Xiao Ni in front of Aqiao holding Momo peach followed by hiding in bushes and tree trunks and sliding directly to a hidden small slope.
The three men sat in rows and covered their mouths for fear of being discovered by their followers.
After a long time, the three cubs decided to leave immediately until they could not hear the footsteps.
This moment is to follow the normal path.
"Momo peach, help me see if anyone has followed Aqiao. Come on, if not, no one will think that the hive is there." Xiao Ni was a little proud.
"Good" is afraid, but the thought of sweet honey, Momo peach, quietly shows its head and looks back and reports irregularly.
"Still no one"
At first, it was normal, but it was biased.
"Look, there are little flowers."
"Lots and lots of sweet potatoes"
"big rabbit"
The three cubs also walked slowly, and the progress was getting slower and slower.
Pick a flower, dig a sweet potato and keep a hare.
After picking all the wild flowers on the roadside, how big a red flower was on one’s head, and they remembered the trip and finally came to the hive.
It’s a very common place, not far from the brigade. Aqiao and others have been here many times, but they have never seen the hive.
Even now.
"Really here?" Aqiao circled left and right.
"See invisible" Momo peach also shook his head.
Xiao Ni saw that they were so proud and took the two of them to a half-withered tree, then squatted down and pointed to the hole at the bottom of the tree and the size of their heads.
Momo peach and Aqiao gather together to have a look.
"Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz." When you get closer, you can see the golden hive inside.
! ! !
"Much better" shocked the whole Momo peach.
"It’s been a long time." Aqiao has started to drool.
"Right?" Xiao Ni was very proud and squatted down to look at a bee flying out from the inside, clapping her hands.
The bee buzzed and died
"It’s only after I fell down here that I saw who would have thought it? I’ve seen this trunk and found that there must be a lot of honey in it."
As the clap rang, Momo’s peach consciousness became unintelligent, and his shoulder felt like he was patting himself on the head.
"Our own tao da? Really come by yourself? " Momo peach swallow saliva pulled pull small pull.
"The bee stings and hurts."
"Not afraid" Xiao Ni and Aqiao clap Momo peach head at the same time.
"Momo peach ran to the side to keep an eye on us."
"I’ve seen them dig out their beehives before," although it’s the size of their palms
"Just stretch out your hand to pay" Aqiao also nodded.
The two cubs took the Momo peach barrel and squatted in the hole of the tree to reach for it directly.
"I-I don’t feel so good." Momo Tao ran back and "stung."
Momo Tao still remembers that Brother Liu was bitten and his face was swollen into a pig’s head.
"Don’t be timid peach" Xiao Ni backhand patted her on the head again.
"Strange to go away" Aqiao was also blinded by honey in front of him.
"Come on," said Momo Tao, who couldn’t persuade his little friend to hide from the tree with his head in his hands.
There’s no Momo peach Xiao Ni and Aqiao glances, so they just reach into the tree hole, and they’re not afraid of buzzing honey for half a day.
It hurts when it hurts.
Hey, hey.
The hand was just about to reach into the soft bee in winter and winter, but suddenly they felt a force on the back of their neck, and then they were hung in the middle of the school.
? ? ?
Aqiao and Xiao Ni glanced at each other, and their legs began to struggle, but their collars and hands remained motionless, and they still hung in the air in vain.