But when he was halfway through the drink, his anger came to an abrupt end.
This is his apprentice’s anger, and anyone who hears it will be suspicious
Isn’t he your disciple mu ling jiao asked?
Of course he is our apprentice.
Situ Hao saw that he had fled, and these people in the fairy road wanted to take possession of the ancient scrolls that he had made up in his mouth. Now he can benefit from this and get away from them, and he must be out of the control of Xiashan Shuangxia.
Miss Mu, I’m not their apprentice. These two old animals want to get my ancient remains, and they also promised me their younger brothers, but I know that if they get my ancient remains, these two old animals will definitely kill me.
You, what are you talking about? Meng was shocked and shouted.
After hearing this statement from Situhao, two young people of Cang Ling Zong attacked a mass of material and flashed to one side to stop the attack.
Mu Ling turned his head and looked at Situhao. You said you had ancient scrolls.
Situhao rushed and nodded, but I didn’t have ancient remnants. I had been killed by these two old beasts.
Take a look at Mu Ling and say directly
Situhao wiped a cold sweat on his forehead. Can I still carry it with me?
Mu Ling is slightly one leng, so where are your ancient scrolls?
I hid him in Fengyun Jianzong.
Fengyun Jianzong, you are a man with a cold look and complete drink a way
Situhao suddenly surprised that I am Situhao.
You are Situ Hao.
Situhao nodded. I’m Situhao.
You want to run away
Is SiTuHao very truly replied.
You have no such chance. Come back to Fengyun Jianzong with us. We are also going to meet Brother Fengyun Jianzong. Mu Ling said coldly.
Situhao nodded and smiled without panic. Mm-hmm. It’s my pleasure to be with beautiful women.
Don’t talk nonsense in front of me, or I’ll cut your tongue.
I’m just telling the truth, isn’t that wrong? Situhao said with great koo.
Mu Ling’s face turned reddish and gave Situhao a hard stare. Then he turned his head and looked at Xia Shan Shuangxia. I don’t care what kind of agreement you have or what kind of agreement you have. Now that he is in our hands, we should let you stop playing tricks on him.
Mu Ling is unusually clever, but she is white. What does Shuangxia want from Situhao?
Moreover, Mu Ling is the youngest of all the brothers of Cang Ling, but these brothers are obedient to her, including her brother, and more importantly, she is crazy.
Xiashan Shuangxia looked at each other naively. Miss Mu, we are also going to Fengyun Jianzong. You should go with us.
Mu Ling nodded his head, but don’t bother us.
DuShan ShuangXia know not to be taunted them in the face of this kind of cold face and looks but also can be silent Chapter cheeky.
They found a good table again and called the shopkeeper in to continue cooking for them.
Situhao’s position changed as soon as he got there. Now he is with Cang Ling Zong’s master.
Cang ling zong’s disciples are very proud, and they simply don’t care about the main points, because in their eyes, Situ Hao Gen can’t escape.
Pale spirit of four people sitting at a table SiTuHao unceremoniously followed to sit but also choose in mu ling on the right.
Mu Ling gave him a cold look and said that it was Mei Er who left Situhao to bow and bow, and went directly to her left side to sit and watch the pale spirit’s brother staggering.
They really have never seen such a thick-skinned person.
Situhao sat down and asked these arrogant and pale brothers questions. Whoever didn’t ask him, he would keep talking until he answered his questions. He wouldn’t shut up and ask others questions. Even the ice-cold Mu Ling was bored by him. Finally, he asked and answered what he asked.
Moreover, after the meal came, Situhao ate it directly without hesitation, and from time to time persuaded the food to shout, eat, eat, and Utah is the master.
Now, Brother Cang Ling really regrets knowing that they let Situ Hao still follow Xiashan Shuangxia. He hid the ancient scrolls in Fengyun Jianzong’s Xiashan Shuangxia, and he will definitely take him back to Fengyun Jianzong, which will save trouble and effort.
But now that this hot potato has been picked up in your hand, it is not so easy to throw it away.
Of course, Xiashan Shuangxia is happy to take over, but a group of Cangling Sect masters can’t do this. They can’t pull this face.
After a meal, Situhao finally understood the identity of several people in front of him with his own cheeky spirit, even the identity of Xuanyuan Jie, a sword Sect far away.
After eating and drinking enough, everyone ran back to Fengyun Jianzong.