Chen Fu, the first person who came back from Chen’s home, already knew that Chen Lei was coming over. He almost came back from the outside without stopping, and he was afraid that his cousin, who was more terrible than Chen Chi, would be unkind to himself.
As a result, he was as scared as he was. As soon as he entered the door, he heard Chen Lei’s voice. "Yo, my busy brother is back. It really makes me sad to know that my sister didn’t pick me up when I came back …"
Chen Fu quickly changed his face and apologized. "My cousin told me the news two hours ago when you came back. I just wasn’t in town and I really couldn’t get back …"
"Hum, it’s good to know that I’m wrong, so I won’t settle accounts with you." Chen Lei was in a good mood today and easily bypassed Chen Fu.
Chen Fu breathed a sigh of relief and cast a grateful look at Chenchi. If Chenchi doesn’t answer the phone today, this big lady will have to make trouble here before giving up.
At a glance, I saw another person’s surprise expression "Qingchen?"
He is more embarrassed to see Qingchen now. After all, he is still doing those things in Chenchi, where there is a crime waiting for him to apologize …
Qingchen is calm "hello"
Take a look at Chenchi Chenfu again. Although I don’t know why Chenchi will choose to bring Qingchen back today, it may be a day if not today. Now he is quite sure that Qingchen will be his future cousin.
"Oh, you all know each other?" Chen Lei said, "It seems that I didn’t know Qing Chen before? If I had known, I should have come back when Chenchi got married. "
To get married, the word Qingchen flashed a flush on her cheeks.
Before seeing Chenchi’s family, she didn’t feel anything, because she knew in her heart how they were and she didn’t, but now it is obviously different. She has made a serious decision to go with Chenchi, and many things will change differently.
Chen Fu came to say something. Qingchen’s cell phone rang. She was sorry to get up and find a quiet corner to answer the phone.
"What’s the matter with Jing Xiang?"
"Where are you?"
"Chen Chi … at home …" Qing Chen said a little embarrassed.
But at this time, Jingxiang’s attention is obviously not here. She immediately said, "Then let Chen Chi answer the phone. I have something Zheng Nuo wants to find him …"
Green morning didn’t refuse to immediately turn back and pass the phone to Chen Chi "Jingxiang words".
Jingxiang found Chenchi for a reason, of course.
After taking the mobile phone, Suo Chenchi directly said, "Can’t find Zheng Nuo?"
"Hey, how do you know?" Jingxiang was slightly surprised and said, "Forget it. It doesn’t matter. I just want to ask you if you know where he is. He won’t answer my phone and he’s not in his suite."
Jingxiang tried his best to find Zheng Nuo today, but at this time, he also let her know how huge the gap between himself and Zheng Nuohong is. If Zheng Nuo is not interested in her and doesn’t want to talk to her, she really doesn’t even have a way to find Zheng Nuo.
"Maybe in some hotel?" Chenchi casually replied "Shangri-La Hilton or other …"
At the other end of the sentence, Jing Xiang turned pale because of Chenchi’s words. "What are you doing in the hotel in broad daylight?"
"What can I do in the hotel? You can do a lot of things. "Chen Chi’s voice is heavy. If you say something inexplicably, you will have something to believe."
"Do you know which hotel I need to find him now …"
Chen Chi looked inexplicably paused before answering, "I’ll ask first before I tell you the news."
"… thank you"
Chen Chi hung up and Qing Chen came to ask him what happened.
"He couldn’t find Zheng Nuo and asked me if I had Zheng Nuo." Chenchi didn’t hide it.
"Do you know?"
"I don’t know … I know."
"What do you mean?"
Chenchi’s expression is profound. "This is Zheng Nuo’s meaning."
Green morning frowned is not white.