M plus Ji Guoqiu glanced at the basket two steps away and threw the basketball …
"Not good!"
The Lakers player saw Ji Guoqiu’s shooting posture exactly the same as his brother’s, and he felt the same as soon as he shot it.
"Hey!" They didn’t guess wrong. This ball is really there.
Phil Jackson frowned and took a look at Ji Guoqiu’s ball. It was not a basketball flying arc and shooting posture. It was only after special practice that these two guys could do it. It would be even more difficult if they could all shoot three points!
Ji Guoqiu’s three-pointer has practiced the arc top position at present, and he has coordinated half of the times here. There is no need to practice two 45-degree angles for the time being. If the three-pointer shooting rate here is accurate, it will be enough to give opponents a headache.
It’s not just Ji Guoqiu’s three-pointer that surprised the Lakers. One minute later, Fox caught the ball in the low post and misplaced it against Bynum. As a result, he first shot back and faked to shake the little shark, then skillfully caught the ball and turned around to make a standard hook and hit the board easily, which made Bynum’s fifth foul by the way.
"Big stupid shark bowling, you are good at basketball, you are far from it. How about I practiced this trick for a month?"
Bynum heard this and burst into tears. He said, I practiced with Jabbar for three years before I got this level. Did you really achieve it in one month?
"I also scored three-pointers for a month," Brother Panda said quietly beside Kobe Bryant. Peter Pan also looks ugly!
Ji Guo’s shame and penalty hit the score: 6 The two brothers attacked again and the Clippers overtook the score again.
In the fourth quarter, 7 minutes and 3 seconds, the two teams changed to the starting lineup.
The Clippers traded Billups, Crawford, Garcia, Ji Guo shame and Ji Guo hatred.
Lakers for Davis, Kobe Bryant, Odom, Gasol and Bynum.
Kobe scored again against Crawford, but Davis was finally controlled by Billups, and the two teams once again formed a seesaw.
In the fourth quarter, 4 minutes and 3 seconds, Ji Guo was humiliated and received a basketball in the low position. He faced Gasol to defend the fox and tried to do the same thing again. As a result, his sister-in-law gave him a hot pot.
This national humiliation is finally honest. He may have a chance to deal with Bynum, but his low-post attack is still a little short of time if he changes to a defensive line.
My brother was covered with a national revenge, but he hit a three-pointer on the top of the arc with the help of his teammates’ pick-and-roll cover.
This is the terrible thing that both lines will shoot three points. The Lakers have not made any arrangements for Ji Guoqiu’s outside shooting. Once Ji Guoqiu runs the ball with the help of teammates’ positioning cover, the Lakers will easily lose their position.
Jackson called a time-out, but how can it pose a threat to the Clippers’ tactics that they have studied and practiced for a long time in just six seconds?
After the game resumed, the Lakers were still disturbed by the hatred of the country and the country, and finally lost the game.
In the fourth quarter, the score was 99:93, and the Clippers led the Lakers by 6 points.
In fact, when Phil Jackson studies a video of a competition, he will know that Ji Guo hates him at all. If he wants to watch here, he can limit the panda’s three points. But Phil Jackson is not a fairy. How do you know that the panda is actually a trick? At this time, it can be helpless.
In the end, the Lakers were killed by a three-pointer from Brother Panda, which was unexpected before the game. Ji Guoqiu hit three three-pointers in the fourth quarter, which made people wonder if the two brothers had played the jersey exchange trick again.
However, the nba has already banned twins from having the same hairstyle, and there is nothing they can do if they have different hairstyles.
In the end, the score was 13:9, and the Lakers lost by five points. The Clippers lost the second derby and welcomed the four-game losing streak! The novel "The Strongest Line in History" will be more fresh on the official WeChat platform, and there will be a 1% lucky draw gift for everyone! Start WeChat now, click the "+"sign on the right and "Add a friend" to search for "qdread" in WeChat official account, and pay attention to the speed!
Chapter three hundred and seventy-three Player Strength List
Ps almost forgot that I haven’t sent tramadol to relieve pain these two days, but I still can’t sleep. My hands are swollen and there is no place to put them. I haven’t slept for two days. Adding tramadol makes me sick. I can’t eat, and I am too excited. I feel like I’m going to belch.
The good news is that the pain finally got better last night. I hope I can fall asleep today, and I will soon belch if I don’t sleep again. Besides, I don’t want to take tramadol any more. I felt better for the first few hours after taking it, but my headache was so bad that my urine was red. I really worried about my kidneys.
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On November 6, the second derby in Los Angeles ended with a score of 13:9, and the Lakers suffered a double loss at home.
The Lakers lost the expected second Los Angeles Derby season, losing four games in a row in the regular season. After the f5 game, they continued to be laughed at and scolded by people from all walks of life. Some bookmakers made the Lakers win the first game. At present, Zijin Corps’ five-game losing streak is widely regarded, and the odds of winning the championship are also 1-5 before the season. The odds have already slipped to 1-4 and dropped out of the top ten teams.
Ji Guoqiu scored 23 points, 11 rebounds, 3 assists and 6 blocked shots in this battle. Ji Guoqiu scored 22 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists and 3 blocked shots. The two brothers sent 9 hot pots to let the Lakers hit their heads online. However, the key point was that Ji Guoqiu hit 3 three-pointers in the fourth quarter, and the three-pointers at the top of the giant panda arc were the chief culprit in completely defeating the Zijin Army.
On the second day of the game, the official list of 2k9 was quickly updated, which increased Ji Guoqiu’s three-pointer ability in the game to 75, and the comprehensive ability of the giant panda became the highest clipper player who surpassed Fox’s brother by 60%.
At present, the Clippers have the highest value in the 2k9 game, that is, the two brothers Ji Guoqiu, Ji Guoqiu 6, Billups 4 and Crawford 1 have four ability values in the Clippers season, and the ability values of players Garcia and Barnes exceed 75. The Clippers are the top teams in reality and in the game.
Ji Guo-shame has a great opinion about this. Why didn’t his "low-post attack" ability rise or did he cheat?
And the giant panda, what’s two abilities higher than him? To understand that he is the scoring champion in the Clippers, the numerical design of this ability is fundamentally unscientific, so the resentful fox changed his ability value to 99 to satisfy his pleasure!
Speaking of which, the dead fox has been having a lot of pleasure recently and secretly engaged in a British college girl outside, which makes him proud of being a scum! But at the same time, he did something bad, and this time, like the giant panda, he was afraid of cheating every time, and he had to try his best to avoid the second war when he got home, which would hurt his kidney too much!
Sure enough, an affair hurts both god and kidney, but Fox says he is still young and should be able to hold on!
Moreover, Fox comforted himself in his heart that it was not his brother, Jordan, Zako, O ‘Neal, Gart, Kidd, Wade, McGrady … It seems that few nba stars didn’t cheat except Yao, and he also cheated.
The clippers play Houston rockets, the strongest opponent in the western conference, at home on November 26.
Strictly speaking, the Rockets are not a first-class team now. After playing five games in the season, McGrady was once again on the injury list. Now the Rockets’ backcourt combination is Ariza and Battier.
Ariza has four seasons of experience in the game, except for the outside three-pointers, which are still iron, and other aspects are better than the team’s main demand, especially the defensive end. He has done well since he came to Houston, but it would be foolish to expect him to fill McGrady’s offensive end.
With their excellent defense and line killers, the Rockets still achieved 3 wins and 2 losses in the season, but in the face of the second defending champion in the West, Yao felt that it was no different from the Olympics, and he was beaten by two brothers.
Ji Guoqiu scored 17 points, 12 rebounds, 1 assist and 2 blocked shots against Yao. Ji Guoqiu scored 2 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist and 3 blocked shots. Brother Panda’s first triple-double in the new season came from Houston, which is the 12th triple-double in his career.
The Clippers actually won the thrilling game. They sat at home but didn’t expect the rocket defense to be so difficult. The half-court team shot four times and hit 13 times, so the shooting rate was one point behind the half-court. It can be said that the rocket attack was not so good either.
At halftime, the two brothers broke the ice, but after three quarters, the Clippers were still 13 points behind.
In the last quarter, the Clippers played the Jedi counterattack, but the reason for winning was not that they played well themselves. It was that the Rockets habitually lost the chain in the last quarter and gave the Clippers the chance to win. The defending champion sent the opportunity to catch it, so they still defended their fart!
Billups, Crawford and two other brothers hit six three-pointers in this section. Afraro, an inconspicuous fake starting key, broke through twice and got Yao into a six-offender, which made the latter can’t help cursing tomatoes!
Ji Guo was ashamed to look at the little giant who was hurt and angry, and secretly laughed. Yao rewarded him with two big hats today, which is simply hateful!
In the last five seconds, Ji Guoqiu was elected as the best player in the field to help the team win three consecutive victories by relying on his arc top three-pointer to kill the Rockets!
After the game, Yao shouted angrily, "Losing gives me a stomachache, which is the consequence of not playing the last quarter well. We are always too careless. In the last five or six minutes, we seem to forget that this is the third quarter of the fourth quarter. We always had a lead of double digits, but at the critical moment, everyone was too slow to respond. We didn’t expect that they would finally play a small team and let the No.5 make a three-pointer. This is because everyone was not prepared for a game. We should not be defeated by the Clippers again."
In the face of reporters, Yao seemed to be unable to control his emotions. He said "swearing" in a low voice before talking about the game again. "Before the end, there were problems with the layout and contingency of the defense coach. Ji Guoqiu had fouled five times, but I didn’t receive the basketball with three minutes left." Yao stressed, "How can I get a few points even if I can’t beat him for three minutes?" Otherwise, I would have played the nba, but instead of getting the basketball, I was beaten. We did well in the whole game, but what didn’t we guard against at the last minute? I think we should think about one. "
Of course, after Ji Guo’s feud, he spoke for Yao. The giant panda said in a thankful tone, "I fouled Yao five times in the last three minutes. At that time, he said to me,’ You are dead’ and I would be beaten by him, but the Rockets didn’t line up in the last three minutes. I don’t know what this is, but I’m glad they didn’t do it."
Yao called the two brothers after the game to thank them for speaking at the post-game press conference.
The two invited Yao to have a meal in Los Angeles. Yao declined the invitation. The Rockets will return to their home court to face the Lakers tomorrow. Yao returned to Houston with the team to prepare for the battle.
On November 1st, the Clippers continued to play Dallas Mavericks at home after winning three games in a row.
Dallas Mavericks’ offensive ability season still belongs to the league. Although Kidd’s personal offensive ability is not what it used to be, he can still ensure a stable fire output after combing Nowitzki, Terry and Howard.
In the analysis of the first six games of the Dallas Mavericks, the Clippers coaching staff thought that defense was actually the biggest problem of the Mavericks’ season. Kidd’s slow pace in individual defense made it difficult for fast guards such as Billups. Nowitzki and Dampier couldn’t prevent the pick-and-roll line, and their ability to make up for it was extremely poor.
Mavericks line and point guard are the places where the Clippers should make a fuss. It just happens that these two points are the Clippers’ strengths. If there is no problem of underestimating the enemy’s carelessness in this game, look at the outside odds. The Clippers win 1-11 and the Mavericks win 1-6. No one is optimistic that Dallas people can walk away at Staples Arena.
The new head coach of Dallas Mavericks is Rick Carlisle, who is a well-known defensive coach, but when he comes to Dallas, he has to rely on offense to enter the playoffs for the time being. There is nothing he can do. The defense is not a handful, but the ability of Dallas Mavericks players is also the reason why Carlisle is difficult to make drastic reforms in the season. Nowitzki is not good at defense since he came. Dampier is simply a ridiculous combination. Without a reliable swingman, the Mavericks have to introduce strong support in these two positions to transform their defense, which will not be carried out until next season.
The Clippers caught the Mavericks seven inches. In this game, the two brothers killed each other and kept picking and rolling with Billups, and then pulled them to the outside line to shoot.
These two moves are to let Mavericks Kenai choose to attack and attack!
Ji Guoqiu faced Dampier’s season-high 32 points, 16 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 blocks. The data can shine. Ji Guoqiu’s shame is 24 points, 12 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 blocks. The data is equally dazzling.
Nowitzki scored a maximum of four points, but the Mavericks still ended up in Staples Arena with a score of 11:16 and the Clippers beat dallas cowboys by 12 points.
The personal data of the two brothers after the first seven games of the season have risen a lot compared with the season, especially in terms of scoring.