Endurance 56+15
Physical value 4
Race human
Pissing match attribute light pissing match value 57; Master level of quarrelling, advanced quarrelling, preliminary mastery.
Name of Pisces-The exclusive advanced Pisces of Dawn Temple-Real name (not activated)
Weapon * Rox Steel Fire Holy Glow Blade (self-sealed state) Weight 41kg Sharp 5 Power 4 Power +17 Endurance +15 Vengeance cost reduced by 1% and holy spell attack increased by 2%.
The White Gold Sacred Deed was carried by the first generation of divine knights. After several generations of divine knights’ carrying and magical blessing, it carried great sacred power, but now it is in a sealed state. Spirit +5 intelligence +5HP+5 additional skills. The morning glory makes the radius of 15 meters in a complete sacred state in the last 30 seconds, so as to clear all filth entering the range and cause no more than 3 damage to filthy creatures in total.
The first volume Chapter 14 Mifez Shadow (former)
"By the way, Manager Mark, Mr. Dorothy asked me to give it to you." Chen Kai said that Mr. Dorothy has naturally become a handful of ashes, and Dorothy is now lying in an urn not far away.
"This … Mary, is this your brother-in-law’s huge manor in Memphis? What is this? Oh, my God, this can’t be that. "Mark, the store manager, quickly covered his mouth. Chen Kai found that he exclaimed that it was the parchment similar to the map.
"It seems that it is very important to record things on the parchment." Chen Kai looked at Mr. Mark and felt that it was necessary to study a record on the parchment. Although it was a bit immoral to do so, Chen Kai felt it necessary to understand one.
"I don’t think you have recorded this map, knight Kachin?" Mark manager face with a struggle and then bite a tooth asked ll 1.
"…" Will look at Mark’s manager’s face for a while, and then look at him holding the map. His hand is a little shaky and he looks very nervous.
"Yes" Chen Kai paused for a long time and then answered a sentence. Then he found that the manager Mark was relieved. Then he found a flash message in the unified information column that said Mark? Anderson’s affection for you reached a letter.
"I hope you can not tell others about the map, because it will bring disaster to our family. That map is not accessible to me, a small businessman." Manager Mark handed Little Doll to Chen Kai and then pulled the other person to the corner of the room and took out another parchment from a closed box.
After a few pieces of parchment were mixed together, Chen Kai finally saw clearly what was displayed on the map, which should be where the magic-averse metal ore was located, and there was a huge iron ore pit and a magic spar pit around it.
"Mrs. Mary’s brother-in-law Dorothy is a successful businessman, and he is also a mine owner. He said that he is a lucky treasure hunter. Forgive me for saying that my brother-in-law is actually such a lucky and unlucky guy." Mr. Mark smiled at the urn.
"That’s true." Chen Kai looked at the map and marked those mineral deposits. If those are true, then Mark’s brother-in-law Dorothy is a very powerful expert in prospecting, or he is a human-like treasure hunter like Mark said.
"His greatest achievement and tragedy is to find these mineral deposits, which I learned from Mary’s dead father." Manager Mark slowly put away the parchments and put them aside.
"I will personally hand over these parchments to the Earl’s adult. This thing is no longer something that I, a small businessman, can touch." Manager Mark sighed and said that he felt his heart beat involuntarily when he thought that the parchments represented wealth, but he knew that if he dared to reach out and touch those things, his field would definitely be more miserable by Dorothy.
Manager Mark doesn’t recognize that he has the luck and strength of his brother-in-law, especially after seeing little Dole’s cute little face, he is more determined to hand over the map, and he has to do that whether he is himself or his son in the future.
"Finally, I hope you can help me keep this secret. I don’t want little Dole and my wife to be killed because of this map. I know what big noble will do with these things. Even the temple will be crazy because of this wealth." Manager Mark took Chen Kai’s hand and begged until Chen Kai nodded and vowed that he would slowly loosen up.
"Thank you, thank you," said Manager Mark almost uncontrollably. He turned around and dug out a bottle of purple and gold medicine from a box.
"This is the only thing I can repay you. It’s the only legacy that Grandpa Dole left before he died. This bottle of Titan blood was given to Grandpa Dole by my brother-in-law. It’s also the only good thing that he left. Although this bottle is inconspicuous, it is made by three strange wizards together, which can block the breath and fluctuation of liquid magic. This is also the reason why it can lie safely in my house without being found by those strong people. I hope you can drink it in front of my eyes." Manager Mark slowly hit the bottle. Chen Kai saw that the bottle mouth rushed out with a strong breath, just like he had drunk blood.
Before ll didn’t respond, the store manager Mark put most of the whole bottle of medicine into ll’s mouth and let him drink it. When most of the purple and gold blood disappeared in ll’s mouth, he poured the rest into his own mouth.
Before Chen Kai fell to the ground, he saw that Little Dole was struggling like a store manager Mark holding his wife, and then he had to fall into a coma again because of physical pain, and he was still in the game.
"Manager Mark, if you mess with me again, I will beat you even if Dole is my future student." When Chen Kai woke up again, he found that he had fainted in the game for two days, that is, one day in reality.
Chen Kaiyi jumped out of bed only to find that his strength has changed a lot, and even increased by 15 points directly. The most important thing is that he feels that his body is a little taller and his arms and thighs are thicker, because the clothes that just fit now seem a little small, especially the muscles of his arms and thighs have completely cracked the whole sleeve and trouser legs. The most important thing is that his physical strength has increased from 2 points to 6 points again, and at the same time, there are more quarrelling at 6 points, and the big impact has reached 673 points.
But this time, his vitality has not changed. It seems that the effect of Titan’s blood has increased the vitality for the first time. Of course, the most surprising thing for him is that little Dole, who was lying on the edge, was about two years old. Now his height has increased by 14, and his body has been bandaged to death because of skin tear.
Ll looked at Dole’s pain and gave him a healing magic. The white magic luster made Dole feel a little relieved and then continued to fall asleep.
After carefully looking at the surrounding environment, Chen Kai found that there were two people in the room, he and Little Dole, but the store manager Mark and Mrs. Mary were not here. The decoration of the whole room was very simple. It should be that the rooms in the weapons store replied to Xu Fei’s own safety information through unified reply. Chen Kai looked at his own state. Although his body was still not suitable, he still felt that his body was not as good as ever.
Note Kaichen? Saint? Lapston? Berkner (Holy Hurricane)
Grade 25
Professional junior star knight
State dawn believer
The camp is biased towards goodness (belief bias)
Hunger is good.
In good health
Hp1359 (Prayer meditation increases magic by 47 points)
Strength 76 (Strength increases by two points in training, and strength increases by 15 points permanently)
Agile 32
Intelligence 45 (increased a little intelligence through a lot of reading)
Spirit 34
Endurance 56
Physical value 6
Race human