The sword waved coldly.
See the sudden fall of blue snowflakes in the sky. All the spirits in the hundred meters around the blue gas sword are condensed into blue. Wan Jian suddenly shot at the flower from the azimuth.
"shua shua!"
The sound of swords is endless.
Liang Ping’s eyebrows frowned. Seeing that those blue Wan Jian who attacked the flowers from the azimuth were about to stab the flowers, his mind was in vain. Those blue Wan Jian were scattered in the blue spirit of Sinochem.
A deep exploding spirit is vanishing in the air.
The cold wind that just rolled up suddenly stopped.
Hua Zhensheng stood on the bow and said with relief, "Well, it seems that you have reached the highest level in the early days of the martial arts division."
At present, Liang Ping is curious, excited and suspicious and asks, "Little Flower, this is really a very Ivylinna Lee martial arts killing?"
Hua Zhensheng smiled and said, "This move is extremely Ivylinna Lee killing progressive moves. You can only make it when you have enough spirit in your attribute dish."
"Progressive moves?" Liang Ping is somewhat difficult to understand.
"That’s right, but it’s another name called Han Tianhua’s burial is Huang Jie’s intermediate Wushu." Hua Zhensheng said with a proud face, "This Wushu is also forced by the teacher just now. With this Wushu, your growth rate will be much faster than ordinary people."
"Well, what is the reason?" Liang Ping still has a face of doubt and will take back his personal backpack at the same time.
"Because this Wushu, like a spiritual Wushu practitioner, can grow, Wushu needs your talent to be awakened, and maybe you can raise this Wushu level to day order advanced."
Hua Zhensheng said while looking at Liang Ping’s personal backpack and said, "I have sensed the three martial arts from your backpack: Dragon Magic, Mirror Flower Hidden, and Xing Xuan itself, but these three martial arts are not suitable for you except Dragon Magic."
"Oh?" Liang Ping was dumbfounded and asked, "Out of this statement."
"If you are an attribute of martial arts, you can practice martial arts, but your attribute of martial arts is ice, which limits the types of martial arts you practice. Except for the attribute of ice, martial arts are not suitable for you unless it is a special attribute of martial arts that is suitable for people to practice. Once you practice the wrong martial arts, it may make you practice step by step and finally fall into a martial arts waste." Hua Zhensheng said with a solemn face
Liang Pingwen breathed a sigh of relief longer than he was glad.
"Fortunately, there has been no practice Xing Xuan itself, otherwise the consequences are really unimaginable."
"Ha ha, so you’re still very lucky." Hua Zhen couldn’t see the smile.
Liang Ping just got the attribute dish and got the cold Tianhua burial, so there is a faint excitement hidden in his heart of growing Wushu.
But it is still more calm than asking, "So what kind of Wushu does Xing Xuan’s self-attack and mirror flower hidden?"
"Xing Xuan itself belongs to the mysterious attribute, Wushu must have the mysterious attribute, and Lingwu practitioners can be qualified to practice, while Mirror Flower Hidden belongs to the wind attribute, and Wushu can only be practiced if it has the wind attribute." Hua Zhensheng replied faintly.
Liang Pingwen was lost in thought.
Hua Zhensheng didn’t say much, but said with a cold face, "Everything is about a step-by-step approach. Don’t worry about it. Let’s call it a day. Go back and have a good rest, and the teacher will have a rest. There are more hard training waiting for you."
Hua Zhen Sheng turned back to the left cabin where the wind didn’t come to cross.
The night is darker, and the blue mirror garden can’t feel a breath of wind.
Four silences, you can hear your heartbeat, every gasp and breath, and even the blink of an eye and the collision of eyelashes are clearly heard.
Liang Ping stood on the shore and looked at the Wushu in his personal backpack.
Dragon magic is an advanced martial art of Xuanjie, which requires Wu Zu level to practice, and it must be condensed into dragon seal before it can be cultivated.
Once again, he has three pieces of dragon prints, but two of them disappear with the death of Huang Shao and Xiang Xiang.