Ji Guo’s shame angered the game. They were ready to face all kinds of cheating decisions from the referee, but it was too dark to play like this as soon as they came.
"It’s dark, but it’s not suitable for recklessness!"
Ji Guoqiu glanced at the referee and secretly woke up.
"I know that the result of recklessly is to get a second foul. I’m not that stupid."
Ji Guo is ashamed and angry. Today, he is not going to suppress his impulse. Anyway, this game is run out, so he should just throw caution to the wind.
Less than ten seconds after the Clippers’ attack, Ji Guo was ashamed to receive a basketball one step away from the three-point line and threw it directly …
This shot was urgent and fast, and Ji was ashamed to shoot without aiming at it at all. I threw the basketball out by feeling, but I ended up in the net with my heart!
"Hehe, it’s really bad for you to score such unreasonable shots."
Ji Guo was ashamed that he couldn’t help but launch rubbish again after scoring, and at the same time, his hands spread out to show that he was also very nai
Ray Allen then hit Ji Guoqiu outside the three-point line and turned around and immediately shot basketball from a medium distance.
After the game, fans on both sides didn’t expect that the game would soon become less like a playoff game, but rather like a star game, where the core players of the two teams kept shooting "shua shua shua" from a long distance. The two brothers just scored a three-point green army, and they will definitely return another one when they turn around.
Almost halfway through the first quarter, neither team called a timeout. When the game entered the official timeout, the score was 19:19. It was really a strange game that didn’t concede a few goals at both sides in the second half.
Ji Guoqiu 6 points, 2 rebounds and 3 assists Ji Guoshame 1 point, 2 rebounds and 1 assist Billups 3 points and 1 assist.
Gatt 6 points, 2 rebounds and 1 assist Pierce 5 points, 1 rebound and 1 assist Ray Allen 6 points Rondo 2 points and 2 assists.
After the game resumed, the two teams still didn’t strengthen their defense, but they still competed and attacked, so the rhythm of the game was really out of tune with the finals.
On the Celtics side, they really don’t want to play so hard to defend the first three games. They have proved that they are no opponents. It is good for them to play like this now.
Of course, the Clippers don’t want to play like this, but the referee won’t let them make a big move on the defense and make a foul. Then it’s better to guard against the fart than just bomb it.
You can’t give me another foul for shooting from outside, can you?
Celtic players return to the court, and their defensive moves become bigger. If the thugs don’t show up, the referee won’t blow the foul. The Green Army players greet the Clippers’ wrists to see how you can throw the ball.
However, this method has little effect on the two brothers. These two guys are too good and too long, which is not only difficult to block the foul, but also easy to be found.
Ji Guo was ashamed to return to the court. First, it was outside the three-point line. Then it was a high-level emergency stop with a back jumper. Once again, he scored five points to surpass the score.
"I said that if you continue to play like this, I will hang up now. Do you believe it?"
Ji Guo’s humiliation is still so irritating, but Celtic players can still double-team against this dead fox no matter how angry they are.
It’s only been less than seven minutes in the first quarter, and Ji Guoshi has scored 15 points. How can I go there?
However, Ji Guoqiu soon told the Celtics that it was not so easy to win this game, and it was not easy to lose the Clippers with the help of the referee. Maybe they would still be swept away.
By this time, he has returned to Los Angeles. Sterling will earn a lot more by playing one more game than the Clippers. But look at this, there may not be a fifth game between the two teams. If I had known, he would not have come back.
Many people think that Sterling will definitely want the two teams to play in the seventh game, but in fact, this old miser is supportive of sweeping the opponent in four games. A successful businessman will never kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. Sterling knows the truth of "being steady and ruthless" in business. This can be seen from his decisive purchase of clippers and his rapid move to Los Angeles that this old guy’s billions of fortune is by no means luck, although he still does not give rent to blacks.
In the first quarter, the two brothers’ long-range shooting is like installing a guidance system to point where to play. Although the Celtics are in the same good state today, they are still behind in the face of more abnormal conditions.
The score was 39:36. The Clippers scored 39 points in the first quarter, and the two teams scored 75 points. This score was terrible.
The neutral fans are enjoying it at the moment, but the fans of the two teams are afraid that their teams will suddenly turn off, so they will really hide their skins.
"michel platini feels so good today. It must be so angry, right? However, as the ancients said, people are not as good as the sky. I want to see if our hot hand will last for the whole game? "
After the first quarter of Ji Guo’s shame, I felt that there was a fire burning in my hand, and I could throw it anyway. It was so cool.
"Not only do you have a lucky goddess, but I also feel uncomfortable."
Ji Guoqiu also looked at his hands and felt that this state was like a pig’s foot.
After the first quarter, the data of the two brothers surprised the experts.
Everyone knows that the Clippers have little hope of winning this game, but sometimes people are not as good as the clippers, and the Celtics have no help from the referee. Who else can blame?
Ji Guoqiu scored 11 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists. Ji Guoshame scored 2 points, 2 rebounds and 1 assist. Billups scored 3 points, 2 assists and Crawford scored 3 points.
Gatt scored 2 rebounds and 1 assist Pierce 7 points, 1 rebound and 1 assist Ray Allen 9 points Rondo 4 points and 2 assists.
Charles Buckley looked at the data of the two teams and couldn’t help but sigh, "We have played for more than ten years and watched for more than ten years, so it is the first time to see Ray Allen hit 3 of 4 3-pointers in the finals, but the animal brother is even more ruthless. Brother Fox hit 4 of 4 3-pointers, Brother Panda hit 2 of 2, and the Clippers hit a 3-pointer in the first quarter. The Celtics are now three points behind. I think they can’t be picky."
Old Deng Liwei was in a good mood after playing the first quarter. Who wants to play the fifth game? Although the Clippers’ championship has been prevented by law, nothing is absolutely certain. Winning the championship is the safest way to end the battle in the fourth game. Old Deng Liwei and Clippers will never deliberately put off the water until the fifth game.
"The goddess of luck is on our side today, but in the second quarter, everyone should be careful not to move too much when defending. Don’t hesitate when there is a chance to shoot at the offensive end. I know it’s cowardly, but sometimes we have to make changes because of the situation."
Old Deng Liwei is also very resistant to defensive moves and will definitely be fouled; If the offensive end breaks through more times, it will be stopped by the opponent’s reckless foul, and he can be forced to hit the long distance.
Ji Guoqiu said, "Guys, there’s nothing like this. Any dynasty team will encounter us in the road of making achievements, but they have all survived. If we can’t overcome all kinds of difficulties, we will not be a qualified dynasty team, even if we fail."
Ji Guo’s shame shouted, "Yes, if you don’t do enough, you will be especially good."
As the saying goes, you can have a younger brother if you have a boss.
Clippers substitutes feel a flame burning in their chests when they are encouraged by the coach and the core.
Today, everyone is not optimistic about the game, even they are ready to lose, but now they are not ready to catch the Clippers without a fight. This moment is not only a game against Celtic, but also a game against referees and leagues. This is the spirit of a dynasty team-cut the crap and let’s just play together. You can always play ten!
Clippers players are all young people, and being so excited really broke out in a small universe.
In the second quarter, a small Jordan immediately scored two points with a relay dunk. His goal was Drazic.
Afraro, Drazic, Jordan Jr. and Almi Johnson are all players with outstanding potential in the Clippers. If these four players are trained well in the future, they are all rookies with the ability to become stars. Once their potential breaks out, this replacement can play a very amazing role.
Old Deng Liwei saw that Avraro’s singles Tony Allen’s mid-range jumper was a fake shot, and it was a bit difficult after Almie Johnson scored.
Amir Johnson and Jordan Jr. may not know it themselves, but they are no longer in the Clippers season plan.
Old Deng Liwei hopes to bring in a few former star players, and these old players will be substitutes in the future, so that the Clippers will be more powerful in the playoffs. However, the potential of these two young players is there, and it is really contradictory for old Deng Liwei to be reluctant to trade them.
I was thinking that Drazic and Jordan Jr. hit a pick-and-roll and scored a goal. Almi Johnson scored four points in a row with another mid-range hit.
Chapter five hundred and sixty-two Can be angered and angered.
Rivers can’t calm down, but he can’t help it in the face of a bunch of substitutes for the Clippers.
Drazic, Amir Johnson and Jordan Jr. didn’t expect them before the Celtics game. Who knows where they came from? Didn’t Clippers substitutes always perform badly in the playoffs?
In the second quarter, 9 minutes and 4 seconds, Dradzic scored a three-pointer so that Rivers could not help but slap his thighs and asked for a timeout.
The score is 46-3. It’s a shame for the Clippers to extend the difference to 10 points during the substitute period.
"Expand out, expand the defense line. You move too gently. They are not wnba teams. They lead us 3-0 …"
Rivers used to be good at filling the players with chicken soup to boost the team’s morale. Unfortunately, the Big Three have never taken his advice after many years of war. Besides, Rivers’ chicken soup stew is not good today, and he is the one who is the least in the state.
In fact, the Celtics have little choice now, and the referee’s biased judgment is the wisest choice. Unfortunately, they still can’t prevent the Clippers from attacking after the game is resumed.
In the second quarter, the Clippers scored 666 goals in the last two minutes.