’t think of anything else that went wrong.
In this way, Zhuge Buliang and Liu Mang spent a few days in plain sight. In the meantime, Xia Cao came once, just greeted him briefly and left.
In the past few days, Zhuge Buliang has been pestered by Liu Mang almost every day, asking him to teach him the wonderful work of plank brick. Moreover, through the observation of Zhuge Liang, Liu Mang is very talented in practicing plank brick. Not only the momentum, but more importantly, Liu Mang’s character, giving full play to the advantages of plank brick.
Slab bricks are diversified in the battle, which can be smothered or charged head-on. Zhuge Buliang’s route is biased towards the latter, with an indomitable momentum. However, Liu Mang is more suitable for the former. It seems that he is good at beating bricks and playing black hands.
Strange cries, a figure rushed to the various ge is not bright, whisking the hands of tsing lung jade took up, straight to the other zhuge is not bright.
Zhuge flicked his finger before he lit it, and clicked on Qinglong Jade. Liu Mang flew back more than ten meters, and then rushed up again. Only this time, he didn’t directly attack Zhuge Liang, but his body moved behind Zhuge Liang, and he beat Qinglong Jade with a long cry.
Zhuge turned away Liu Mang again with a little hand that didn’t show his head or turn back, and said, "Don’t shout so loudly when knocking on the stuffy brick, for fear that others won’t find you, right?"
Zhuge Liang assumed a stern posture, carrying his hands behind his back, quite like a teacher.
"The lesson of the boss is." Liu Mang nodded, with a long cry again. This time, it chose to attack from the front, aggressive, and Qinglong jade in its hands attacked from an odd and tricky angle.
"This move is not bad." Zhuge doesn’t nod his head.
The figure in the yard was full of enthusiasm, and Liu Mang tirelessly rushed to Zhuge Liangliang again and again. Although Zhuge Liangliang bounced off or evaded the past every time, the hooligans were not discouraged. Gradually, Liu Mang’s skill made him skilled and more handy.
Miao Xianji, Sheela and Guo Huai sat under the pavilion and looked at Liu Mang sweating profusely. They all nodded their heads.