Call me pontoon bridge Ji. Pontoon bridge Ji lifts a piece of hair, but it seems to have lost its life. Dry hair is generally dull and dull. I think it’s too intimate. Two teenagers will be tempted.
Just now, what is the scene of the water outside? This pontoon bridge Ji knows best that countless ghosts in her hands are her favorite game to tease young people.
A stalk in the throat of fierce Qingyang frowned and said, well, there’s no need to get angry. We’re here to ask whether the access pavilion of the sword casting platform in the underworld will give us advice
Yo, this fierce young Xia is far from his lovely pontoon bridge. Ji Jiaochen curled her lips and a pair of eyes looming in the bead curtain. O, it’s decided to destroy Cang Lan and ask for help with a smile. Don’t be clever.
Your fierce green sun really doesn’t look good to the people in the underworld, let alone talk calmly. Instead, you put out Cang Lan and raised your hand to pat him on the chest and told him not to move.
With all due respect, I have carefully looked at the appearance of a few pontoons. The red wedding dress hangs down to the white bone lotus platform, and a wave of water has soaked it. This dress looks like I know someone.
Oh, pontoon bridge Ji raised a nail with a long and sharp finger, and the nail with a bright red pattern stroked her lips gently. Who is it?
Dream, day, day, face, Cang Lan, return your hand and dig out the blood in your arms. That desire for face has also trained the ghost. Since everything is connected here, you must know Ge, right?
Oh, you said that she wanted to face the pontoon bridge, and her sneer tone was as ethereal as the cold wind. You said that poor man aha, have you ever seen her in a wedding dress?
It’s easy to destroy Cang Lan and nod slightly. Those are small things. Now this pearl flower is also a token of the pavilion. It’s convenient for us to exchange it for the pavilion, right?
Well, the pontoon bridge Ji leans on the small bed with a huge tail like a snake bone, and gently sweeps a splash and splashes it at the two teenagers in an obscene way. My desire for beauty is also easy. She is not so big.
Yeah, the fierce green sun spat out impatiently. What jokes will people in the underworld tell about human feelings?
Destroy Cang Lan saw his one eye and slowly looked up at the faces full of zenith female bodies, staring at them with lifeless expectations.
It seems that this beaded flower was destroyed in the slightest. A look of surging billow sighed rather regretfully, and whisked the beaded flower into a half, always holding the finger and suddenly waving it at it.
After saying his word, a blood shadow has been chasing after the spinning and throwing, while the two blood shadows of Zhuhua are about to collide. At the same time, the zenith female ghosts suddenly have a commotion, and a sticky struggle suddenly rings. It is generally sour to turn with the dry gear.
Just as the surging billow means that the blood shadow is about to crush the pearl flower, in the blink of an eye, a piece of red paper money and extremely thin paper flew in the other direction, but it was sharp and hissed, which scattered the blood shadow and held up the pearl flower and immediately turned around and flew away.
He didn’t have the strength to let go of Cang Lan from the ground, even if his true qi was chaotic, but he didn’t just gaze at the red paper money and look at it. He held the pearl flower and suddenly fell on the pontoon bridge, which was as slender as a beast’s paw. At that moment, the paper money was torn up and turned into tiny blood spots and fell on the pontoon bridge.
Fierce green sun can also see white. The pontoon bridge Ji grabbed the beaded expression. Although it was hidden behind the beaded curtain, it was still visible that the little flashing dark pupil seemed to stare at it before killing, and it seemed to be a harsh death.
This is the destruction of Cang Lan’s eyes, puzzled and confused. What are you going to do in the pavilion?
Fierce Qingyang saw the destruction of Cang Lan’s play well and couldn’t help laughing lightly. His fist gently touched his lips.
The pontoon bridge Ji looked at these two sly shapes. In this cold and deadly situation, the teenager turned out to be a lip-opener and laughed. But it was that kind of charming anger that made her laugh with her lover. She smiled lightly and covered her mouth. I thought you were a cold and proud person. I didn’t expect to be a prick.
Jiaochen in that charming voice heard people feel numb, and even put out Cang Lan slightly. He said, Since the pearl flower is still in the cabinet, is it easy for us to do it?
Is that how you do business with Yuyan? The pontoon bridge Ji didn’t kill Canglan, but rowed the pearl in her hand, but scraped pieces of blue and white bones.
Destroy the surging billows, and the blood drops on the top of your head become more and more dense, and the scalp spreads a strange cold pain. I can’t help but dial my hair and raise it. This appearance is seen in my eyes by pontoon bridge Ji, and I feel an unruly evil force rushing straight into my eyes, but I can’t help it.
Almost put out Cang Lan’s five fingers together and insert them into the world. Although it is not easy, most people still need all the benefits to say it together. He gently caught a glimpse of the fierce green sun.
I don’t know how fierce Qingyang looks at this sight. It was like being struck by lightning in the heart.
Destroying Cang Lan didn’t care too much about the fierce green sun reaction, but when I saw the pontoon Ji Yang’s hand insert the pearl flower into the corolla and squeezed it out, I put it in one of them and lifted it. I just scratched the bones, and my hand was jiaochen. I can tell you the direction of destroying Cang Lan, but it depends on you whether you can get there or not. Many guys in this underworld hate people, but not all of them love you as much as my sister.
The hissing Qingyang couldn’t help rubbing his hands repeatedly, but he felt a little itchy. The debauchery in his bones was not something that a young teenager like him could listen to, just like pouring an altar of drunkenness in his bones.
If your eyes hurt so much, you can destroy Canglan’s demeanor. However, when you finish this sentence, you turn your head and look at his eyes. There is also a limp and numb face that can be seen at a glance, but the limp and numb shimmer is still bottomless and the pupils can’t see through at all.
Listen carefully, you two little pontoon bridge girls are slowly lying on the pillow arm of the small bed, and the careless appearance is very attractive. If her body is not like a blue-and-white snake-like skeleton, but like a slim jade leg, I am afraid that many people will be upset when they see it, regardless of whether this person is dead or alive.
When the sword casting platform is in the ethereal world, if you want to get into it, you have to climb over the forbidden area of the famous daoshanhuohai. Even then, you can get close to the ethereal world, not counting the periphery. What should you do after crossing the daoshanhuohai, sister? I don’t know. It depends on you.
The pontoon bridge Ji slowly raised a jade arm and smiled against the blue-white side face, but you have to think it over, not to mention whether you can climb over the mountains and rivers and kill me. It’s hard to turn back in this ghost town.
Vote pk and get points. Chapter 17 Life and death The husband of the underworld must be able to bend.
Try your best to achieve your goal before you can return alive. Is it the most elusive thing to destroy Cang Lan? In the office, he always says everything like an outsider, but he just has a clear mind and always solves the problem.
It’s so calm that the fierce green sun finally feels uncomfortable. Destroying Cang Lan has no ordinary people’s heart or hiding it deeply. He knows that there is no way out. He can’t help secretly thinking that it seems that the road ahead is dangerous and can move forward in one breath. It can’t be transformed by the underworld.
Want to this fierce green Yang suddenly turned to blunt out surging billows and nodded heavily. This nod suddenly turned out surging billows and got a fright. Then he nodded and smiled knowingly, and you can reach daoshanhuohai.
I can give you directions. You can cross the pontoon bridge by launching the magic circle in the specified direction. Her eyes are blurred and she blinks gently through a bead curtain. I don’t want to care about the shit in the underworld, but I didn’t help you two in vain.
Destroy the surging billows and nod in advance, but the condition is what you say.
I have been watching you for a long time, and I still don’t know what I want to say. The pontoon bridge Ji smiled lightly and raised her hand a little bit in the zenith direction.
At this time, the blood beads dripping from the zenith have already merged into a small fierce green sun in their hair, frowning in disgust, shaking their hair and exhaling and gazing at each other. I really don’t know if you are straight.
Today is my blood-eating period. The pontoon bridge Ji faintly swayed the tail of the bones and twisted the skirts of the wedding dress. It’s bitter for me, these sentimental ghosts. They have no blood to eat. You two teenagers are so beautiful that you can give them some blood to eat.
What fierce green sun suddenly stirred up eyebrows and was just about to be destroyed in the previous step? Cang Lan grabbed a face of irate anger and turned to low-drink and destroy Cang Lan. Are you a man? This pendulum is doing something with us, and it’s really when the uncle is afraid of her.
The pontoon bridge Ji can hear clearly, but she is not angry. In the same year, the long mistress dotes on the young lover, and the general smile will be so atmospheric. I didn’t force you to turn your head and leave now. Who cares what you are entrusted with? It’s all your personal affairs, sister. I’m still happy to stop.
This woman is furious and angry, but she can’t help but destroy Cang Lan’s strength. He can’t help but stretch out his hand and hold down Qing Yang’s sword and pick his eyebrows. Will you let it go?
You’re crazy. You’re crazy. You’re staring at the abyss like a red pupil. It’s full of blood all over the sky. It’s scary. Although it’s fierce and shivering, you can’t help but feel a heavy heart. Listen to him. If we do it, she will attack again. We didn’t taste good. Do you dare to say that your strength has recovered now?