Monty bodhi old zu gulped a Zhang Long locust to kill the soul fog and was sucked into his belly. It was very strange.
On the other hand, the famous Lord of Ci Hang Zhai, who is still a Buddhist, has already cultivated his desire, and he is not angry at the smell of cold and evil words. He just shook his head slightly and smiled, and the Buddha’s fire is still a pair of expressions, saying that the cult leader can get a message from the poor monk.
Monty bodhi old zu is obviously still in a bad mood. He is still very dissatisfied with the fact that the dragon locust has not been able to extinguish the fog. He is cold in his nose and has a pair of yoshimitsu eyes. Speak quickly and fart quickly. Don’t let the bodhi old zu be annoyed again. Even if you are a Buddhist heart lamp, you will not be able to save your life.
Amitabha Buddha’s benefactor scared the poor monk again. Still, he looked smiling. Today, two Buddhist sects have gathered here for the first time in the south of the Antarctic. The poor monk came here to wait for you. A message is the same with each other. It is not appropriate to fight when the Light House is launched. I hope that you will not make a big fight. It is also a hindrance for everyone to take treasure from the Forbidden City on their own merits before settling their grievances.
The voice of Shangdi caused a noise among all the evil monks, but the cold evil immediately broke the promise after exchanging a look with the two demon kings of Monty and bodhi old zu.
It seems that he knew that he would wait for such a reply. Smelling the cold and evil mouth, he drove up his feet and Xiangyun flew to the south first.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-three The origin of the holy demon
Wait until nearly all monsters in the Xuanhuang Hall are retired. Li Yueling is still moving by law. A great prosperity and suction hold him. At this moment, it is hard to even move a few steps.
If Li Yueling broke out in a frenzy to urge Zhenyuan to resist or sacrifice magic weapons, he might be able to get rid of this pulling force. But since nearly all monsters passed by him, imagine that if Li Yueling broke out, he would definitely become a target. That would be a tragic word then.
Grandma’s curiosity can kill people. Li Yueling knows clearly in her heart that this pulling force is that the jade pillar, the holy demon king, will release others’ points against him early in the morning.
Is it a blessing or a curse? However, according to the analysis of the current situation, this stunning and enchanting holy demon king doesn’t seem to be too malicious to himself, so he quietly kept himself instead of ordering the demons to kill himself as a foreigner.
In my heart, I care about Li Yueling simply and generously, and no longer go to fuelling Zhenyuan’s sucking and pulling juli to hold myself back.
At this time, the Xuanhuang Hall has already seen two giant mountain doors crashing at the door of the last monster’s temple, leaving no gap. Yu Yuzhu in the Xuanhuang Hall is smiling unfathomably, and the sacred demon Wang Diannai is smiling bitterly at Li Yueling.
Previously, due to the gathering of demons in the temple, Li Yueling was low-key and didn’t dare to take a closer look at the appearance of the holy demon king. In this temple, Li Yueling also gave up others to find himself to talk about it, so he wouldn’t want to see each other clearly.
It’s true that Li Yueling’s consciousness turned the holy demon king into a stunning enchanting. At this moment, she was lying on her side in Yuzhu, showing her doubts about women’s beauty.
A thin cicada’s snow-colored veil covers its wonderful figure all over the body. Except for this veil, it is really something else, which makes you feel naked and fascinating.
With her creamy skin, you can hold the willows, bend the waist, bend the snow, tender breasts, and look at the flowers in the fog, which is irresistible.
In particular, her pair of touching jade legs are exposed outside the veil, and her soft muscles are smooth and white, and her feet are like frost and spring onions. It is a sign that Li Yueling can’t hold it.
Sister, is it beautiful? The enchanting holy demon king speaks like a tender bamboo shoot with a soul-stirring sound.
I’ve heard for a long time that the Saint Demon King of the Little Antarctic is famous. It’s really fortunate to see my younger brother today. It’s false to say that Li Yueling hasn’t moved at all when he sees such an attractive scene, but he is also in the middle of his heart. Li Yueling suddenly bit his tongue.
The strange pain suddenly restored the mind, and it was also clear and bright in the deep eyes.
Li Yueling responded that the demon king was also slightly surprised in her heart. She wanted to borrow the extremely seductive technique to subdue this origin and then understand the information from his mouth.
I didn’t think this person was really something, not only not confused, but also calmly responded to myself.
You’re not a monster. You’re on my island.
Don’t you fear that my sister will eat you when she is angry? Even if she says that she eats people, the demon king still smiles at the flowers. It’s refreshing to hear that from her.
It’s not once or twice that Li Yueling fought with the monster. A monster sister Jiang Shishi and a group of monster disciples also made Li Yueling know a lot about the monster’s temperament.
Actually, speaking of which,
The most vulnerable group in this realm has always been a monster. Whether it is a faction or an evil faction, they don’t think much of monsters. First of all, it is absolutely impossible for the faction to let monsters go. In their eyes, monsters are evil people, and the culprit must be eliminated.
Secondly, in the evil sect, due to the innate deficiency of monsters, the wisdom is very low. In the aspects of cultivation speed or sacrifice to refine magic weapons, the magic practitioners are compared, and it is more likely that they will become demons, sacrifice to refine evil treasures or devour objects.
In addition, most monsters are withdrawn and don’t talk much, which also leads to the fact that most monsters have no master, and no matter how high they are, they are also alone. This is also the most important reason why monsters have always been in a weak group in the field of repair.
It’s rare for a few monsters with mixed heads. Although they have the strength of the earth, they can be on the same foundation. Because they have no disciples, they are even less likely to be sectarian. Once there is a contradiction with others, more than 100 people will ask you again.
But at present, the holy demon king gave Li Yueling a new definition of monster cognition. Take the scene of gathering all kinds of monsters just now as an example. If this holy demon king can get away from the Antarctic, her wisdom means can definitely sweep the demon in the fix-true world for a sigh of relief.
Sister is oversensitive. Although I’m not a monster, I’m more than 200 monster masters, and I’m even more affectionate. Zombie sister is also a monster. All these can be said that my younger brother came here and was malicious. It’s just that Li Yueling laughed.
In his heart, he has decided to face such a theory of wisdom or magical powers. It is absolutely deceiving for the demon king to tell lies, but he has a good impression on the monster. It is not another way to end her. Even if it is not a big deal, he will deal with the monster with great power. The seven treasures gold building must be cruel to escape from this.
I heard that Li Yueling actually called my sister, the demon king, and smiled gently. I got up and floated to the jade column. Yingying fell to Li Yueling’s side, and the jade arm penetrated into Li Yueling’s arms. A cicada’s head leaned slightly on Li Yueling’s shoulder as if they were a close couple.
Li Yueling didn’t give way from Ruodao’s elder sister, but she believed my younger brother’s words.
You and I have only known each other for a long time, so I will believe you? The demon king judo has suddenly turned around, but it’s okay to listen to what you have to say after you call me a sister.
This demon king’s personality is really weird. Li Yueling sniffed the attractive body fragrance of the stunning girl beside him, but my heart was full of poems. Sister Shi could not help but look depressed.
What’s bothering you? Let’s hear it, sister. The eye torch of the holy demon king is not only catching a glimpse of Li Yueling’s mind, but also putting it on the door of Li Yueling’s pulse. The lush jade fingers penetrate a yin cold demon force and enter the front body, which has occupied half of the country in an instant.
Li Yueling, a prolific demon, is also regretting how he was so careless. It’s too much to let a demon king who can resist all kinds of demons get close to him. He didn’t even have a trace of protection.
In fact, he didn’t know that the demon Wang Tiansheng had practiced strange and charming witchcraft and had a high way. Li Yueling was really unconscious but didn’t know it.
Brother, don’t be afraid that sister isn’t going to eat you yet. Sister has been quite bored recently. Why don’t you tell her something about your monster master zombie sister?
The origin of this holy demon king is also quite strange, but it was more than a thousand years ago that the light was first used in the government.
More than a thousand years ago, Shu Shandi destroyed an ancient monster, Wan Han Li, in the light. Before being destroyed, Wan Han Li laid an egg on Wan Yao Island, located in the small Antarctic world, without telling others.
When Wan Hanxiao was destroyed, he desperately fled a life. Yuan Zhu was integrated into the egg. Yuan Zhu was the crystallization of Wan Hanxiao’s lifelong cultivation. The egg was hatched after 3,000 years, and it took 3,000 years to become an adult. However, it grew up overnight in the land of Wan Hanxiao’s Yuan Zhu, which is the peerless enchanting person who is with Li Yueling today.
In accordance with the cruel and tyrannical nature of Wan Han’s life that day, this demon king should have been the same as Wan Han’s life more than a thousand years ago, but she never thought that she accidentally won a book of immortal cultivation in the first secretary’s office in Xiaonan Pole seven hundred years ago, which not only soared in popularity, but also gradually resolved the violent spirit because of the cultivation of immortal.
Although demon body cultivation is a magical method, this is also the reason why she can preach to all demons.
Of course, she really gathered her mind and reached the peak of immortality, that is, more than ten years ago, she broke into this multi-demon island before, and there were not a few people who had become a delicious meal in the mouth of the holy demon king.
Li Yueling is really lucky. If he had come here more than ten years ago, I’m afraid the demon king would have swallowed him alive when he saw him.