Xiao Liancheng saw her dull and cruel to tear her clothes and scratch his handsome face.
Xiao Liancheng felt that Ba’s light paw left a deep blood mark on his face when he hurt Feng Yun.
He twisted his eyebrows. "Feng Yunqing, I owe you this generation. Should I be tortured by you like this?"
Feng Yunqing just came to her senses and pulled her clothes. "You deserve it!"
"Your" xianggong "is here, and you are lying here neatly dressed. Where can we have any adulterers and women?" Xiao Liancheng gritted his teeth
Fengyun gently turned her eyes and looked at Xiao Liancheng and hooked her fingers. "Come here!"
Xiao Liancheng gathered together before the phoenix cloud was light and scratched at his neck with a claw, and the deep and faint scratch of blood spread from his white neck to his collarbone.
Xiao Liancheng stayed there and was saddened. "How could you do this?"
He also wants her to give him a blow and rub when he scratches his handsome face.
Who knows …
Fengyun gently tore her clothes, but she was too weak to tear them open. She simply took off the middle clothes and threw them on the ground. She rolled herself in the quilt and told Xiao Liancheng to "tear the lichen and take off your clothes!"
Xiao Liancheng went to great lengths to take off his messy clothes, and then tore up Feng Yun’s light clothes.
Feng Yunqing still doesn’t think it’s enough to hook up with Xiao Liancheng’s fingers. Xiao Liancheng refused to be dead or alive this time and didn’t want to go there.
Fengyun gently gritted his teeth and threatened Xiao Liancheng to die. "If you are lighter, you will be responsible for me!"
Feng Yunqing gave him a few claws to scratch his smooth and symmetrical back and screamed at Xiao Liancheng. Feng Yunqing hurriedly covered his mouth and Xiao Liancheng was in tears, but he smelled the fragrance from her body and was in spirit behind him and even forgot the screams.
Before Xiao Linchu broke into the door, Xiao Liancheng came into bed and enjoyed his long-awaited bed, so he was thrown at the door by an outrageous force.
He grinned with pain and felt that the scratch on his back hurt even more into the bone marrow.
However, after seeing Xiao Linchu’s gloomy face, the pain disappeared instantly and was replaced by a refreshing feeling
Fengyun light shrink in the quilt face koo, she looked at Xiao Linchu provocative thin body also a shake a shake to declare their bold.
Xiao Linchu, take a deep breath and then take a deep breath. He looked back, lying naked on the ground, getting up and playing flute together.
Xiao Liancheng’s face, neck and back are all scratches he is familiar with.
He used to be familiar with these scars, all of which were left on his body by Feng Yunqing’s finger print when he was in love.
I didn’t expect that one day these marks would appear on another man, and this man was his own brother Xiao Liancheng.
He gnashed his teeth and nodded and even looked at Xiao Liancheng.
Xiao Liancheng stood up by his waist. "It hurts me to death. Why are you here so early?"
Xiao Linchu looked back at Fengyun coldly. "You tell me what’s going on?"
Phoenix cloud light don’t overdo to ignore his flute Liancheng just stopped in front of phoenix cloud light "are you blind? Can’t see? The thing is that you see that Yunqing and I are congenial * * * From then on, Fengyun’s light life will be taken over by me! "
Xiao Linchu sneered and waved away Xiao Liancheng and looked at Feng Yunqing. "I don’t believe what he said. Feng Yunqing told me that things were not what I saw. Are you angry with me?"
Fengyun gently licked her lips and the quilt tightly wrapped around her body. "He said it was true, and it was notorious for easy virtue to do such a thing!"
Xiao Linchu’s chest couldn’t keep up with the ups and downs. His cold eyes stared at Feng Yun deeply and he was silent for a moment. "You are angry that I kept Zhang Qianqian and deliberately gave me a good look, aren’t you?"
"I’m tired of not having Xiao Linchu with Zhang Qianqian. I don’t want to keep this kind of divorce with you!" Fengyun light frowning brows sound indifferent way
Xiao Linchu sneer at eyes how time flies "tired tired with me? Then who do you want to talk to? Xiao Liancheng? Xiao yi mo? Or Xiao Jinyu? I tell you it’s impossible. Chapter 14 There is nothing wrong with her choosing to be with Xiao Liancheng.
Chapter 14 There is nothing wrong with her choosing to be with Xiao Liancheng.
Xiao Linchu sneer at eyes how time flies "tired tired with me? Then who do you want to talk to? Xiao Liancheng? Xiao yi mo? I tell you it’s impossible! "
Fengyun light looked at him angrily. "I’m not with anyone and you! Anyway, it’s all the same whether you are a phoenix star or not, and you will be persistent in my body! "
Xiao Linchu gritted his teeth and took a deep breath. He squinted at her and then complicated a smile. "Really? I cling to you because you are a phoenix star … "
He looked at her and stepped back. "So you don’t hesitate to dirty yourself and leave me …"
He can’t say the rest.
How can he say it? Because even he doesn’t understand why he is clinging to her.
Xiao Liancheng looked at him and sat on the edge of the bed in the previous step, and was hugged by a thin film.
Xiao Liancheng twisted his eyebrows and looked at Xiao Linchu defiantly. "Did you hear that? Three beasts, get the divorce quickly or we’ll meet the divorced father, but it’s you! "
Xiao Linchu resisted being hurt by anger and looked at Xiao Liancheng for a moment. "You like to argue with me no matter what you grew up with. Anyway, I think you have to try your best to take it away. I want to ask you whether you regard me as a brother or an opponent in your heart?"
Looking at him, he swallowed his anger, and he felt inexplicably sad. He disdained and gave me a bully. "Since I was a child, you are better than me in everything. I worked hard to get others to think that you gave it to me. You took it for granted that others took it from me. Then tell me if we should be brothers or rivals?"
His words made Xiao Linchu’s face hard to see. Xiao Linchu turned his eyes and looked at Fengyun. She bowed her head and nodded silently.
Stepping back a few steps, his handsome face was pale and he said slowly, "I said I would set you free when I was two years old!" "
He turned away from the attire and brought a cool breeze, which made Fengyun suddenly feel unconsciously that it was winter.
In a flash, they got married for half a year.
In the past six months, laughter has been more than tears. He has given more love than he has hurt.
Xiao Liancheng saw that his success was gone. Xiao Linchu heaved a sigh of relief and loosened Feng Yun’s light and looked back at her. "What now? He still won’t divorce you. Why don’t I take you back to the palace and tell your father yourself? "
"How can I report it?" Fengyun is light and low.
Xiao Liancheng twisted his eyebrows and corrected, "You just said that you saw that Lao Si wanted to tie the knot with Lao Si and planned to divorce Lao San!"
Fengyun gently closed her eyes and snuggled up there. "Go out first and let me think about it!"
Xiao Liancheng nodded and picked up his clothes and went out.
Xiao Linchu’s words echoed in his mind again and again, "am I your brother or your opponent in your heart?"
Brother opponent?
Since he was a child, he always helped him when he was in trouble. He dared to do such reckless mischief because he knew that even if he stabbed Xiao Linchu, he would help him.
Such feelings are brothers or rivals, and even he himself is confused.
Looking at Xiao Linchu’s pale face and the injured expression in Feng’s eyes today, he was not happy as he thought, but he had an unspeakable heartache.
According to the plan, he should send someone to inform his father to let him come and catch him personally, and then catch him and Fengyun in bed, and it is impossible for Xiao Linchu to go out without letting go.