The east-west direction of Sindore Avenue connects the Dark Elf Palace at the west gate of Daft, while the north-south direction of Eluna Avenue connects the giant war tree TEDA Hill at the North Gate.
The real goal of their line is the giant tree of war at the end of Eluna Avenue, but they have not naively exposed their line of goals …
In their plan, they are going to make a diversion.
Keep a close eye on Clent and Doresefen in Serischi and slowly enter the dark city of Andaft.
Doresifen still maintains his disdainful and arrogant expression, which anyone can see, but these members of the dark elf guard feel that Doresifen is more powerful …
They take it for granted that Doresifen is arrogant. If they can defeat two dark elf guards and other soldiers themselves, they will certainly be more arrogant than Doresifen.
Sindore Avenue is particularly spacious, but before Clent and Doresefen set foot on this Sindore Avenue, Serisch sent someone to "invite" them.
There is no doubt that Serischi will never let them enter Andaft without restrictions! But when Clent saw Kamaranka among the people, he consciously looked at Doresefen in the dark, and his face flashed a little obscure.
Sure enough, as they expected, Serischi would not let them be together, but it was also in line with their plan to divide the troops.
Kamaranka needs to take his friend Clent to the most heavily guarded room of the guard. He is carrying out the orders of captain Serisch, but Kamaranka’s face is full of embarrassment.
Being a good friend of Clenburg, he knew that Serysky and Clenburg were in conflict, and he knew that the captain had asked himself to "invite" Clenburg. If you come to invite Clent Clent yourself, you will not resist. If Clent resists and escapes, Serisch will say that he let Clent go on purpose, and he will certainly not get himself into trouble.
There are two dark elves in the whole dark elf guard who have reached the level of night elves. One is the captain of the dark elf guard, Selitsky, and the other is the vice captain beside him at this time.
Captain Serischi naturally won’t condescend to "invite people", but in the face of two night elves, Clent and Doresifen, you must have the considerable strength of night elves, and because of your identity, Clent won’t do anything out of line, so you need the deputy captain to "invite" Doresifen.
Because there is a vice captain in the war giant TEDA Hill, Doresefen’s strength is bound to be limited. I have to say that Captain Serisch is very thoughtful …
Kamaranka seems to know the complexity in his heart.
Kamaranka knows that Captain Selitsch doesn’t believe in Clent even though Clent is following the approbator of the giant tree of war! Just now, when the captain sent him and the vice captain, he had ordered the army to closely monitor Clent, and Doresefen Amras was personally "received" by him.
It is indeed possible for Karen, a human prisoner, to surrender. Although he is a dark elf, he is directly under the command of the royal family, but Captain Selitsch’s treatment of Karen will not arouse the dissatisfaction of the team, and he personally received Doresefen Amras, whose strength has been recognized by everyone, and all the etiquette has been done.
Captain Selitsch will wait until Elder Shaphron arrives to take over Clent and Doresefen, so the result of Clent will never be very good. Although the dark elf guards are now under the jurisdiction of Elder Shaphron, the hearts of dark elf civilian soldiers like Kamaranka are still towards Queen Maya …
However, due to the sudden illness of the queen, the national policy decision of the dark elves was handed over to Kamaranka, Elder Shaphron, and civilians like this chose to join the dark elves army no matter how much they hated Elder Shaphron.
Chapter 32 Kamaranka Choice
Because the dark elves human war has happened, Kamaranka will do her part in the whole dark elves country no matter what she thinks.
Although Kamaranka thinks it’s strange that Queen Maya is sick at this time, there is nothing he can do when the war is imminent. If the dark elves can’t lose this battle, mankind will enter the dark elves’ holy land, Andaft, and the glory of the dark elves will not be insulted. Even if he is not strong, he will guard the Andaft wall even if he dies …
Clent is the official directly under Queen Maya. He spent the whole year in the Afaria camp to meet Master Morgan. There is no doubt that Clent was captured by humans at the first time of the war. Perhaps Clent, the official directly under Lord Maya, doesn’t know what happened to the Queen?
Kamaranka feels guilty every time he thinks about the gentle face of Queen Maya. Queen Maya is deeply loved by them, but they are fighting against Elder Shaphron, a war maniac. Is this a betrayal of Queen Maya?
Perhaps Clent’s return to Dark City this time is to investigate the condition of the Queen? Wouldn’t it be even more treacherous for you to obey Captain Selitsch and imprison Clent?
Kamaranka’s heart seems to be being bitten by several poisonous insects at this time. What should I do if the sun believer Sindore, the moon believer Eluna and the war giant tree believer Forest Guard are here?
Should I insist on following the instructions of the chief and imprison Clent? At this time, Kamaranka was at a loss. He didn’t know what to do. Whether it was Sindore, Eluna or the Forest Guard, I wish someone could give him a guide. Now he really needs guidance.
Kamaranka’s face was full of complexity, so he slowly took Clent to the place where he was imprisoned, and his vice captain had already parted with him. The vice captain wanted to take Doresefen Amras, the approbator of the giant tree of war, to see Captain Selitsch.
The executive order is a soldier’s duty, especially the dark elves. But when the soldier’s duty conflicts with his beliefs, Kamaranka is in a dilemma.
How much he wanted someone to pull him out of this dilemma. He blamed his captain Selitsky for how he got into this situation if it wasn’t for Selitsky. He knew Selitsky wanted to let Clent go, so that he could get rid of himself and Clent properly, and if he didn’t release Clent, he would be taken into custody and Clent would help Lord Maya …
It seems that no matter what choice you make, it is in the calculation of captain Selitsch.
I have been struggling for a long time, and Karen and Kamaranka are getting closer and closer to the place of imprisonment …
After a fierce struggle, Kamaranka’s face finally showed a little firmness. If Clent is released, perhaps Clent may escape and meet Queen Maya. If Clent is really imprisoned, then everything is really hopeless.
He wants to know what happened to Queen Maya. Queen Maya is the dark elves. I hope it’s not Elder Shaphron, a war maniac.
As soon as Kamaranka stopped following him, Clent decided at the same time.
"Clent, you will always help Queen Maya, right?"
There is no struggle in Kamaranka’s eyes, but a calm after making up your mind.
Clent paused. He nodded his head consciously. There is no doubt that Queen Maya is a dark elf family in the future …
He didn’t know why Kamaranka would ask him so. He knew that Kamaranka had come to himself. This was Selitsch’s strategy. He didn’t blame Kamaranka for being a soldier. It was his nature to be a soldier! If they really failed this time, humans really started a war with the dark elf kingdom, and Karen also hoped that the dark elves could guard this dark elf holy land Andaft.
However, he still hopes that his plan with Doresifen will succeed!
"You go, Karen! You must have a way to contact the Queen. The Queen must have had an accident, otherwise Elder Shaphron could not be so tough! The queen’s adult, you can’t be imprisoned here. Although most of the members of the dark elf guard are staring at you, you must break through the defense line here. You must see the queen’s adult. "
Kamaranka sounds a little hoarse … Clent can feel the pressure on Kamaranka. He knows that Kamaranka must have made a fierce struggle in his heart.
"Kamaranka, you are a soldier. You are disobeying military orders!"
Karen’s face was expressionless. Kamaranka couldn’t see any anxiety from Karen’s face.
"Karen, do you know that if you are imprisoned, you will never be released again! Elder Shaphron will never let you close to Maya’s adult … "
"Kamaranka, what are you talking about! Lord Maya can’t be fine. I escaped from the human camp and Elder Shaphron is not qualified for me. I can’t be kept. "
"You, you … Karen, what makes you think so? Do you think that Lord Maya will get sick for no reason? "
"Elder Shaphron is afraid to violate the queen’s adult command? Since Elder Shaphron said that the Queen declared war, then we will work hard for the Queen and fight. "
Looking at a cold face, Karen Kamaranka looks unbelievable! Is this still the guy he knows about Clent? How could that once Clent be so reckless about the safety of the Queen? I struggled for a long time to make a choice and got this result?
"Karen, you, you have changed! I, I know you must have betrayed the queen! You’re scared. You’re afraid of Elder Shaphron. You’re a traitor … Clent, you really disappoint me. "
Kamaranka stepped back in despair, as if Karen was so close that he felt dirtier than Karen. Kamaranka felt that the image of Karen in her heart had completely collapsed.
Looking at Kamaranka’s desperate look, Clent felt a little unbearable. He wanted to tell Kamaranka the truth, but he couldn’t! Aft hearing Kamaranka say that that attention of the whole dark elf guard had been attracted by himself, Clent had made up his mind in his mind!
I must be imprisoned.
He knew Selitsky was arrogant, and Selitsky asked most of the dark elf guards to keep an eye on him, so he must be able to suppress Doresefin Amras himself. Those dark elf guards will pay more attention to themselves when they are honestly imprisoned. They must have been instructed by Selitsky to break through. If they don’t choose to break through for a moment, these guards won’t let their guard down …
Selesic didn’t know it was his plan this time, but Doresic Amras and his own double core, and Doresic Amras was the key point this time. His hidden strength was that this plan could succeed. You should know that Doresic is actually a dream elf, not a night elf. Even if Selisic’s card is strong, no matter how hostile he is in the night elf, Doresic will have a fiasco.
This time, the plan is to count on Doresifen and myself to attract attention from each other. Now it is time for Doresifen to attract attention. When Doresifen Amras defeats Selitsky, it will be time for Doresifen to attract attention.
It’s a pity that Kamaranka is still too young. There is no doubt that there must be dark elf guards hidden around them now. If Kamaranka really wants to let himself go, then he has no chance to escape! Kamaranka still thinks highly of himself. Although he also has the strength of night elves, he still can’t escape in the face of a whole dark elf guard team …
He can’t explain to Kamaranka! Although it hurts Karen to look at Kamaranka’s desperate expression, Kamaranka has always been a brother in his heart! This young dark elf still needs to go through more things. He needs to be strong by himself.
"Kamaranka, you are a soldier! You should do whatever Captain Selitsky tells you to do from the commander! "
Clent looked at Kamaranka sternly and said
"Bah, you coward, you are not qualified to say the word soldier to me. Coward, coward and traitor, Queen Maya will eventually win, and you coward will eventually be nailed to the shame column. Get in. I never want to see you again …"
Kamaranka spat contemptuously at Clenburg, violently beating the detention room, violently pushing Clenburg into the room, and then violently shaking his head and never leaving the door.
Clent could see the contempt in Kamaranka’s eyes when she left …
Clent shook his head naively in his heart, hoping that this move would not bring too much harm to Kamaranka! He knows that Kamaranka has always regarded herself as an idol in the official directly under Queen Maya, and now her image in Kamaranka’s heart has completely collapsed, right?
If Kamaranka can calm down at this time, he will surely feel the slight eye disorder breathing of the hidden people around him. Unfortunately, Kamaranka is still too young, but the Clent project has been completed. I’m afraid this group of monitors didn’t expect that they would be so obedient.
Chapter 33 seconds kill